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6-10-11 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– Dangerous Conversation has many rabbit holes to visit; Ledge previews what’s in store for the future of “Dangerous Conversation”.
– What is “Wag the Dog”?
– Ledge introduces the 8:40 moment and explains why…
– LRAD system explained
– Carlin’s Corner
– What is America’s interest in the countries near the Caspian Sea?
– Remember porn on VHS?

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5-27-11 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– Recap False Flag Terror
– How has the media forced their opinion upon the citizens? and who blindly believes it?
– Are American too lazy to read through the media’s propaganda?
– London bombings 7/7/05 pre-planned?
– Why was FEMA called to New York a day before 9/11 happened?
– Documentary discussions; “Zeitgeist” & Aaron Russo “Loose Change”
– Military explosive powder found at ground zero?
– What is fractional banking?

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5-13-11 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Legere

On The Phone…
– Legere’s backround
– Talks about how he got the show’s name; Dangerous Conversation
– Pissed at censored media; How can one company owns 1200 radio stations and can give any opinion; All by design
– Talks about “False Flag Operations”
– When did your doubt of the government come to light?
– Who is Alex Jones? Why does Legere like his work?
– What is the Red Pill show?
– Legere recaps 9/11 from an on-air perspective
– Divide and Conquer; Has the government won?

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