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01-16-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Show opened up with Blue Swede ‘Hooked On A FeBubba wants to possibly bring back Itunes
Until Feb 24th we will be on the FRONT PAGE of Twitch from 6A-7A every TUESDAY
Bubba wants to have Trace/Tuddle play a game that he found online
Bubba asks the guys if they have any Buds & Suds highspots
Tuddle gave Bubba a clip yesterday he didn’t play yet titled ‘Would you give up a testicle for a bigger penis?’
Bubba created a new game ‘2 Ball Soccer’
Bubba would like to have his penis ‘lay nicer’
Do you think women look at their man’s penis when they sleep and size up their junk?

SEG 2:
Bubba wants Caveman to grab a few files for him
Bubba and the guys show off how they look in their sunglasses and jewelry
Bubba is going to go through Amazon to find new hats (Size 8 fitted) for Tuddle
Bubba asks the guys if he looks good
Ned shot is Ned in a tiny cooler trying to ‘Virgil himself’
Tuddle asks if the stories of Virgil are urban legend
Bubba starts getting into what pro wrestlers do behind the scenes
Bubba gets into story of Andre the Giant pooping in Macho Man’s bed

SEG 3:
Guys go over their Mike’s order on air
Bubba and the guys get into conversation about the US two-party system
Bubba transitions into a story involving abortion in the state of FL
New bill would ban abortions in Florida after heartbeat is detected
Trace ‘Do Sperms have hearts?’
Computer locks up on Bubba, kills momentum of segment
Bubba starts playing old abortion bits
Bubba wants to do an abortion themed best of on one of our days off
Bubba goes through all the abortion bits/segments that he has in his nexgen
Bubba asks the guys if we should do a whole abortion themed show
Guys start talking about the likelihood of the show
Tuddles asks Bubba how many abortions has Bubba paid for?
Bubba deflects and asks everyone if any of us have paid for one

Bubba plays old Ned bit about women needing to see the sonogram before abortions
Bubba wants to send Tuddle up to Tallahassee when they plan to vote on abortion bill
Bubba gets into how we can’t use ‘retard’ or any iteration of the word and other words
Bubba gets into more bits about abortion, starts to think we need to make this show downloadable
Bubba roleplays the conversation that he’d go through with Tom Bean about playing the abortion show on air
Bubba gets into explaining how he got chewed out by Tom Bean while he was jet skiing
Bubba got his Elvis dye job and gives the guys a glimpse
Bubba’s having some more issues with his computers
Bubba goes to Blitz about computer issue
Bubba has a big meeting with Tom Bean tomorrow where he actually needs to wear pants
Bubba finally shows off his Elvis dye job
Caller Jake from MD calls out Trace for not being involved during hot mic sessions
Bubba agrees with the caller and tells Trace that he needs to be more interactive
Trace makes excuses for not being involved like he should be
Bubba wants Trace to sit down at Tuddle’s computer and give Tuddle a break next hot mic
Bubba gets into another old abortion bit
Bubba gets into story about 4-wheeler accident in Charleston
Bubba talks about viral Gillette commercial that touches on concepts like toxic masculinity

Bubba wants Trace to interact with people on twitch during hot mic next break
Bubba makes Tuddle Trace’s boss as far as interacting with Twitch
Bubba wind talks about Sprint Car Hall of Fame
Bubba gets into the Gillette commercial
Bubba and guys comment on how people/media/companies are trying to overcorrect the issue of ‘toxic masculinity’ in the age of #MeToo
Bubba got his SAG dvds, goes over the different movies
Bubba gets into the new yamaha app that tunes up your bike
Bubba talks netflix

Bubba gets into Tuddle’s love life
Bubba asks Tuddle the last time he had intercourse
Tuddle says its been nearly a year and a half
Tuddle talks about the first time he had sex, old PD was passed out on couch while he was having sex with a girl
Caller- wants to talk about KC Chief player getting help from homeless dude
(11:00mins) Caller-Mike is the Co-Owner of Forever Tantra thinks Tuddle needs the kit
Caller- Mary Anne from Brooklyn, is mad at how Benji treats Howard…
Bubba gets into story about Federal employees who were furloughed turning to GoFundMe
Bubba gets into story of sex club being shut down in a Brandon neighborhood
Caller- Prank caller who calls into Buds & Suds all the time… Bubba sniffed it out

SEG 7:
Bubba marks out to a picture of him and hootie at a Lightning game 10 years ago
Tuddle says he needs to finalize his divorce, his wife is the love of his life
Bubba goes on a tangent of what type of job he’d have if Tyler becomes a pro driver
Bubba gets into story about FL legislators wanting to make personal finance a mandatory class
Bubba gets into story of girl calling 911 on dad for punishing her by taking her phone
Bubba gets into story about Toronto cops getting in trouble for Instagram videos
Tampa Bay Times reposted the story they did on Bubba last year

SEG 8:
Bubba starts reading the comments people made on the Times article that was reposted
Bubba feels that there is no reason why we shouldn’t be #1 in Tampa

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01-15-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba asks ‘Did Trace edit his songs?’
Bubba wants new T-Town G’s
Bubba talks Harry Carey and how wasted he sound throughout the game
Bubba didnt like Brockmire
Bubba thinks he’s the Tampa Elvis
Bubba thinks everyone in the BRN is on pills

SEG 2:
Bubbalite is full hot at Ned for not calling him out when he donated a large about of bits (20,500 bits)
Impromptu song ‘Suck It Bubbalite’
Bubba wants to play another twitch channel
Blitz warns Bubba that he has to be 100% positive
Bubba plays the numb twitch channel, turns out to be in a foreign language
Bubba 488 or Bubba 249
Tuddle asks Bubba if he can spray tan him.
Can you tan your genitals?
Bubba gets into talk about Presidential penises
Tuddle made terrible joke about George Washington’s penis
Ned shot has a ‘toy gun’ in it
Bubba has Tuddle and Trace help him with his bling
Bubba asks if the guys want to punch him in his back
Trace punches first, Tuddle punches Bubba and gets upset

SEG 3:
Bubba and Blitz want to change the threshold for Twitch shout outs
Bubba wants Tuddle and Trace to become more interactive and do more shout outs
Bubba says we are doing dry shows unless we are doing special shows
Ned has a No Net scheduled for after the main show
Bubba wants us to get better at being interactive and shout outs
500-999 for a T-Town G’s Shout Out
1000 for a Ned Shout Out
Fan emailed Bubba about shooting the T-Town G’s music video
Bubba plays T-Town G’s analyzes lyrics

SEG 4:
Bubba marks out to Rob Elder
Bubba talks about TSA
Trace wants to know if there are knives at the Airport Chilis
Bubba goes to Stoned Joey Logano to praise him; he’s a good ‘tryer’
Bubba wants to go through Stoned Joey Logano’s tinder profile
Bubba and the guys start making fun of SJL’s huge nose
SJL looks like the Chuck E Cheese Rat
Bubba wants SJL to create a show ‘proposal’, including:
– A show title
-Who are the hosts
-Subject matter/what type of content
Bubba names SJL a volunteer

SEG 5:
Bubba wants to know what ‘’ is
Bubba praises Tuddle for being more interactive on Twitch, marks out to himself for molding him into the best Tuddle he can be
Bubba had the Howard rub, Tuddle has the Bubba rub
Bubba says Trace needs to do more during the hot mic sessions
Trace is 24 days late on car payment, he’s worried that they’re going to repo his car
Bubba gets into a T-Town G’s tangent
CALLER – Joe The Detailer – Marks out to Bubba but, really marks out to Tuddle in a creepy way
Joe The Detailer tries to play an old bit, Bubba drops call after bit is inappropriate for Twitch
Bubba gets into Trump having Clemson’s Football team at the White House for dinner
Tuddle brings up that the media would skewer Trump if he served Clemson any fried chicken
Bubba gets into story from Charleston involving a child porn creeper
Trace talks about possibly clicking on stuff accidentally
Bubba wants to see his phone’s browser
Trace wants to know how you know if a girl is ‘of age’ on porn sites
Bubba gets into story of the girl in Utah who crashed her car doing ‘bird box’ challenge
Bubba gets into the viral video of the UCLA gymnast who got a perfect score on her floor routine
Ned’s worst strip club ever…

SEG 6:
Bubba marks out to Greta Van Fleet
Bubba plays Greta Van Fleet song ‘Flower Power’ at the suggestion of Trace
Blitz calls GVF a ‘Led Zeppelin rip off band’
Bubba says he has a ‘boner for GVF’
Ned would wear shirt that says ‘I have a boner for Larry Bird’
Bubba ‘spinach makes me flaccid’
Bubba goes to slate to see the humanity that is GBJ and SJL
SJL pitches his show concept for BAR
Bubba wants SJL to do a ‘human Chuck E Cheese Cheese Report’ during his show

SEG 7:
Bubba lets Trace know that he owns the rights to T-Town G’s
Trace ‘What’s 80% of nothing’
EMAILS – Guy thinks Bubba should not talk politics (stems from yesterday’s topic on the Palm Beach County Sheriff)
Bubba thinks he’s a ‘Genius R’
Bubba ‘Im a really good power forward on a 7ft rim’
EMAIL- Guy keeps walking around town saying show iggies
EMAIL- Guy wants to help film T-Town G’s music video
EMAIL- Buzzard Bob loved T-Town G’s new song
EMAIL- Fan Loves Sun Belt Rentals (13:50mins)
Bubba previews the new trailer for new docuseries about Ted Bundy
Bubba gets into Bears K Cody Parkey on GMA
NED coming after jesus with a tire iron

SEG 8:

Super Fat Bubba Lite provided a professional shaving kit for a bit but Bubba wants to use it for personal grooming
Bubba is the Lance Armstrong of Radio

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