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03-18-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:

Caveman used an old Previously

Bubba popped on the Previously

Caveman says Colton has been integrating good Previously into BAR rotation

Its a Clonk-A-Thon on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show

Trace forgot to do a Ned shot

Bubba comments on him being interviewed by The New Yorker

Bubba asks Trace what his punishment should be

Bubba says Caveman got his prep to him a little late


SEG 2:

Last week Trace bet Bubba he can do a mile in 7mins

Bubba and everyone else doesn’t remember when it was mentioned

Caveman sent Bi-Boy to find a 1-mile route

6:30AM Trace will be running a mile on the Front Page of Twitch

Bubba was in a BAR vortex over the weekend

Bubba wants to bring back some stuff from the past, including: State of the Bubba


SEG 3:

Bubba plays music video of ‘Word Up’ by Cameo; guy’s break it down

Trace interrupts the ‘Word Up’, says he has to fart

Trace cannot perform

Bubba brings up that Tuddle thinks his medication isn’t working

Ned thinks Tuddle has tardive dyskinesia

Tuddle says that he’s been getting a lot of ass and he has been having problems

Bubba brings up that he hears refrigerator compressors all the time

Bubba brings up that we need to make a drug called ‘Man Up’

Bubba plays Oh oh Ozempic commercial; breaks it down

Blitz brings up that Bubba said the same thing the last time he played this video

Bubba and the guys start talking about how shady the pharmaceutical industry is

Bubba goes into what would go into the ‘Man Up’ commercial

Bubba talks about Tuddle and Casey’s relationship

Tuddle is having a problem climaxing; may be a result of his pills

Tuddle says he has suicidal traits if he’s not on his pills

Tuddle says he’s been taking his meds since 2006

Bubba brings up the shit storm he’s experienced and that he doesn’t take pills for it

Tuddle thinks that Bubba/Tuddle aren’t his friends; they just tolerate him

Tuddle doesn’t think people like him for him

Ned thinks Tuddle needs to take Cannabis; Bubba cosigns

Bubba says Tuddle has ‘garfield eyes’

Bubba continues to mess with Tuddle

Bubba teases Begging Tuddle next break


SEG 4:

Bubba got a text from a friend in Orlando; the show would kill in Orlando

Bubba gets squirreled by Trace’s bump in song

Bubba wants to know when the next T-Town G’s single will be

Trace and Tuddle bring up they tried performing on stage last week; they failed

Trace and Tuddle performed their newest song ‘Need A Light’ on Buds & Suds

Is Tuddle really suicidal?  Ned thinks he’s a suicide poser…

Tuddle admits he’s thought about killing himself but, hasn’t attempted it

Tuddle wants to play ‘Begging Tuddle’

Trace wants to play ‘Begging Tuddle’; Trace doesn’t know how to ask to play

Bubba asks the guys if their significant other has asked them to ‘wrap it up’ to quicken the climax

Trace thinks of a dog licking pieces parts to elongate the climax process

Bubba is worried about Tuddle; thinks Casey is going to lose interest with him

Tuddle admits that he had sex 3 times this weekend; with 50% climax rate

Bubba starts playing Tuddle’s MAGA Round Table

Bubba gets squirreled; starts talking about the intercoastal

Bubba wants to have Trace and Tuddle try to get to the ocean in a john boat

CALLER – David from SD – Wants to know if Tuddle use and PEDs when he was with Casey

Bubba gets back into playing Tuddle’s MAGA Round Table

Bubba says we are getting Miller tomorrow morning

Nirvana Vodka


Bubba wants to call Tuddle’s dad next Monday to make sure Tuddle gives him the beer

Trace doesn’t think Wayne is even Tuddle’s dad

Bubba debates what we should call this new MAGA round table show; ‘Hard Core MAGA’

Bubba thinks that this show is a good host away from being great; suggests himself

Bubba wants to go over questions for this weekend’s show


Bubba thinks Tuddle should film the next MAGA show at the hospital

Bubba thinks Tuddle is lying about his mom’s ailments

Tuddle ‘are we comparing mom’s ailments’


SEG 5:

Trailer Park MAGA is the name of our new show name; Bubba wants Blitz to get the domain

Bubba says Wayne will get 20pts of whatever we make on the Trailer Park MAGA shows

Tuddle says Wayne will probably be happy with the Miller Lite

Bubba wants to make a Bubba Army/MAGA t-shirt

Bubba wants 3-7:30 segments shot for Trailer Park MAGA

Bubba plays about 5secs of last Thursday’s Tuddle’s Week In Review; dumps out

Bubba suggest that Tuddle records a few shows of Trailer Park MAGA just in case he doesn’t make it home one weekend

Bubba plays old drop ‘Tucker ‘Key West Butt Tickler’

CALLER – David – Wants Bubba to use his buddy’s club gimmick

Bubba plays video of the adex clubs

Bubba plays Iron Sheik using the persian clubs

Bubba goes back to watching the adex club demos

Bubba wants to have Trace give his mile prediction

Bubba goes over the mile route

Trace gives his prediction 6:25

Tuddle says 10:15

Caveman says 9:25

Manson says 8:10

Bubba says 9:00

NED says Does Not Finish

SJL says 14mins

Everyone except Blitz will put $5 on the line for Trace’s mile

Bottom boy needs to be the ref

Bubba wants the guys to call Colton

Bubba wants to do a Colton Wake Up Call

CALLER – Colton

Blitz wants Colton to be up at 6AM; as long as the show is on he needs to be up

Colton asks where his ring in; Bubba says Rick and Kim need to make his

Bubba wants Tuddle/Trace to bring in there rings tomorrow; Tuddle left his in Volusia

Bubba says Bottom Boy will get $20 to roller skate a mile

Colton/Trace want to do a $20 side bet on who wins; will win $36 if he wins ($16+ initial bet)

Trace/Colton are going to riding Colton’s motorcycles to the Lightning game tonight

Bubba says he’s going to be calling Colton at 6AM to make sure he’s awake


SEG 6:

Bubba promotes tomorrow’s Bubba Mile

HexHead Art

Bubba shows Tuddle’s ‘Come Get This Receipt’ design Gary from HexHead made

Bubba wants to make it a shirt and maybe a HexHead

Bubba wants to add #PimpNerd and invert the image

Tuddle brings up the ‘Toe Bro Show’

Bubba plays videos of the ‘Toe Bro’

Bubba asks Trace if he’d eat someone’s toe nails


SEG 7:

Bubba talks about The New Yorker calling him a ‘Free Speech Icon’

Bubba talks about a friend of his getting emails from the DNC telling people to protest Tucker/Tucker’s advertisers

Bubba asks Manson if he should wear certain clothing to go on talk shows

Blitz gives Bubba video of protesters trying to protest Tucker Carlson

Bubba and the guys break down the Tucker protesters


Bubba starts talking about New Zealand shooting; why he isn’t playing

Bubba saw the video; says old Bubba would have played it

CALLER – Jim – Has real heat with Bubba.  Always turns off the radio when Tucker/Roger Stone are on the phone (16mins in)


SEG 8:

Stoned Joey Logano screwed up and set off the alarm

Bubba promos Trailer Park MAGA; renames it Grass Roots MAGA

Bubba brings up how Caveman lost Bubba’s old Twitter handle to trolls; Bubba lost his verified status as well with the name change

Bubba wants to have everyone send him Tuddle’s old mean tweets

Bubba wants Tuddle to read him the stiffest Tweets tomorrow

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