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09-13-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba says the whole show is a little off today

Bubba and Tuddle talks about his sobriety celebration

Bubba’s sister will becoming in later today with chick fil a

Tara has been helping Tuddle out with his sobriety

Bubba talks about Spice hooking up with Tara

Bubba tries to get everyone to impersonate Tara

Bubba brings up the

Bubba talks about Tuddle Teamsters

SEG 2:
Light Stream

Iggy McGillicutty gave $50 to write DLOT on SJL’s forehead

Bubba writes DLOT on SJL’s

SJL shows off his marks from yesterday

Bubba brings up how SJL put Bubba’s measuring tape in the mud

Bubba plays a video of SJL getting slapped by everyone during the BRN fence


SEG 3:
Hex Head Art

Tuddle has been taking pics of Janessa and putting them on his social media

Bubba and Blitz point out that the pics should be on the show’s social media

Bubba asks Tuddle if he wants to really fight Janessa

Bubba and the guys talk a possible Janessa/Tuddle fight

SEG 4:
Bubba talks the newest tropical

Bubba breaks down the Buccaneers goal line stand win vs. Carolina

November 17th – Bubba’s Tail Gate

Bubba has SJL on slate; SJL tries to put a diaper on Baby

Bubba mentions Caliente Nudist Resort

Bubba has SJL come in studio with Baby; Janessa puts the diaper on Baby

Bubba brings up Tuddle Teamsters; Tuddle Teamster dues are due today

Colton is the only person to pay their union dues

CALLER – mentions outfits that should be added on the Amazon wishlist

CALLER – Danny from NPR talks Caliente

CALLER – Jimmy from Charleston asks about Manson

CALLER – Larry from Ohio says we don’t need special diapers

CALLER – Lisa’s 2 Fisted Cul Du Sac congratulates Tuddle for his 60th day of sobriety

Tuddle explains how Lisa’s 2 Fisted Cul Du Sac came from a girl Tuddle was trying to hook up with

CALLER – Nug87 wants to make a Tuddle Teamsters design/t-shirt

Blitz comes into the studio to pay his dues to Bubba

SEG 5:


1st – Tuddle

2nd – Janessa

3rd – Bubba

Bubba – 5; Tuddle – 4; Janessa – 4

Bubba got a hold of Stevie B’s manager to get Janessa a meet and greet

CALLER – Allen from Cincinnati – brings up a news story involving a woman in Ohio similar to Casey Anthony

Bubba and the guys get into the story of Brooke Skylar Richardson

Bubba proposes a Tuddle/Janess massage pact

Janessa will give Tuddle a full body massage next Wednesday to be part of the Tuddle Teamsters this month

Bubba brings up a clip of New Zealand first responders doing a haka for those who died during 9/11

Bubba wants to play a clip from TSA about 9/11

CALLER – Elizabeth wants Bubba to play the video

CALLER – Wants Bubba to play it

CALLER – Nick from Lakeland wants Bubba to play the video

CALLER – Bryan from Philadelphia wants Bubba to play video

CALLER – Trucker Bill wants to hear it

CALLER – Lee from Green Bay wants to hear it

CALLER – Joe from West Virginia doesn’t want to hear it

CALLER – wants to hear it

Bubba plays the video

SEG 6:

Bubba promos Florida Man Radio

Tara is in studio

CALLER – Eric from Valpo – talks a legal case that Tara’s good friend took care of

Tuddle’s Window Washing
Bubba tells a story of R. Kellying Tara

SEG 7:

Bubba mentions Stevie B; Janessa’s meet and greet this weekend

Bubba and Tuddle talk about Janessa’s window washing for Tuddle

CALLER – Jersey Rich – congratulates Tuddle

Bubba promos Stoned & Boned

Bubba wants everyone to get a hold of Bi-Boy to get the YouTube login

Bubba wants to have everyone do a YouTube Live checkin this weekend

CALLER – Brandon The Quad – congratulates Tuddle; marks out to Florida Man Radio

Bubba gets into a story about loud sex and an incidental gun shot

Bubba shows how he would do gun play… on Tuddle

Bubba plays some clips of Batman Returns

Bubba play some Stevie B for Janessa

SEG 8:
Bubba promos Boned & Stoned

Bubba says everyone is doing a live check in

Janessa may or may not do a live check in from Stevie B

Janessa’s Hot Chick NFL Picks

Anidjar & Levine

FEB 22nd – Victory Cruise for FL Man Radio

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09-12-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba asks Caveman about imaging

Tuddle seems to have some underlying heat with Janessa

Bubba wants to air it out on air not off

Tuddle has issues with the outro of the show; Janessa is mentioned before him

Bubba drops the hammer; Caveman is the one who put together the outro

SEG 2:

Bubba asks that everyone be more positive and less dickish

The Diacos will be in studio later today

Tuddle wants to get a breast exam by Dr. Diaco; Janessa wants one as well

Bubba talks about using Janessa’s bathroom

Bubba and the guys talk about Janessa’s hitachi

Bubba and the guys talk about wireless sex toys

SEG 3:
Bubba and Janessa wind talk

Blitz and Tuddle try to wind talk; Tuddle messes with Bubba


Bubba wants to do a tailgate party at a Buccaneers game

Bubba goes into e-mails

Email – fan asks why AM 820 is playing Best Of

Email – Super Fat Bubba Lite – Clown Bike

Email – questions about YouTube video processing
Bubba and Blitz determine that the show needs to split into two parts on YouTube Wednesdays for processing issues

Email – fan suggests cameraing up Janessa’s shower

CALLER – Scott from Delaware – Talks October 9, 2009 Brent Vs. Moonshine Miller

CALLER – James from Punta Gorda – Asks whatever happened to Gilkey

CALLER – DR from Ocala – Gives Tuddle advice on banking

CALLER – Mike from Charleston – Says a station in Clemson, SC is talking about Florida Man Radio

CALLER – Kent from Peterborough – marks out to the show

Bubba and the guys talk ‘Subtober’ on Twitch

Bubba comments on Janessa’s cleavage

Bubba wants to change the outro of the show to appease Tuddle

Tuddle thinks Bubba is being passive aggressive

SEG 4:
Light Stream

Tuddle – I’ll have my bank account today

Bubba goes to SJL on the slate for a Goat report

Bubba is upset with SJL for not getting diapers for the show goats

Bubba rips Colton a new one for not getting diapers

CALLER – Franklin The Mailman – co-signs with Bubba about the show goat diapers


1st – Janessa

2nd – Tuddle

3rd – Bubba

Bubba and Tuddle talk about his fingernails

Tuddle talks about a cut he has

Bubba plays some audio from TLC where Tuddle talks about being disappointed with not being mentioned in the article

Would Tuddle fight Janessa in the Bubbagon???

Tuddle is down for it

SEG 5:
Hex Head Art

Tuddle goes on a rant; upset with the way Bubba’s acting towards him

Tuddle is about to break his sobriety

Bubba promos racing this weekend at BRP

Bubba talks about tweeting out ‘car issues;’ getting trolled

Bubba and Janess talk about Janessa getting out of a ticket

Where will Tuddle sit when the Diacos and Jeff get in studio?

SEG 6:
The Diacos & Jeff Gigante are in studio

The Diacos talk about their bathing regimen as children

Jeff talks about his newest restaurant Forbici

Bubba and the guys talk about Dan’s arm wrestling skills

Dan and Jeff arm wrestling

Everyone gives their predictions for a Dan Vs. Jeff arm wrestling match…

Everyone picks Dan except for Jeff…

Dan & Jeff will arm wrestle next time they’re in studio

Bubba and the guys talk about Bubba’s new show goats

Bubba shows the guys a video on goat banding

CALLER – Elaine from Maryland – has medical questions for Dr. Dan; talks about issues happening after receiving a surgery for her synovial cyst issues she had sciatic nerve

Dr. Dan gives Tuddle a breast examination; Tuddle has light

SEG 7:
Bubba promos Kevin Todd at 9:30AM

SEG 8:
Kevin Todd on the show

Bubba and Kevin Todd have a $1000 challenge

Bubba and Tuddle talks about the apparent heat Bubba and Tuddle have

Bubba talks Artie Lange

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