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02-21-17 The Matt Masur Show

On The Show…
– Today on the Matt Masur Show Matt and Phil are in studio and John joins us remotely.
– We talk about Milo being pulled from CPAC and his book deal.
– It’s sexual harassment Tuesday and we get into some crazy exes.
– We get into an immigration debate after a comment from the text line
– Later we talk about some crazy news stories.

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02-21-17 Terrestrial Show

On The Show…
Hour 1
– Rob loads the wrong Previously.
– Bubba talks about how Rob will be called Rob if he messes up, Garguilo
if he does good.
– Bubba says he isn’t mad about previously.
– Bubba talks about spitting in a woman’s mouth.
– No prep day tomorrow.
– Bubba talks about being at the track with TJ, the white trash zillionaire.
– Bubba talks about the new Bubba Army Radio App – Wants to change Bubba
Army Radio.
– Bubba talks about his relationship with ICP.

Hour 2
– Bubba talks companies putting the show on marquee.
– Bubba wonders if anyone is listening.
– Bubba talks Matthew the caller, talks program changes at the BRN.
– Bubba calls Kathy the Listener from WWBA.
– Bubba leaves voicemail for Kathy.
– Bubba reads emails.
– Suck it and
– Becky Swallows calls in.
– Bubba replays audio and video of his fight at BRP.

Hour 3
– Email story teacher having sex with student from Dr. Phil; Bambi.
– News audio: Man falls down chimney.
– Audio of movie theatre: stand your ground.
– News audio: Girl was touched during bible study by male teacher.
– Bubba talks racing; plays back 25 Cent eel clip.
– Talk of Ned at BRP with Nash Brothers.
– Ned No net Live: The Weekend – “I like um young”
– Bubba talks getting pulled from Fly 92.7 Kansas.
– News Audio: Bubba talks with Manson about sex stuff 1:11 big payoff.

Hour 4
– News Story: Doctor Larry touching gymnasts; Michigan State University
– Jacksonville: police arrested women for sex at Taco Bell.
– Bubba and Ned argue about Ned show.
– Bubba replace clip of ICP interview.
– Bubba talks women only calling tomorrow; answering questions honestly.

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02-20-2017 Bullistic Radio

On The Show…
Segment 1
– Bull introduced our guests for the night, Harley Quinn, Cat Woman, and Anthony Giovanni.
– Rabbit mentioned the tiny Trump posts circulating the internet.
– The crew talked about making plans to go to the Bay Area Renaissance Festival (BARF).

Segment 2
– We brought in our guests, Harley Quinn and Cat Woman.
– They talked about work they’ve been doing and upcoming costumes for cons.
– Harley/Brie gave Bull his very own Harley Quinn bat.

Segment 3
– Brought in our next guest Anthony Giovanni Elias.
– He explained what being a fight choreographer entails as well as the different styles of martial arts he knows, specifically explaining Capoeira.
– He talked about some of the work he’s been doing, including a fan film about Fallout.
– He discussed some of the classes/seminars he’s been teaching and have coming up in Miami and St. Pete.
-He told the story about one of the hardest hits he’s had; it was a knee to the chest, even with protective gear on.

Segment 4
– Bull mentioned that Bullistic Radio now has a gmail and a Youtube account for listeners to send thoughts and check stuff out.
– We got a caller and Bull discussed at length about ICP.
– Anthony performed some stunts with Batman.
– Clarice’s corner: joke of the week, complaints about mechanics.
– Next Monday: Cards Against Humanity.

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02-20-17 The Ryan Harkness Show

On The Show…
– A Shitman’s Plight.
– Ryan goes to the renaissance festival.
– Ancient Roman stink sex.
– Black Pubes vs White Pubes.
– Frank’s chubby Cuban penis.
– Whippin’ off at Grandma’s.
– Shooting stuff in the desert with a Navy Seal.
– Race Wars Game.
– Yuri Lipski scuba diving accident.
– Deep sea monsters/Jew fish.
– Fascination with science.
– What happens after you die?

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02-20-17 The Matt Masur Show

On The Show…
– It’s the Presidents Day Edition of the Matt Masur Show.
– Phil, John and Matt discuss their weekend and the wild lady Luna episode on the Friday show.
– Later the guys give their thoughts on the top 10 songs from Oct 1998 in the 90s countdown.
– We discuss the best/worst ways to end a relationship.
– Phil gives his thoughts on the friend zone.
– We listen to audio of Milo Yinappolas on the Bill Maher Show.
– Next we go over some other wild news stories from the weekend.

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