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08-16-17 Terrestrial Show

On The Show…

Hour 1
– Bubba talks about his meltdown this morning on trip to the studio.
– The BRP Spot is wrong.
– A teacher is accused of grooming a student for sex.
– Bubba gets a call from Dan from Fort Wayne IN about Twitch.
– Bubba discusses Bubba Army Radio issues.
– Lasker is considering running for office.
– Bubba talks former Power Pig co-worker passing away.

Hour 2
– Gene thinks BeeGees are from Ohio.
– Gene doesn’t want to join the Climax.
– John from precision laser is in the studio.
– Bald Bull gets awarded employee of the month.
– Blind Troy calls in, he feels abandoned.
– Bubba plays Blind Troy’s newest single.
– Troy begs for money during Climax.

Hour 3
– Gene is Running for office.
– Gene decides to run specifically for Dunedin PTA President.
– Bubba asks Howard for a gig and talks about going transgendered for a Sirius channel.
– Bubba comments on the top 5 Chrisitian Countdown.

Hour 4
– Bubba talks about Magijuana.
– Max Kellerman talks about Tiger Woods DUI arrest.
– North Korea releases propaganda video.
– Sumo’s review of Clem shady.
– Bubba has a Beaver segment.
– Bubba talks going live on Twitch.

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