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08-10-2020 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
First day in Phoenix AZ – 97.3FM The Rattler
Bubba is upset with Lummox over not creating new royalty-free music cds

Bubba and the guys riff on the slow jazz music on the royalty-free music Colton made a while back

Bubba introduces the new Phoenix audience to the show member

Anna received another gift from her secret admirer

Anna wants to open her gift now, Bubba wants Anna to wait…

Anna’s secret admirer dropped off her gifts sometime between 4AM and 4:40AM this morning

Anna got a bouquet of tulips, a monster, lip gloss, a Jewish community pamphlet, a piece of wood, and a note

Anna thinks she knows who her secret admirer; says he may be a fan who ordered a Cameo

SEG 2:

Bubba says he is upset with Colton over not having his bagel sooner

Bubba explains that he is going to be leaving early for court

Bubba and the guys talk about the Lightning facing the Blue Jackets in the NHL Playoff opening series

Anna finally reads the letter left by her secret admirer

CALLER – Jersey Rich explains what a Blue Jacket is for Seth; Jersey rich is wrong and Bubba faces him

Bubba and the guys talk about a Houston man who used his PPP loan on a sports car, a Rolex, and strippers

Bubba and the guys pontificate if the news reporter is wearing panties or not

SEG 3:
Bubba and the guys talk about Anna’s secret admirer

Anna says she’d bang Lummox before Bubba

Bubba talks about Creative Loafing’s Best Of The Bay

Bubba and the guys talk about Seth, Bubba, Anna, and Lummox being nominated for various award

SEG 4:
For Hims

Bubba and the guys talk about the Phoenix competition

Bubba and the guys break down the various Phoenix news station staff members

Bubba and the guys talk about Bubba’s MRI

SEG 5:
Anna’s secret admirer came by the studio on a whim

Anna’s secret admirer comes in studio wearing a mask, gloves, and overalls

Annas is noticeably skeeved out by this dude

SEG 6:
Bubba left for court early

Jay Diaco in studio

Seth is leading the show with Colton on the board

Seth and the guys talk about Anna’s secret admirer coming in studio

SEG 7:

Seth asks Colton about his weekend

Colton was at his parent’s house all alone

Colton was freaking out about what to eat Sunday night bc Chick Fil A was closed

Colton goes over his food choices

Jay Diaco talks about his surfing experiences

SEG 8:
Seth and the guys discuss a CNN story involving Trump trying to get his face on Mt. Rushmore

CALLER – asks Jay about the progress on the Michael Morgan case

Seth and the guys talk about a rape suspect who was released due to COVID who killed his accuser

Seth asks Jay, Lummox, and Colton who’d they vote for between Lummox and Anna for the Best Of The Bay’s ‘Up And Coming Radio Personality’

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