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06-05-2020 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:

Bubba has some heat with Lummox

Lummox went bowling yesterday

Bubba comments on Lummox’s outbursts yesterday

Bubba put a gong behind Lummox to hit when he’s upset

Bubba throws Lummox a shot of Touch Vodka; Lummox doesn’t catch it

Lummox hits his head on the gong behind him

Bubba comments on yesterday’s package segment

Bubba wants Lummox to help him with the goat shed

Bubba teases the heat he has with Lummox

SEG 2:
Bubba says that Baby Face wants to come back on the show

Bubba equates Baby Face’s situation to the Don Majkowski/Brett Favre

Bubba gets into his heat with Lummox

Bubba asks Lummox when Caviar Tacos will have the promos pics done for everyone

Bubba found out that Lummox commissioned Caviar Tacos to create a Bob Burger-esque drawing for Ashley

Bubba eludes that Seth gave him this inside information

Lummox has a meltdown; Lummox planned on giving the drawing that Caviar Tacos makes to Ashley as a gift
CALLER – Brandon the Quad – comments on Lummox’s meltdown

SEG 3:

CALLER – Caviar Tacos – comments on Lummox drama

Caviar Tacos gets the final lineup from Bubba

  1. Bubba

  2. Seth

  3. Dr. Dan

  4. Lummox

  5. Blitz

  6. Caveman

  7. Bottom Boi

Caviar Tacos brings up some of the shows he’s worked on before

SEG 4:

Light Stream

Eat Right mention

Bubba talks about his experiences with Bubbapalooza

Bubba comments on a story involving the WNBA

The WNBA will be hosting all of their games at Bradenton’s IMG Academy

Bubba and the guys talk about Kanye donates $2Million; some of those funds will go pay for the college tuition for George Floyd’s daughter

Kanye is the highest-paid musician from 2019

Bubba and the guys go over the highest-paid musicians and highest-paid celebrities from 2019

CALLER – Nathan from PTBO – marks out to the show; says the show will be treated like royalty when they come to Peterborough

Bubba talks about including a T-Quest power pig mashup during a Bubba 199

Bubba and the guys talk about possible stimulus checks

Bubba and the guys talk about an elderly man being pushed down by a Buffalo, NY police officer

SEG 5:
CALLER – DJ D-Rock – says he’s a blind DJ from NY and wants to provide some musical mashups for Bubba 199

CALLER – Track Meet Matt

CALLER – Tampa Terry Classic

Bubba and the guys talk about Jake Paul being charged with Criminal Trespass & Unlawful Assembly during the Arizona riots

Bubba and the guys talk about looters in California stealing over 70 vehicles from a dealership

SEG 6:
Bubba wants to wrestle and/or box Seth

Bubba and the guys get into a story about Florida Phase 2; Bubba breaks down how the station filmed the story

Bubba thinks that there weren’t enough hot people in the story

Bubba and Seth come up with Frumps, a new gym concept for ugly dudes

CALLER – Blind Troy – wants to negotiate advertising behind Lummox

SEG 7:

Bubba and Seth talk about Seth needing to leave the shower show early

Bubba goes to slate to talk to Colton; Colton will be sitting in for Seth while he’s in his virtual doctor’s meeting

CALLER – Johan from the Big 8

CALLER – Big Slop from Extra 90.5FM

CALLER – Ray from 98Rock

Bubba and the guys talk about Apple tracking IPhones that were stolen during the riots

SEG 8:

For Hims

Bubba talks about a developing story involving the former co-owner of the Franklin Manor

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