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04-06-2020 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba mentions that the show will be doing a Best Of this Friday in observance of Good Friday

Dr. Dan asks Blitz if he’s an Atheist; Blitz says he’s Agnostic

Bubba and Seth changed Seth’s oil this past Saturday

Bubba and the guys talk about Walmart’s new policies to deal with social distancing

Bubba and the guys talk about the Surgeon General saying that this week will be

Bubba says he made Tyler after his 9/11 broadcast

CALLER – Super Fat Bubba Lite – talks about how Walmart is dealing with the virus

CALLER – says Bubba was interviewing Gale Sayers when 9/11 happened

Bubba gives the on-air guys some Theraworx Protect

Seth says Bubba needs to give some Theraworx to Jay Diaco; Dr. Dan brings up that Jay would wear a self ionizing air necklace

SEG 2:

For Hims

Seth talks about a conspiracy that Aubrey Huff posted about

Aubrey posted something regarding the media/government using the pandemic to hid the fact that a massive asteroid is coming towards the Earth

CALLER – from the 843 – wants Dr. Dan to look into a conspiracy involving 9/11

CALLER – Blind Troy – still trying to send money via PayPal to the show

CALLER – from CT – has medical questions regarding the pandemic

CALLER – from NJ – says he’s in the middle of the pandemic up in the North East; points out

CALLER – Brian – Says he’s hauling some National Guard medical tents down to St. Petersburg

Brian sent some pictures to Lummox with what he’s hauling down

Bubba and the guys talk about the media coverage of the pandemic

SEG 3:
Light Stream

Bubba reads an email about someone hating the way Colton pronounces words

Bubba goes to Colton on the slate

Bubba asks if Colton’s family has heard Bubba laying into him lately

Seth will be doing a daily show from 10A-NOON (Colton’s previous time slot)

Bubba mentions that everyone in studio has heat with Lummox

Bubba has heat over Lummox missing out on filming last Friday

Seth is upset Lummox didn’t thank him for helping with deliveries

Dr. Dan has major heat with SJL about him leaving Lummox high and dry

Dr. Dan is upset Lummox was fishing instead of being at the fish warehouse

CALLER – comments on the Michigan Governor

CALLER – Hanging Ball Bag – comments about FastFreshSeafood

SEG 4:

Bubba and the guys talk about the aloe extract he drinks

Bubba talks about a conspiracy video he posted on the show’s social media pages


Bubba and the guys break down a conspiracy video involving media lies about the pandemic

CALLER – Billy from Bradenton – wants Bubba not to fire Colton and thinks that Bubba shouldn’t

Bubba and the guys talk about social distancing

Lummox blows up on Seth for his comments about social distancing

Seth fires back at Lummox for coming back at him

SEG 5:

Bubba and the guys talk about a possible EP8 of ‘Tiger King’

Bubba talks about a Netflix series he watched called ‘How To Fix A Drug Scandal’

Bubba and the guys get into a story about a tiger in the Bronx zoo contracting coronavirus

SEG 6:

Bubba plays an old Lummox blow up

Lummox is having some issues with his girlfriend

Bubba and the guys get into a story involving a police department that used the purge siren

Bubba and the guys talk about Mayor Jane Castor doing a nightly ‘dance party’ with all the local IHeart stations

CALLER – Sure Fire Steve – ask Bubba to ask Alexa about the coronavirus

Bubba asks Alexa; Alexa gives her anser… not funny

Sure Fire Steve thinks Facebook videos about Alexa are real

Bubba finally gets back into the police/purge story

Bubba has been texting Lummox’s girlfriend

Bubba wants to have Ashley on the show; Bubba says Ashley told Bubba that Lummox wouldn’t let him call into the show

Bubba tries to convince Lummox in allowing Ashley on the phone

SEG 7:
Theraworx Protect

CALLER – Protection – has some video for Jay
Bubba and the guys talk about the NBA Hall Of Fame class featuring Kobe, KG and Tim Duncan

Bubba and the guys talk about Tom Dempsey (long-time record holder for the longest FG kick)

SEG 8:
Bubba tries calling Ashley; Bubba leaves a voice message

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