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04-02-2020 Terrestrial Show

Bubba and the guys talk Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic wants Brad Pitt to portray him in the story about his life

Bubba and the guys put on medical masks

CALLER – from Charleston – hates Bubba for ripping Lummox all the time

Dr. Dan talks about the type of music that he listens to when performing surgery

CALLER – Couch Daddy – loves that Bubba rips into Lummox

CALLER – King of the BRN – was concerned with Dr. Dan’s staff possibly laughing at his acorn when he got surgery

Dr. Dan assures him that they were professional

King of the BRN got the face tight body tight

SEG 2:
For Hims

Bubba and Lummox go over some of the YouTube content they will be filming later today

Bubba and Lummox will be shaving goats today

Lummox will be smashing the old Green Room bathroom

Bubba talks about the new Green Room toilet; installed by Jamey from Northern AC

Bubba and Dr. Dan talk about a bathroom incident involving one of his clients

Bubba talks about Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland is holding a race that Bubba and Dr. Dan want to participate in\

Bubba and the guys go over what is needed for the Colton Chick-Fil-A

Bubba wants to put Colton’s standard Chick-Fil-A into a smoothie


Chicken Biscuit

Chicken Minis

Hash Browns

Large 2/3Sprite 1/3Hi-C (as needed)

Kid’s Ice Cream

SEG 3:
Cleetus McFarland

Bubba and the guys talk Speed Racer

CALLER – Chris from Bradenton – comments on Cleetus McFarland’s race

CALLER – Lisa’s 2 Fisted – has a suggestion to incentivize the


CALLER – SpeedRacer26 – Charleston – coronavirus comment

Will the hurricane season cause more issues to businesses that were already affected by the coronavirus?

Bubba and the guys talk about hoarding supplies

CALLER – Buster Brown – Brandon – coronavirus comment; talks about essential workers and PPEs

Has a PSA for those working at people’s homes; for those needing essential workers to come by their household

Bubba talks to Colton about his Chick-Fil-A smoothie stunt

Bubba and the guys talk about who would they want to get a handy from at the BRN

SEG 4:

Cleetus McFarland

Bubba goes through some emails

Email – talks about Fast Fresh Seafood

Email – hates the Hype Train song choice

Email – has an issue about Dr. Dan’s stance on the coronavirus

Bubba and the guys talk about drugs being used to help with the coronavirus

Dr. Dan believes that there will be a preventative shot for the coronavirus by September

Dr. Dan believes that there will be 3 waves of coronavirus

SEG 5:
CALLER – Mark from North Central Ohio – Marks out to the show

CALLER – Jarrod – Plant City – Mark out to Fresh Fast Seafood and the show

CALLER – Track Meet Matt – Polk County – talks about his wife being a nurse; coronavirus comments

Bubba plays a video of a salmon vending machine

CALLER – Mike from Tampa – marks out to Fresh Fast Seafood; SJL delivered the fish

SEG 6:
Light Stream

CALLER – Baby Face – talks about the stimulus package

Bubba and the guys talk about the checks going out to individuals and the money that businesses can get

CALLER – James from Indiana – asks Dr. Dan about coronavirus testing

CALLER – John from Cape Coral – has a question for Dr. Dan regarding the flu

SEG 7:


Bubba and the guys talk about the DeSantis Stay At Home order

Bubba and the guys talk about the new ESPN Michael Jordan documentary

Bubba and the guys debate the best basketball players of all time

SEG 8:

Bubba and the guys continue their NBA player debate

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