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03-24-2020 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Front Page Of Twitch

Seth is not in studio this morning

Bubba brings up what happened yesterday with Seth

Bubba breaks down a clip of the hot mic segment in which Seth got upset with Bubba

Bubba goes through some of Seth’s tweets directed towards Bubba

CALLER – asks why Bubba didn’t address the Seth walk out as soon as it happened

Bubba explains he was in the middle of setting up the next break

Bubba continues to talk about the Seth situation

Bubba wants to talk to Seth face-to-face before he brings him back

Bubba is upset with Lummox because Stone Joey Logano posted a video on Twitter
Bubba and the guys talk about Dan/Lummox’s Fast Fresh Seafood company

CALLER – Tony from Valrico – has some Seth insight; Seth uses Bubba and he doesn’t appreciate how Bubba treats people

CALLER – James from Jacksonville – thinks Seth is ‘Too Emo’ for his show

Bubba and the guys talk about the 100,000 people who have recovered from the coronavirus

Dr. Dan brings up some recommendations he has as far as what we should do to keep the economy going during this pandemic

Bubba and Dr. Dan bring up how the media has reported the coronavirus

CALLER – Tampa Terry

SEG 2:

Bubba and the guys try to pronounce Tua Tagovailoa’s name… we cannot

Bubba has Dr. Dan break down Tua’s workouts he posted


Bubba and the guys talk about PJ Walker, the Houston Roughneck’s QB who is now a member of the Panthers

PJ Walker was the biggest stud in the XFL before the season cancellation

Bubba and the guys talk about Democrats pushing for a bill to cancel $30,000 in student debt amid the coronavirus

Bubba and the guys talk about all the pork included in a lot of the bills being passed in response to the coronavirus

Bubba takes a few callers about the various proposed bills

SEG 3:
Norther AHR

Cmmunicated with him via Facebook IM
Doug Clem doesn’t text; he uses Facebook IM
Doug Clem sent Bubba some videos from the Salt Flat

SEG 4:
Bubba plays the Purge Horn to start out the segment

Bubba plays a clip of Tucker Carlson breaking down the proposed bills by the Democrats

Bubba wonders if anyone actually likes the Nancy Pelosi

Dr. Dan says he has an aunt who is a big Pelosi fan
CALLER – pro Bubba; thinks Seth isn’t loyal

CALLER – David from California – talks politics; says he is Libertarian
CALLER – Carl FTE from Green Bay – talks trucking industry amid the coronavirus pandemic

CALLER – comments on the pork included in the proposed stimulus packages

CALLER – Sure-Fire Steve – talks Fire Arms Friday

SEG 5:
Elder Ford

Bubba and the guys talk about Fast Fresh Seafood

CALLER – FTE Shawn – talks about a guy who stowed away under his truck

Bubba plays a video clip of the stowaway

Bubba goes through some emails from people reacting to Seth walking out of the show

CALLER – FTE – Super Trucker Bill – says that the 10hr rule

SEG 6:
Jay Diaco in the studio

Bubba and the guys continue to talk about the coronavirus

Bubba and the guys talk about President Trump’s new executive order makes it a crime to stockpile supplies

SEG 7:
Bubba and Jay talk about surfing
Jay plans on going to Kelly Slater’s surf ranch for his birthday in May

CALLER – Pedro the Pool Guy – has comments about Seth’s walk out

CALLER – Glory Hole Greg – makes a smart ass comment; gets hung up on

Bubba and the guys talk about the porn industry at a stand still

CALLER – Glory Hole Greg – tries to get a zinger in on Bubba

SEG 8:

CALLER – Mark The Frog – Says he’s on the road with a load of potatoes

Bubba calls Janie Cakes to see how the ‘elderly designated’ shopping went

Bubba and the guys talk about how they would get their asses whooped by their parents

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