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02-12-2020 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
BL & Nancy Alexander will be on the show later

CALLER – Mike from Connecticut – mentions the Roger Stone legal situation

Bubba talks about Roger Stone’s current legal situation

Bubba mentions that he got an email complaining about the show talking about politics too much

Seth mentions that Trump tweeted out a Curb Your Enthusiasm clip

Bubba and Lummox talk about Lummox’s girlfriend making references to Seth’s penis

TB Lightning

CALLER – Freddie – says he put money on Bet Dsi yesterday

Bubba plays a little bit from last week’s Block Party with Dan Girardi

SEG 2:


Bubba plays a clip from this week’s Block Party with Dan Girardi

Bubba talks about taking Nikki to a Lightning game for the first time
CALLER – Coby from Tampa – Supercross Tickets


SEG 3:

CALLER – Couch Daddy from Twitch – wants Supercross tickets – WINS TICKETS

CALLER – Chris from Spring Hill – wants Supercross tickets – WINS

CALLER – Jeff from Ocala – wants Supercross tickets – WINS – BRP & Supercross

CALLER – Zack from Gainesville – wants BRP tickets – WINS

CALLER – Jaimie from Tampa – wants BRP tickets – WINS

Bubba reads an email complaining about the show talking about politics too much
CALLER – Matt – wants tickets to BRP

Bubba and Seth talk about whether or not Shannon and his wife have sex on their motorcycles

Bubba goes through a few emails

SEG 4:

Light Stream

Bubba and the guys talk about the Broom Challenge

Bubba and the guys talk about a cruise ship that has been quarantined due to the coronavirus

Bubba and the guys talk about the porn that everyone is interested in

Bubba and the guys talk meds

SEG 5:Bubba plays Lummox’s meltdown from last week on the Grape Ape & Cheapskate

Lummox admits to watching his parents having sex

Bubba and the guys talk about getting prostate checks

Bubba talks about his friend’s penis

SEG 6:
Nancy Alexander in studio

Nancy talks about hooking up with her nephew’s friend

Bubba talks about a “friend” using a gym sock to masturbate

Lummox admits to using a toilet paper roll to masturbate

CALLER – Jersey Rich – New Jersey – Marks out to the show

CALLER – Danny – Michigan – Marks out to Nancy

BL enters the studio

SEG 7:
CALLER – Reginald Roundtree

SEG 8:


CALLER – Mark from North Central Ohio


Nancy – BEAVER 3



BL & Nancy – BEAVER

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