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02-05-2020 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:

Bubba apologizes for a weird opening

Bubba talks about getting double-teamed by Seth and Baby Face before

SEG 2:
Baby Face and Bubba talk about the Hype Train

Baby Face thinks that the last Hype Train
Bubba and the guys plan on going to Charleston in May

Bubba and the guys talk about the BRN sign at the Diacos compound

CALLER – Tom Leikas Guy – Warns prisoners NOT to steal their prison IDs

BEAVER – Baby Face
DROP – Seth

SEG 3:



Bubba talks about his new truck from Elder Ford

Bubba’s new truck has Sirius XM

Baby Face asks Bubba if Brent and Bubba still text

Bubba talks about Seth not getting back to him within a timely manner via text

Bubba talks about the Valentine’s Day Personal Massager giveaway

Baby Face’s Massager is up for grabs today

CALLER – Natalie – wants a personal massager; says she wants Seth’s wand

Bubba hangs up on Natalie

CALLER – Mark – tells a terrible Caitlin Jenner joke

CALLER – Natalie – calls back trying to plead her case for a personal massager

BEAVER – Just Jennifer

SEG 4:
Horn Blasters

Seth brings up Bi-Boy’s disgusting car

Bubba goes to Bi-Boy on slate to discuss his terrible car

CALLER – Michelle from Charleston – wants to win Brian’s personal massager


CALLER – Megan from Charleston – wants to win Brian’s personal massager


Seth opens Baby Face’s birthday present

Baby Face got Bubba and Seth a custom Curb Your Enthusiasm shirt

CALLER – Kristin – Traverse City, MI – wants to win Brian’s personal massager


CALLER – Tarik – wants to win a personal massager for Tara

Bubba doesn’t want to give Tarik a wand

SEG 5:
Light Stream

Bubba and the guys talk about the Bubba sign being at the Diaco compound
Bubba and the guys discuss the State Of The Union Address

SEG 6:

CALLER – Says that AM 820 was playing BAR

Bubba brings up that some of Shakira’s old hits are topping the Billboard charts after her

Super Bowl halftime performance

Seth blurts out that Phoebe may prefer women to men

Bubba and the guys talk about Phoebe and the likelihood that Phoebe and Seth would do a threesome

Bubba and the guys decide that Megan from Charleston wins the personal massager

18MINS IN – I’ll Be Thinking About You Baby Face

Bubba plays a clip of JLo practicing for her Super Bowl performance

CALLER – Seth’s Mom

Audible Beaver

SEG 7:

Bill O’Reilly on the phone

Supercross mention

SEG 8:

Supercross mention

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