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01-30-2020 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Seth says he’s starving

Lummox and Baby Face offered Seth food; he declined

Bubba thinks Seth is a picky eater

Bubba talks about his bacon making practices

Bubba goes over his morning routine

Bubba says he enjoys peeing in the bushes

Bubba wants to give Lummox one of Pookies pills

Bubba talks about his diet/eating routine

Bubba talks about donating blood/getting his blood tested

Seth thought he contracted HIV; tells the story

SEG 2:Bubba talks about his previous STDs

Bubba talks about shaving his pubic region

Baby Face asks Bubba why he shaves his arms
Seth talks about his pubic hair situation

Bubba wants to roll Seth out as a bi/gay/pan

Jews in the media

Bubba goes into the drop Seth gave – “Maybe It’s A Myth I’m Hetero”

SEG 3:



Seth says he wants to do a sports show on the BRN’s Twitch network

Elder Ford

Bubba plays a video of Blitz messing with his new truck

Bubba plays a video of Seth trying to feed the show goats

Bubba and the guys talk Kobe Bryant/FAA flying

SEG 4:
K&N Filters

Bubba wants Seth to help him install his new K&N Filter

Seth wants to have Bubba help him with a few tasks around his house

Seth says he needs a new exterior garage door

Overhead doors?

Seth says he needs new roofing

Handy Man Roofing

Seth wants to get Bubba to do a bike ride with him

SEG 5:
Sun Belt Rentals

Bubba and the guys discuss a possible ‘State Of The Bubba’

Bubba and the guys talk about dominatrix Nicole who took nude pics near Bubba’s sign

Bubba and the guys talk about Score’s strip club facing a lawsuit for allowing a 17year old disabled girl to perform on stage

Bubba and the guys talk about Elle Duncan’s story about Kobe Bryant being a ‘girl dad’

Bubba talks about a promo video the show needs to do for Florida Man Radio

CALLER – Mike – Marks out to the show

Bubba talks about how he feels the show is progressing

Bubba and the guys talk about a new teacher sex story

Seth talks about Pedophile High a private school/brothel

SEG 6:
Bubba wants to bring Seth & Baby Face to the track



Renaissance Festival Mentions

CALLER – Marks out to the show


CALLER – Mike – Trivia – bamboozled bubba for tickets WINS SOMEHOW


Bubba goes through some emails

Email mentions that Sal & Richard were doing testicle dipping the same time Lummox dipped his testicles in moonshine

Bubba and the guys talk about doing ‘testicle dipping Tuesday’ with Lummox

Bubba and Seth talk about getting a professional waxer in studio

Email mentions that Lummox does a lot

SEG 7:
Horn Blasters

Bubba and the guys talk about a story about Pizza Hut giving parents two years of free pizza if they have twins

CALLER – MS Michelle – wants to know what happened to the Seth vs. Lummox beard off

Seth & Lummox will be doing a beard off starting Monday

Bubba wants to shave Seth & Lummox

Bubba and the guys talk about a Manatee County man who had explosives

Bubba and the guys talk about a Charlotte County man who accidentally prompted a school shut down because he was hunting iguanas with a pellet gun

CALLER – Nate from SC – commenting on what would Blitz/Baby Face do if they were to

SEG 8:
Elder Ford

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