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01-24-2020 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba wants to know when he can meet Seth’s family

Seth seems hesitant to introduce Bubba to his family

Seth got a text from his mom saying she’d like to meet Bubba

Bubba tries calling Seth’s mom; left voicemail

CALLER – Seth’s mom called in

Bubba and the guys talk about Twitter trolling involving their kids

Elder Ford

SEG 2:

Elder Ford

Bubba talks about the show’s new Twitter

Bubba wants to have the children of the BRN open presents

Bubba and the guys talk about hangers

SEG 3:

Calls in asking Seth about grapefruit

Mentions that Seth should talk about his 18year old stripper story

Seth tells his 18year old stripper story

Bubba goes through some emails

Seth wants to do a beard-growing contest with Lummox

Bubba and Seth talk about shaving your back

Bubba goes through some more emails

Bubba and the guys go into a story involving a woman who pooped in a parking lot multiple times

Bubba talks about the grapefruit technique

SEG 4:


For Hims

Bubba and the guys talk about the Harvey Weinstein trial

SEG 5:
Light Stream
Monster Jam

Bubba and the guys go over an episode of Seth’s Lightning Podcast

SEG 6:
Elder Ford

Bubba plays more of Seth’s Lightning Podcast

Bubba and the guys play a video of Lummox at the Gasparilla Children’s Parade

Elder Ford

CALLER – Mark from NW Ohio – wants to get Bubba’s Cadillac and be part of a Night Of Destruction

Bubba and the guys talk about women jet skiing

SEG 7:
CALLER – Peterborough Pete – talks Jet Skiing

CALLER – Drunk guys shooting guns

Bubba and the guys create “Firearm Fridays”

Bubba mentions how $11M of funds donated to the Red Cross for the Australia bush fire relief fund is going to

SEG 8:
CALLER – BIG SLOP check in

CALLER – Baby Face – says he will change some photos on Bubba’s Twitter

CALLER – Ray Ray check in

CALLER – Fire Arm Fridays

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