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12-05-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Lummox is in studio today

Blitz is sick

Stoned Joey Logano is in the BRN Shower
Bi-Boy is spraying SJL down with the hose (52* F)

Bubba applies SJL’s deodorant

SJL looks like Ellen Degeneres

Bubba calls SJL ‘Trans Degeneres’

Bubba comes up with a new name for SJL

SJL is now “SMELLEN DEGENERATE” – The Smelly Male Version of Ellen Degeneres

SEG 2:

Bubba plays a Mindi Abair song from her appearance in November 2018

Hex Head Art

CALLER – Sean from Longwood – wins tickets for George Thurgood

Baby Face is in studio
Bubba and the guys break down a video from a radio girl on YouTube

SEG 3:

Regina & Baby Face are in studio

CALLER – says he was mishandled by TGH staff members

CALLER – Neal from SC – legal questions regarding guns

Bubba and the lawyers break down the current Peloton controversy

Bubba plays the last bit of the radio girl tutorial

Bubba plays the Peloton commercial in its entirety

Bubba and the lawyers talk about the new James Bond movie

Bubba talks about SJL’s new nickname

Brian mentions Ellen Degeneres dancing skills

Bubba talks his show pilot and chicken dip

Bubba and the guys talk about the 49ers Broadcaster who is in trouble over comments made about Lamar Jackson

SEG 4:
Bubba and the guys talk Hitachi personal massagers

Bubba has Brian, SJL and Bi-Boy do a marketing pitch

Bubba and the guys talk George Zimmerman suing Treyvon Martin’s family
CALLER – Chimes in on the Zimmerman case

Bubba and the guys go into a story about a car that jumped 10 cars at a dealership in Citrus County

SEG 5:

Light Stream

Bubba plays a video of Bubba going through the car wash

SEG 6:
Bubba and the guys continue to talk about his Carwash content

SEG 7:


If Bubba’s Carwash Video Get 2K+ views by end of show tomorrow; Bubba will do a special carwash video involving Bi Boy, Lummox and Colton

Bubba talks about Mrs. Fletcher

Bubba talks about a new concept of a morning show ‘Go Fuck Yourself’ NEWS

CALLER – comments on Peloton and Totem Poling

SEG 8:
CALLER – calls back to talk about Totem Poling

Bubba, Brian and Caveman pick the Cowboys

Lummox picks the Bears

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