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11-04-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
SJL is in the shower

Dr. Dan and Baby Face are in studio

Bubba says High James (Sumo’s friend) will be coming down this week

Bubba wants SJL to shadow High James as he does maintenance work around the BRN

Bubba and the guys talk about FSU firing Willie Taggart

Bubba and the guys discuss whether or not Deion Sanders would be a good candidate for FSU’s head coach position

Bubba shows a text from Deion implying that he may be interested in one day becoming FSU’s head coach (POSSIBLE STAND ALONE)

SEG 2:
Bubba goes through today’s lineup

Brian suggest a pay to play seat to make Bubba some extra money

Bubba says he’d prefer Baby Face over Dan

Ugly Ducklings vs. Swans Challenge

Stogies & Cycles

Bubba thinks Pookie is on her last leg

Bubba and the guys talk about common core math

Bubba and Dr. Dan talk about Dan’s daughter’s math

Bubba and the guys talk about accents in the United States

SEG 3:
Bubba and the guys talk about taking a math review from Dan’s daughter’s class

Bubba and the guys talk about the school schedules they dealt with growing up

Bubba talks about being bullied by older kids; bullying younger kids

Bubba asks Blitz about Friday’s technical issues

Bubba takes it personally when the show sounds bad

Bubba asks Dan what would be the worst thing a surgeon can do

Dr. Dan says cutting off the wrong body part is probably the worst

Bubba and the guys talk about media not telling the full story of various cases like McDonalds

SEG 4:

Bubba talks about an argument that happened over the hot mic

Dr. Dan and Baby Face were discussing if eggs are poultry/protein

Lummox interrupts the show and brings in PopEye’s

Blitz thinks Lummox got the sandwiches late last night

Lummox explains how he got PopEye’s for everyone

Lummox says he met a guy who owned a PopEye’s Chicken Franchisee

Bubba and Baby Face question Lummox about how he got the sandwiches

Bubba and the guys give their review of the PopEye’s Chicken sandwich

Bubba and the guys talk about Lummox meeting a girl this past weekend that he met from his Seeking Arrangement account

Lummox tells the story of meeting a girl from Seeking that he took to the Hard Rock

Lummox thinks that she may be homeless

Lummox explains how his Seeking Arrangement date used him as a bank and gambled

Bubba tells a story of Lummox at the Hampton Inn waiting for a Craigslist date

Lummox continues his story with his Seeking Arrangement date

SEG 5:
For Hims

Bubba announces that there will be no more YouTube Wednesdays

Lummox continues to talk about his night with his Seeking Arrangement date

Bubba and the guys call Lummox’s date

Lummox’s date calls in; goes over the date she had with Lummox

Bubba and the guys recap the call

Bubba wants to send Lummox out to confront his date

SEG 6:
Light Stream

Jay Diaco tags in

Bubba and the guys talk about Lummox’s drama

Brian brings up an arrest report involving Lummox’s Seeking date

Lummox calls in to the show; has been listening to Bubba and the guys talking about his Seeking date

Bubba says that he wants the guys to call him back after the break

SEG 7:
Lummox calls from his hotel room

Bubba and the guys feed Lummox lines to tell his Seeking date

Bubba recaps Janessa’s Hot Chick Picks – She’s 5-7 So Far This Week

Bubba and the guys talk Buccaneers losing against the Seahawks

Bubba and the guys talk about the Buccaneers season so far

CALLER – Bubba’s Ass Towel – Comment about Indy Racing Series being bought out by Penske

Bubba asks Brian and Jays opinion on the Lummox situation

SEG 8:

Stogies & Cycles

CALLER – Matthew – Wants to get Stogies & Cycles

CALLER – Stephan – wants to get vodka for Gravel Switch

Touch Vodka

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