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10-31-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
SJL is in the BRN shower

Lummy helps SJL get all suds up

Bubba wants to do Grease tryouts today between SJL and Colton

SEG 2:
Stogies & Cycles
CALLER – Colton – says he’s on his way

Bubba thinks Colton isn’t putting as much effort anymore because of his girlfriend

Bubba talks about the Sandy/Danny tryouts between SJL and Colton

Bubba shows a Wynona Judd music video featuring Dr. Dan

Bubba walks through what he wants SJL and Colton to do for their tryouts

CALLER – “Fake Dan Diaco”

CALLER – REAL Dan Diaco – says he will be in tomorrow to tryout for Danny

SEG 3:
Regina & Brian are in studio

Bubba mentions Dan’s ‘Preferred Extra’ status

Bubba tells a story about going with Hulk Hogan to do a scene in Punisher; walking off set

Bubba asks Regina about prenuptial agreements

Bubba tries to explain the expression of “If It f@$ks, floats, or flies its cheaper to rent it”

Bubba tries to make an analogy; Blitz and Brian jump on Bubba about his money management

Bubba wants to do a contest for Hot Chicks with Ugly Feet

CALLER – Brian from Charleston – Has questions regarding inheritance

SEG 4:
For Hims

Bubba and the guys talk about 199

Bubba goes through some emails

Bubba talks about today’s BRN trick-or-treating

SJL acts like Bubba

SEG 5:
Bubba talks about the show goats

Bubba cuts a promo about on Lummox for being on his phone

Lummox says his partner is trying to get him some money

Bubba says Lummox needs to get his crap together

Lummox has an outburst

Bubba asks Lummox about his love life with his therapist

SEG 6:

Bubba thanks Colton for helping him get back to the network last break

Bubba points out who could bring us back into network

Lummox says he can do it; Bubba has him try and he fails

CALLER – Angie wants to talk to Lummox

Bubba and the guys go through Lummox’s Seeking Arrangement profile

Bubba has Lummox practice his Grease singing

SEG 7:
Baby Face comes in studio with some Ghost Peppers for the guys to use for a stunt

Bubba tries calling Lummox’s doctor girlfriend

Bubba and the guys continue talking about Grease

SEG 8:

Light Stream

Bubba plays a bit that TODAY SHOW did earlier this morning; Grease dance routine

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