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10-29-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
We are on the front page of Twitch

Bubba introduces the new viewers to everyone on the show

Stoned Joey Logano is in the shower

SJL went out with Lummox last night

Lummox says SJL picked up another girl

SJL sits down at Mic 4 and talks about the girl he met

SJL says the girl was going to school for communications and SJL gave her some advice

Bubba says SJL could be late because of ass

Bubba grants Janessa a few late passes for “lesbian all-nighters”

SEG 2:
Bubba says he’s learning to do basic video editing

Bubba promos the YouTube channel

SJL is in the shower with Baby the show goat

Bubba talks about getting Baby a stroller

Bubba and the guys check out various dog strollers on Amazon

SEG 3:

Bubba promos the BRN pumpkin carving contest

Bubba points out that Colton has a huge crush on Janessa

Bubba and the guys talk about the food they like now compared to what they liked as a kid

Bubba promos the BRN pumpkin carving and costume contest

Lummox says his Grape Ape costume came in; says it doesn’t fit

Lummox says he has a few other options for costumes

SEG 4:

Bubba talks to Blitz about some of the technical issues he’s been having

Bubba and the guys talk about daylight savings

Bubba and the guys talk about who is on the large

Wulff Fence

SEG 5:
Wulff Fence


Bubba mentions Tony B – Ass Bucket Jones Radio

Act 1 – September Sky – APPROVED

Act 2 – Leaving Zero – APPROVED

Act 3 – Michael Bleu – NOT APPROVED

SEG 6:
For Hims

Janessa says she was on Craigslist looking at various posts on the ‘gig’ section

Janessa reads a post she found on Craigslist of a guy who needs help dumping his girlfriend

Bubba gives Janessa some advice on what to write this guy

CALLER – Alan in Cincinnati – asks Bubba’s advice about a creepy coach

Bubba and the guys talk about Alan’s situation

Bubba asks Lummox about his current ass roster

Lummox talks about his spot being blown with his #3 by someone he knew in high school

CALLER – Peterborough Pete – says he tricked SJL in believing that there was “blinker fluid’

Bubba goes to SJL on slate; SJL fell for Peterborough Pete’s prank

SJL asked the guy who delivered his about blinker fluid

SEG 7:
Light Stream

CALLER – Laura – “Indiana Farm Bitch” – talks about baking pies and some crazy stuff

CALLER – Southern Celeste – marks out to the show

SEG 8:
Stogies & Cycles

Bubba plays some clips from Fish-N-Chicken

Bubba goes through some of the messages Lummox has been getting from Seeking Arrangements

Stogies & Cycles

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