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10-09-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba and the guys act like some cheesy
Bubba and the guys talk about Rays beating Astros
Bubba shows some of the Rays highlights

Bubba breaks down a great defensive plays by Keirmaier and the Rays D

Janessa shows off her costume – a 1/2 evil bunny
Bubba plays a clip of OJ Howard catching a foul ball at the Rays game
SEG 2:
Bubba goes through some fan emails
Hex Head Art

Bubba goes to SJL to talk about Baby the show goat
Caveman wants to get lederhosen on Baby so he could get free beer
Bubba tells SJL that he needs to bring Baby out more often
SEG 3:
SJL in studio with Baby the show goat
SEG 4:

Bubba cuts a promo on SJL for not taking the goat out of the building
Bubba and the guys talk about Dick’s Sporting Goods destroyed $5 million worth of assault weapons
Bubba gives an update of the Miami cop who was in trouble for an instagram video with lingerie clad models
Bubba and the guys talk about a blind man suing Domino’s pizza over its website
SEG 5:

Hex Head Art
CALLER – says he loves SJL’s parody
CALLER – Fish On J – marks out
CALLER – Chris from Charleston – comments on Dick’s sporting goods
Bubba goes to SJL on slate; Bubba cuts promos on SJL for not walking the show goat
Bubba goes to Bi-Boy on slate; asks about the health of Monte
CALLER – Pecker 1-9 says he bought some new merch from Amazon
Bubba goes into a story about parents suing Fortnite claiming the game is as addictive as cocaine
Bubba gets into a story about a little girl having issues with school over her hair
Bubba tells a story about his friend’s son being expelled
Baby Face in studio
Bubba and Baby Face talk Rays 
SEG 6:
Bubba gets into a video of SJL at last night’s Rays Game

Bubba gets into a story about a 19yo getting pics of underage girls in Snapchat
Bubba goes into a story about an PSU African American player getting letters from any Alumni over his dreadlocks
SEG 7:
Light Stream Endorsement

Bubba plays a video of SJL trying to leash train Baby
Bubba and the guys get into a story about a SC Sheriff candidate admitting to blackface
SEG 8:

Florida Tree Surgeons
Stogies & Cycles
Bubba brings Lummox in studio
Lummox slams the studio door
Bubba reprimands Lummox
Bubba asks Lummox about his love life and his DWB
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