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10-07-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba jokes about Lummox’s side profile

Bubba asks Lummox if he saw his Doctor with Benefits

Lummox says he saw his Doctor with Benefits

Lummox says his DWB cleaned his house before he had guests over

Lummox says he had shower sex with his DWB

Bubba and the guys talk about shower sex

Bubba goes back to Lummox’s weekend with his DWB

Lummox talks about his texting habits with his DWB


SEG 2:

Bubba brings up The Joker

Janessa saw The Joker; says its dark

Bubba relates the story of the Joker to Tuddle leaving

Bubba goes to SJL on slate to make sure the front door is locked

SJL didn’t come by the studio at all this weekend to check on Bubba’s goats

SJL met a girl Saturday night and has

Bubba brings SJL to talk about possibly hooking up with the girl he met Saturday night


SEG 3:

Hex Head Art

Bubba plays a parody in honor of Giant Beetle Juice who Bubba learned passed over the weekend

Bubba gets into SJL at the Lightning Home Opener

Bubba and the guys think SJL is soliciting men

Bubba talks about Bubba and Blitz’s man date with Gary Grubbs

Bubba breaks down a video of a man show got struck by lightning while walking his dogs

Bubba goes to SJL to see if he can perform CPR

SEG 4:
Bubba goes through Janessa’s Hot Chick Picks Results

Bubba talks to Lummox about coming in Tuesday and Friday this week

Bubba plans on having Babyface in studio Wednesday

Bubba and Lummox talk about Lummox’s gambling habits

Bubba says he went to Sacred Pepper for Tara’s birthday dinner

Dave’s Killer Bread

Bubba talks about going to Thee Doll House with some JVC employees

Jenn & Murph Dawg

Bubba wants to call Jenn during Jenn & Murph Dawg’s show

Bubba has to reset phones

Bubba calls Murph Dawg & Jenn

Bubba plays a viral clip of The Rock singing happy birthday to a 100yo old fan

Bubba and the guys get into a story about a youth pastor/christian radio dj who raped a girl (PODCAST)

Bubba goes into a viral story of a woman has to go without a smartphone for a year; she will get 100K if she can stay off her phone


SEG 5:

Light Stream

CALLER – Brandon the Quad talks about The Joker; SJL trying to fill out a check on the T-Less LC show

Bubba goes to SJL on slate to talk to him about filling out a check


SEG 6:
Bubba thinks that Janessa started the Seatbelt Challenge
Bubba wants to get the Bubba Army women to send in some Seatbelt Challenge pics

Bubba plays a clip from an infamous call in which a fan called in saying his christian dj father molested him

Bubba goes into a story in which an NC youth pastor molested children

Bubba goes to SJl; SJL has brought in Baby the show goat in studio

Lummox tries to be funny by counterprogramming Bubba

Bubba wants to blow dart Lummox for trying to counterprogram

SEG 7:

Bubba plays the clip “Brent Doesn’t Want To Swing Again”

Bubba Says He Won’t Marry Again

Stogies & Cycles

Bubba has SJL come in studio to fill out the “Check”

SEG 8:
Bubba plays a Best Of Clip – Caller says his Christian DJ father molested him

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