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10-04-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Lummox is in studio

Lummox had a late night

Lummox didn’t change his Thursday night routine

Bubba says he went to the Lightning season opener last night

Bubba mentions the Rays are playing the Astros in Houston for tonight’s ALDS opener

Bubba talks Thursday Night Football; Blitz chimes in saying Caveman is a huge Seahawks fan

Bubba and Caveman talk Seahawk’s TNF win

Bubba talks to Lummox about his evening
Lummox says he saw his Doctor With Benefits

Lummox shows Bubba and Janessa a picture of his Doctor With Benefits

Bubba and the guys dig deep into Lummox’s relationship with his Doctor With Benefits

SEG 2:

Bubba talks about shooting guns with Blitz later today

Bubba goes to SJL on slate

CALLER – Talks about Lummox’s “Shrink Cricket”

Bubba goes to SJL on slate to talk about his ex

CALLER – Asks about Lummox’s “Shrink Cricket” and VO work

641AM For HIMS mentions 11MINS IN

Bubba says he has a female friend who may be interested in Lummox

Lummox says he’s not an alcoholic because he doesn’t admit it

SEG 3:
Hex Head

Bubba wants to do a Lummox & Bubba dating game

CALLER – Jeff from Vegas – marks out to Ryan Harkness

CALLER – Jamie from Ohio – Brent Audio – Swinging goes wrong

Bubba goes into a story about a middle-aged Florida Man getting an 11year old pregnant

Bubba goes into a story about MGM paying out millions to the victims of the Las Vegas massacre

Bubba says its his sister’s bday

Bubba wants to get a gift for Tara; Lummox says he has a hitachi

Bubba goes back into the MGM

Bubba goes to SJL on slate to see when SJL’s ex will come on air

SEG 4:
Bubba opens up segment with a parody “Hulks On Film”

Bubba calls his sister Tara to wish her a Happy Birthday

Lummox admits that he wanted to blast Tara

Bubba talks about security issues surrounding ‘The Joker’
Bubba goes to SJL on slate to see if his gf

SEG 5:
Hex Head


SJL tries calling his gf; is failing at life

Bubba calls Babyface – Babyface keeps messing with headphone cords

CALLER – SJL’s Ex-GF “Tiffany” is on the phone

Hex Head Art PTBO Giveaway 821AM

CALLER – Jeff from PTBO – WINS Hex Head Art

CALLER – Lynn Bailey – WINS a prize pack


CALLER – Chris – FAILED – Gets Prize pack still

SEG 6:
Bubba talks to Lummox about his Shrink Cricket

Bubba and the guys talk about threesomes

CALLER – John from Charleston – Says Lummox over modulates on the mic

CALLER – Peterborough Pete – tries to blow in Lummox

Lummox says Peterborough Pete has a bloody penis

Lummox calls his Shrink Cricket

Bubba talks about Brent Hatley Swinging

SEG 7:
Light Stream

CALLER – Nug87 – Marks out to the show

Bubba wonders if he should send that audio of Brent Hatley Swinging

Bubba plays with his FX

CALLER – Lummy’s fake Shrink Cricket

CALLER – Big Country from “OAK LA HOMA” – says country is becoming pussified

CALLER – calls Bubba a pussy

Bubba plays the Brent clip again

CALLER – Kevin from PTBO – marks out to the show

CALLER – Jerry The Jobber – tries to cause heat

CALLER – Steven Trent – blows himself in for pranking the show

SEG 8:
CALLER – Jamie from Ohio – wants Bubba to give the audio to Bubba

Bubba and Lummox talk about his Shrink Cricket
Hex Head Mention

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