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10-03-2019 Terrestrial Show


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SEG 1:
Rays win their one game playoff with the Athletics; will play Astros in ALDS

Blitz is disappointed because the Rays didn’t score 6 points; Blitz missed out on Papa Johns’ deal

Bubba talks about a Netflix show involving Utah polygamists

Bubba plays a few highlights from the Rays

Janessa says she’s going to the Yankees game

Bubba asks Caveman about Instagram and Twitter

SEG 2:
Bubba bumps in with the fan made SJL song

CALLER – Super Fat Bubba Lite – suggests Janessa wear a Bubba Army t-shirt at the Yankees game

Stogies & Cycles

Bubba goes to Bi Boy on slate; Bi Boy says SJL is running late

Bubba Hex Head Art

Bubba goes into emails:
Fan emails about the caliber being used

Fan emails about Drumsticks ice cream

Fan emails saying the love the SJL parody

Fan emails about the Amber Guyger

Fan emails asking Bubba to wear his NYPD hat tomorrow in honor of an NYPD officer who passed in the line of duty

Bubba plays a clip from Amber Guyger’s sentencing

CALLER – Kent from PTBO – Talks about Hex Head giveaway

CALLER – Mark – mentions a cop story

Bubba goes into a video of the brother of Amber Guyger’s victim hugging her during sentencing

SEG 3:

Light Stream

Bubba talks about a study saying Chic fil a has the worst wait times; Dunkin’ has the best drive thru times

Bubba talks about Publix pharmacy

Bubba goes into a story about Bernie Sanders going through surgery; suspends his campaign

Bubba plays a clip about R. Kelly getting denied bail

Bubba plays Manson’s old Ignition parody

SEG 4:


Bubba and Regina talk about the ‘Mama Jama’

CALLER – Jim – Has some child support questions

Bubba wants to get Tom Bean on a gummy

Bubba tells the story of Tom Bean getting got by the MB catered food

CALLER – Richard – Has questions regarding power of attorney and divorce

Bubba asks Regina and Brian about their feelings on the Amber Guyger case

Bubba makes a Johnny Kemp reference; Regina is the only one to get it

Bubba plays a clip from a Johnny Kemp music video

CALLER – Big Hands John – Marks out to Regina and Brian

Bubba gave Pookie Cataracts
Bubba talks Trump and politics with Regina and Baby Face

Bubba talks about Twitter suspension

CALLER – Eric from Valpo, IN – has questions regarding a car accident involving someone who borrowed his car

CALLER – Dana from Citrus County – Pre – nup questions

SEG 5:
CALLER – Peg Leg – asks about False Advertisement; thinks McDonald’s Triple Cheese isn’t really a Triple Cheese burger

Bubba and the guys talk Donald Trump and the Ukranian situation

Bubba and the guys talk about a vintage plane crashing

SEG 6:
Bubba playing with the viagra display

Bubba plays a fans submitted parody about Hootie 2’s balls

Bubba plays the fan submitted SJL parody song

Bubba and the guys talk about Florida looking to pay college athletes

Bubba and the guys talk about a Florida prosecutor wanting to unseal the videos

SEG 7:
For Hims

Bubba goes to SJL on a slate to ask him why he is late

SJL explains what a “Birmingham” is

Babyface brings cheap heat; Lummox calls him a dick

Lummox comes in to studio to talk about SJL
Bubba talks about EA Sports opening an HQ in Orlando

Bubba and the guys talk the Wallenda’s doing a walk at the Hard Rock

SEG 8:

Janessa picks Seattle over Rams => Hot Chick Picks

Bubba goes into a story about a Universal Orlando Gru actor fired for making racist ‘OK’ hand gesture,..

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