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10-02-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
YouTube Wednesday

Bubba and Janessa skipped out of the FL Man Radio event and went to the Shake Shack

Bubba and the guys talk about FL Man Radio’s client event

Bubba live streamed going up to and from the event

Bubba is not doing Bubba UNsponged; needs to go to the doctors

Bubba and Blitz plan on going to Grubbs’ place on Friday to shoot some guns

Bubba and the guys talk about being on Shannon Burke’s show

Bubba Whoop Ass Wilson was trying to hit on Janessa

Bubba thinks Shannon Burke is “On-Air Aggressive”

Bubba Whoop Ass was trying to get a get out of jail free card


SEG 2:
Hex Head Art


CALLER – Chris from Charleston – loves the show; has internet suggestions

Bubba plays some clips from the T-Less LC Show

CALLER – Marks out to Bubba

Bubba goes to SJL on slate to talk about T-Less LC Show

Bubba makes a saw sing


SEG 3:
Bubba promos BAR

Bubba and the guys talk about FL Man Radio’s event

Bubba says Janessa was all over Matt Morgan

CALLER – Lamar from Ocala – did 8 years in prison

Bubba tries to get back into the T-Less LC Show

Bubba goes to SJL on the slate

Bubba goes into highlights of Lummox’s sports show

CALLER – Derek from NC – Spun out


SEG 4:


CALLER – Matt from Orlando – wants to know when Bubba is doing a show event

Bubba goes into a story about Amber Guyger, an ex-Dallas cop who killed an innocent man after she entered his apartment thinking it was her apartment and shot him thinking he was an intruder

CALLER – comments on cop story

CALLER – Big Hands John – comments on cop story

CALLER – John Paul in Dallas – comments on cop story

CALLER – Bubba’s Cankles – comments on cop story

Bubba goes into a tangent about ‘gold stars’ on driver’s licenses


SEG 5:
Light Stream

CALLER – Steve – Says he has a couple parodies for the show

Bubba plays “Buzz Kill” a parody about Blitz

Bubba plays a parody for SJL

Blitz freaks this guy out when he describes his house

Bubba goes into a story about a guy doing splits during his DUI check

Bubba has the guys try to play the saw

Bubba goes into a few animal videos from Live Leak

Bubba and the guys get into a story about a ban on calling people an “Illegal Alien” in NYC

Bubba and the guys get into a story about Trump wanting a moat filled with gators and snakes with his Border Wall

CALLER – Talks about Lasker

Bubba and the guys talk about a Federal Judge blocking the Georgia abortion ban

Bubba and the guys talk about Amber Guyger; how often do cops have sex with other cops


SEG 6:

Florida Tree Surgeon

Bubba breaks down a cop’s body cam video from Live Leak

CALLER – George from Maryland – marks out to Bubba and Florida Man Radio

CALLER – Chris from Charleston – has some programming suggestions

Bubba and the guys get into a story about a homeless opera singer

Bubba talks about


SEG 7:
Bubba plays the fan-submitted parody for SJL

Bubba promos BAR

CALLER – Brandon The Quad – Talks Carson King

Brandon The Quad tries cutting a liner – meh

CALLER – says he calls Sirius weekly to get the show back on

Bubba says he wants to make Lummox a star

SJL brings Baby the show goat in studio

SJL admits that he broke up with his gf


SEG 8:
Bubba has Lummox and SJL in studio

SJL is allowed in studio tomorrow after the lawyers segment

Lummox will be in studio Friday morning

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