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09-11-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba talks about 9/11; hopes that we aren’t mouth gagged with 9/11 coverage

Bubba talks about being on air until 2PM on 9/11

Bubba and the guys talk about what the were doing and where they were when it happened

Bubba and the guys go through ‘red letter’ days in US History

CALLER – Erin from Kentucky – Brings up Elvis’ death

Bubba talks about Florida Man Radio and AM 820

Bubba wants to do another round of Janessa Citizenship

Bubba and Tuddle comment on Janessa’s outfit

SEG 2:
CALLER – Super Fat Bubba Lite – Sent in a mini pedal bike for the show

Bubba and the guys talk about Florida Man Radio

Bubba and the guys talk about Tuddle’s 60th day of sobriety celebration

Bubba and the guys talk about Tuddle’s previous drinking habits

Bubba and the guys talk about Tuddle’s weird fetishes

Bubba goes through a list of items needed for Tuddle’s window cleaning

Bubba mentions Florida Man Radio

Bubba says he plans on doing 2 Bubba UNsponged shows next week

Bubba plans on doing Ron Capps from NHRA

Bubba plans on doing Opie

SEG 3:
Bubba says Joey Chitwood III is listening right now

Bubba tells a story about being parked near Mike Alstott’s bus at Daytona

Blitz chimes in about Tuddle trying to flimflam Joey Chitwood; Tuddle explains the story

Bubba talks the show’s success on 90.5FM, 98ROCK, and FL Man Radio

Bubba goes through some listener emails

Bubba has Janessa do the Pledge of Allegiance

Bubba reads an email from HH Gary; Bubba hates Gary’s Tuddle Baby Heel Design

SEG 4:

Bubba talks about the show goats

Bubba names the new goat “Hootie 2”

Bubba goes to SJL on the slate to talk about the show gates

SJL gives his show goat updates

Bubba wants SJL to bathe the show goats today

Tuddle explains cleaning a horse’s penis

Tuddle said he’d kiss Hootie II’s testicles


1st – Bubba

2nd – Tuddle

3rd – Janessa

Bubba gets into a story about a man dressed as Elmo touching a girl in NY Time’s Square

Bubba goes into a story about FB/Apps that may predict when people have sex

Bubba and the guys talk period sex

SEG 5:

Light Stream

Bubba talks Brent Hatley; says Brent Hatley is over

Bubba goes into a Brent Concert

Bubba goes into Tuddle’s Mean Tweets

Bubba thinks Tuddle’s tweets were sophomoric and cheap heat

Bubba and the guys get into a story about a man in Nashville aggressively masturbating in front of a woman

Bubba and the guys get into a story about a man who was robbed by a woman named Karma after they met at a casino

Bubba talks about Tampa’s media coverage of his return to the Tampa airwaves

Bubba talks about how people hate him

CALLER – Jersey Rich – comments about the Tampa Bay Times article on Bubba

Bubba goes into a story about a gay jewish man verbally attacked in NY

Bubba goes on a Kardashian/Skim tangent

Bubba and the guys get into a story about homeless people being held against their will by a church; get squirreled

Bubba and the guys talk about Google getting investigated by 48 states over anti-trust allegations

Bubba give Janessa another citizenship pre-test

SEG 6:

Bubba talks about Janessa’s issues with Taurine

CALLER – Alan from Cincinnati – comments on the Janessa citizenship test; comments on Carli Lloyd kicking field goals at Eagles Practice a few weeks back

Bubba and the guys mess with Tuddle over the way he uses his megaphone

Bubba gets into a Brett Favre vortex

Bubba breaks down a clip of Brent on Howard wanting to fight Michael Rappaport

SEG 7:
Hex Head Art

Bubba and the guys talk about sexual allegations surrounding Antonio Brown

Bubba and the guys break down SJL trying to Man Up by cleaning Lummox’s neighbor’s yard

Bubba goes to SJL on slate to talk about goats

SEG 8:

Bubba gets into a story about an Arizona trooper who allegedly sexually abused women; has 61 counts against them

Bubba tries calling a hotline for victims of the Arizona Trooper

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