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09-10-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:

Today is the first day on Florida Man Radio in Orlando

Bubba and Tuddle talk Tuddle’s Teamsters

Bubba talks about being part of Shannon Burke’s show for Florida Man Radio’s launch

Bubba talks about having Hal Boedeker (a writer from the Orlando Sentinel) in studio; talked to him about edging

Janessa admits she doesn’t know what edging is

Bubba seems enamored with her breasts

Janessa talks about her “Boob Stagger”

SEG 2:
Bubba and Tuddle explain edging to Janessa

Tuddle says he’s gone a whole day edging himself

Bubba goes into an email from Tom, Casey’s boyfriend

Bubba tries to go to Blitz; Blitz messes with Bubba since his mic was off last break

Bubba talks about his power being out

Bubba and the guys talk about Tom, Casey’s boyfriend

Caveman thinks Tom and Casey want to mix Tuddle in, Janessa agrees

Bubba finally reads Tom’s email

EMAIL – fan marks out to the show; loved the catfish story from yesterday

Bubba and the guys talk about the catfishing story between Nicole and Gino

EMAIL – marks out to the show, best ofs and new cast

EMAIL – marks out to Bubba and TLC

Bubba talks FL Man Radio visit; Bubba and Shannon acting like a bunch of school girls

SEG 3:

Tuddle goes through who has paid so far in the Tuddle Teamster

EMAIL – Catastrophic is upset that Blitz doesn’t answer him

Blitz explains that he’s just ribbing Catastrophic

Bubba starts going into the Daily Cube; Tuddle interrupts the Daily Cube

Tuddle thinks he has breast cancer

Bubba talks about Bubba199; Janessa says she can’t make it into Bubba199

Bubba says he’d fire Janessa if she misses the show


1st – Bubba

2nd – Janessa

3rd  – Tuddle

SEG 4:
CALLER – Fish On J – Listening to the show via Florida Man Radio

CALLER – Crackhead Joe – Marks out to Bubba and the guys

Bubba and the guys get into a story about two Florida men who pointed guns at McDonald’s employee for a cold hamburger

Bubba and the guys break down a video a couple who fell asleep while their self-driving Tesla was on the road

Bubba thinks Tuddle is a masochist

Janessa says she chews the inside of her mouth

Janessa tells a story about getting burned at the age of 2years old

SEG 5:
Light Stream

CALLER – Peterborough Peter – Says Tuddle is staying with Colton again

Bubba goes to SJL to talk about the show goats

Baby seems to be the booker

SJL says the goats are going up the outside stairway

Bubba brings up Greg Louganis

Bubba wants to do a citizenship test with Janessa tomorrow

Bubba and the guys talk about Tuddle’s 60th day of sobriety celebration

Bubba tries to have Janessa do the Pledge Of Allegiance; fails

Bubba goes through some Citizenship questions with Janessa

Tuddle thinks that Bubba is helping Janessa


Bubba talks about Wendy’s looking to do breakfast; Bubba bails out of the story

Bubba and the guys talk about MNF; Raiders win over Broncos

Bubba and the guys talk about MNF; Saints win over Texans

Bubba and the guys talk about the country’s first LGBT Credit Union based in Michigan

Bubba and the guys talk about a kid who couldn’t get his ‘free lunch;’ guardians are upset

CALLER – Franklin the Mail Man – Marks out to the show

Franklin tells a story about delivering a package to a guy in the ball gag

CALLER – Gloryhole Greg – Bubba hangs up immediately

SEG 6:

Bubba checks Tuddle for his potential breast cancer; Bubba diagnoses Tuddle with Carsinoma

Bubba and the guys get into the Unsigned Band Review

JAREEM – APPROVED – Bubba doesn’t like 2nd song


Faking Solace – APPROVED

SEG 7:
CALLER – Jersey Rich – Comments on Unsigned Band Review

Bubba tries to call Nicole (wife of husband who was catfished) – No Answer

Bubba goes into a story about Alien Fest; Storm Area 51

Bubba mentions Manny Pacquiao’s new crytocurrency; Bubba tries to get Blitz and Tuddle to explain cryptocurrency to him

Bubba and the guys talk about the Noah McAdam’s case; parents lose custody of child after parent’s tried alternative medicine to help with Noah’s leukemia

Bubba goes to SJL on slate to ask him about show goats

Tuddle talks about his issues with Lummox not wanting to re-up with the teamsters

SEG 8:

Bubba and Tuddle talk Thursday Night Football

Bubba and Tuddle talk NFL

Bubba talks about how bad I-4 is

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