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08-23-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:

Janessa is in studio today

Lasker’s been started off on the wrong foot with Bubba this morning

Lasker wants the show is making too many changes

Lasker wants Bubba to stop making so many changes

Lasker thinks that the next man up should be in the studio

Bubba tries to explain his reasoning for bringing Janessa in studio

Lasker walks off the show

Bubba talks about his reasoning for bringing in Janessa

SEG 2:
Bubba talks about the dynamic that Janessa wanted to have coming in

Bubba mentions that she will be in Orlando starting in September

CALLER – Bill from Lake City – has been looking forward to Janessa in studio all week

CALLER – My Balls Hurt So I from Cincinnati – points out Gene does that all the time

CALLER – Dave from Riverview – pro-Bubba

CALLER – Longwood from NJ – thinks Bubba’s made the right decision and thinks everyone needs to burn a time out

Bubba recaps how Gene walked off the show

CALLER – Jerry The Jobber – doesn’t like Janessa being in studio

CALLER – Ken from Jacksonville – pro-Bubba; thinks Tuddle should be in on Fridays

CALLEr – Dan from Belmont Shore – talks about Orlando deal; asks about Comrex situation

SEG 3:
Bubba talks about the guys from JVC getting a hold of him during the break

Bubba talks about Gene Lasker
CALLER – Victoria from SC – pro-Bubba, has been waiting for Janessa to be in studio

CALLER – Mike Z from Pennsylvania – pro-Bubba, supports Janessa in studio

Bubba calls Gene Lasker; goes right to voicemail

Emails – comments on the daily cube

Emails – comments on Janessa joining the show

Bubba calls Tuddle; wakes him up

Bubba talks about ‘Florida Man’ radio station by JVC

SEG 4:

CALLER – Carol from Brooksville – Supports Bubba having Janessa in studio

CALLER – Jamie from Ohio – Has comments on Lasker vs. Janessa

CALLER – Lisa’s 2 Fisted Cul De Sac – Pro-Bubba, loves Janessa

CALLER – Mike from Naples – Pro-Bubba, comments on Gene

Bubba calls Shannon Burke

Shannon didn’t hear Lasker walk off

Shannon thinks Lasker is a little bitch

Bubba and Shannon break down Lasker walking off the show

Bubba and Shannon talk about the new Florida Man radio station

Bubba and Janessa has been watching Schitt’s Creek


1st – Janessa

2nd – Bubba – DQ’d

SEG 5:

For Hims

Bubba talks about the email that he received from Shane at JVC

Bubba goes into a story about a Hillsborough deputies arrest 12-year-old for Snapchat threat

CALLER – Mike from CT – has comments on Lasker walking out; Lasker seems like a liability

Bubba talks about Lasker leaving

CALLER – Nathan from Ontario – has comments on Janessa

Bubba talks about getting the show goats

Bubba gets into a story about a woman putting their dog in the trunk after the animal shelter wouldn’t take her dog

CALLER – Bob from St. Pete – thinks Bubba will screw up the goat situation
Bubba gets into a story about a man who stole a rare $17K dog from Seminole County breeder

CALLER – DR from Ocala – Talks about service mini horses on airplanes

CALLER – David from Mississippi – Marks out to Janessa

CALLER – Matt from California – Marks out to Bubba

Bubba pontificates about mini horses on airplanes

Bubba gets into a story about Miley Cyrus saying she was fired from Hotel Transylvania due to a penis cake

CALLER – Scout – Pro-Bubba

CALLER – Bob from NJ – Marks out to Bubba

Bubba talks about Gene walking out; plays clip of Gene walking out

SEG 6:

Bubba has a poll put on FB/Twitch/Twitter

CALLER – Chris from Charleston – Pro-Bubba

Bubba talks about Florida Man Radio

CALLER – Brent from Charleston – Pro-Bubba

Bubba plays a video of a guy licking ice cream at the grocery story; cops are still searching for the guy

CALLER – Peterborough Peter – Marks out; suggest Bubba grow a beard

CALLER – Drunk Kim – Marks out to Janessa; wants to give out some lady’s tank tops

Bubba gets into a story about a Larry Bird Mural

CALLER – from Michigan marks out to Janessa Brazil

SEG 7:

Light Stream

Bubba recaps the Lasker drama from earlier today

CALLER – Tessy from Land O’ Lakes – has questions about the year end royalty party

Bubba asks Janessa about R. Kelly; plays R. Kelly’s ‘Coming To America’ concert video

CALLER – Scott Ledger – Marks out to Bubba and Shannon Burke

SEG 8:

Bubba talks about the new affiliate in Orlando

CALLER – Blind Troy – Wants to bury the hatchet; says he’s in school to become a stock broker

Bubba calls Tuddle to confirm that he will be going

Bubba breaks down what happened with Lasker with Tuddle

Bubba has to call Tuddle back to talk about the new Orlando affiliate

Bubba marks out to Martha Sugalski

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