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08-12-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba’s nexgen crapped out on him when he hit the show’s intro

Bubba restarts the show opening

Bubba has to aloe himself; forgot to do so before the show

Amanda is in studio today for her second on-air interview

Amanda doesn’t like that she that to be up early; says she went to bed at 10PM

Bubba talks about binging ‘Killer Ratings’ on Netflix

Amanda talks about her favorite shows to binge

Bubba thinks he needs to get his hair done

Tuddle took his mom to see ‘The Kitchen’ this weekend

Bubba admits that he doesn’t like to snuggle; puts a pillow wall in between him and his partner

Bubba and the guys talk about pooping in front of their significant others

Amanda calls Bubba out for picking his nose; says her husband would try to touch her after he’d pick his nose

SEG 2:

Bubba talks about the hot mic segment

Bubba and the guys were talking about their parents’ sex toys and porn mags

Amanda talks about finding sex toys in her parent’s room

Tuddle talks about finding a ski mask, dildo and a rusty revolver in his parent’s room

Bubba thinks Tuddle’s parents were playing ‘intruder’

Bubba talks about getting shot while playing ‘intruder’

Bubba and Tuddle talk about the ins and outs of ‘intruder’

Amanda says ‘guacamole’ was her safe word

Bubba thinks that Amanda is going to get back with her husband

Amanda talks about her relationship with her husband

Amanda says she’s never played the ‘intruder’ game

Bubba and Tuddle talk about the ins and outs of the ‘intruder’ game

Amanda talks about enacting ‘guacamole’

Bubba and everyone talk about sexual pain games

CALLER – Jason from PTBO – says women pick boogers for them

EMAIL – guy is sending some NYPD caps to the studios for the boys

Tuddle talks about all the new content Bubba put up on YouTube

Amanda talks about going to a birthday party on Saturday

SEG 3:

Bubba talks about his internet woes

Bubba and the guys get into the Daily Cube

1st – Bubba

2nd – Amanda

3rd – Tuddle

Donkeyteeth bought a bunch of windscreens for the BRN mics

Amanda talks about her hotel date with her husband

Amanda is getting a purple windscreen

Tuddle gets a yellow windscreen

Bubba teases that he plans on talking about the Epstein suicide

Bubba plans on going to the Clem Gym today; offers Amanda to work out at the Clem Gym

Tuddle suggests that Amanda role plays as a hooker with her husband on Thursday

Bubba wants to stream Amanda at the Clem Gym; Blitz “I’ll be in my office”

SEG 4:

Bubba asks Amanda about what her friends thought when she said to them that she’d be on the show

Amanda talks about a friend telling her to be cautious when coming on the show

Amanda’s husband isn’t all that happy about her coming on the show

Bubba talks about a fan who had Cracker Barrel cater to the studio

Bubba talks about Jeffrey Epstein

Bubba goes into a story about speeding on the highway

Tuddle asks Bubba what we should do when he dies; should the show continue?

SEG 5:

Light Stream

Bubba warns Amanda about chat

Bubba and Amanda talk about her makeup

Bubba and the guys talk about their hair downstairs

Bubba gets into an eyelash tangent

Bubba goes to SJL on the slate to see if he brushed his teeth

For some reason the slate is not working…

Bubba wants Amanda to makeup on him

Bubba talks about putting a burka on Amanda

Bubba asks Tuddle about Tuddle moving in with Lummox

Amanda says she has a room open at her place now that her daughter is leaving

Bubba talks about Tuddle filming himself masturbating

Bubba talks about the legalities of possessing child porn of himself

Bubba calls Kevin Hayslett to ask about possessing child porn of yourself

Tuddle talks about his weekend in Volusia

Tuddle tried to get a hold of Casey multiple times to meet up; nothing happened

Amanda mentioned taking Tuddle to her friend’s party; Amanda will be Tuddle’s ‘Wing Woman’

Amanda says she will talk up Tuddle to her friends

Amanda wants to take Tuddle shopping and wants to give Tuddle a makeover

Bubba tells a story about helping an old lady out when he went to brunch at his new favorite place Christino’s

Bubba talks about what he did over the weekend

Bubba asks Amanda about a conversation she had with her daughter

Tuddle asks Amanda about her daughter’s vag score

Amanda says her girlfriends talk about sex and penises all the time

Amanda talks about one of her friend’s getting an ‘O Shot’
Tuddle abruptly brings up that her mom had a nightmare

SEG 6:

Bubba talks about Amanda’s weekend

Amanda talks about her friend who had the ‘O Shot’

Amanda said that she would not hook up any of her friends with Tuddle and Bubba

Bubba and Tuddle talk about their sexual prowess

Bubba explains the ‘Gorilla position’

Tuddle talks about the nightmare that his mom had

Tuddle’s mom dreamt about Tuddle’s dad in the shower with Bi Boy

Bubba and Tuddle discuss the hobo fish camp possibly being a hotbed for swingers

Amanda’s mom keeps trying to chime in via Amanda

SEG 7:


Bubba and Amanda talk about Amanda’s mom, Sharon

Bubba asks Amanda if she talks sex with her mom

Tuddle asks Bubba who taught him about sex

Bubba talks about the 2 Finger Cul De Sac Jones technique to Amanda

Amanda admits that she can ‘squirm’ with only her husband

Tuddle admits he’s never been able to make a woman ‘squirm’

Amanda thinks Bubba should teach Tuddle how to make a woman ‘squirm’

Tuddle brings up things Bubba has done to Tuddle

CALLER – TARA – says she doesn’t always talk about sex

Bubba asks Tara if she is a ‘squirmer’

CALLER – MS Michelle – says Amanda has been killing it today

Bubba continues to try to broker sex between MS Michelle and Tuddle

SEG 8:

Bubba talks about Amanda’s performance today

Amanda plugs her CBD company

You Win Nothing for CBD Prize Pack

WINNER – Cable Dawg 66

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