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08-08-2019 Terrestrial Show

*Due to technical issues there will not be a FULL show file today*


SEG 1:
Bubba thinks the week is dragging ass

Bubba couldn’t send out and ‘ME-mails’ last night

Bubba’s internet went down yesterday

Bubba called Frontier and they will not be able to send a rep out until Tuesday

Bubba wants to call Gene to see if he is coming in tomorrow; phones aren’t working

Bubba has to reset the phones


SEG 2:
Bubba talks about Bubba UNsponged

Blitz watched the ULA space launch during the break

Bubba and the guys talk about the red tape that goes into launching stuff into space

Bubba pontificates about who ‘owns space’

Bubba and the guys talk about space trash; space trash pick up

Bubba and the guys talk about the International Space Station

CALLER – Tony – Thinks the rocket crashed; Bubba talks to Tony via CB

Bubba calls Lasker to see if he’s coming in studio tomorrow

Bubba promos that Tony Stewart will be on Bubba UNsponged next week

Bubba talks about a pre-interview he had with another potential female candidate

CALLER – Catastrophic – tells Bubba he can set his phone as a hotspot

Catastrophic explains that he has neuropathy of the groin

Bubba promos Regina and Babyface are coming in at 7AM


SEG 3:

Bubba talks about the BRN Royalty Rings

Bubba and the guys pontificate on what the Royalty Rings should include

Bubba gets into emails

Pat from the Tampa Theatre put Bubba’s Twitch on the Marquee

Bubba talks to Tuddle about the Twitch fans wanting Tuddle/Colton to do nuts to butts

Bubba talks about dealing with Twitter Trolls yesterday

Bubba talks about Allison Wruk a female who is interested in becoming Bubba’s new co-host

Bubba plays some of her clips


SEG 4:
Babyface in studio

Regina isn’t in studio today; she’s sick

Bubba and the guys talk Impossible Burgers and Forbici

Bubba and the guys talk about people being up in arms over Burger King grilling up their Impossible Burgers on the same grills as their regular burgers/chicken sandwiches

Bubba and the guys talk the environment

Babyface talks about his stance on sustainability… its way too early for this stuff.

Bubba thinks that the ocean is overrated

Babyface asks Bubba how he thinks he’ll die; Bubba is convinced that he is going to be ‘sniped’

Bubba goes back into talking about the Impossible Burger

Bubba asks Babyface about what he felt about Amanda; ‘she’s lucky she’s hott’

Daily Cube

1st – Brian

2nd – Tuddle

3rd – Bubba

SEG 5:


Bubba points out how Babyface wears his headphones
CALLER – Carl from Ft. Myers – thinks Bubba should put Pookie on the side of the rings

Bubba calls Lasker to see if he’s coming in tomorrow; leaves VM

Bubba says Lasker hates Tuddle; Tuddle runs off a lot of people

Bubba and the guys talk Pizza Hut closing over 500 sit-in locations

Bubba and the guys talk about some of their favorite pizza places

Bubba and the guys pontificate on what Colton is actually into

Bubba goes through what everyone on the show is into…

Colton is pretty much into motorcycles and MILFS

Tuddle brings up how SJL steals soda from the movie theaters

Bubba is upset with SJL for not brushing his teeth

NEW RULES FOR SJL – Right when the show opens SJL must brush his teeth in the kitchen or he will be fired

Bubba and the guys make their predictions on when SJL will screw up

Bubba and the guys get into the different apps that kids use behind their parents’ backs

Bubba and the guys talk about a dog that fell out of a building and onto a car’s sunroof

Bubba gets into a story about a father who mixed flavoring with bleach, fed it to his daughter

Babyface left the studio and came back slamming the door

Bubba and the guys heard the door slam; Babyface said fans did not hear the door slam

Blitz puts a poll up to see if the fans heard the door slam

Babyface tries leaving the studio; Bubba hunts him down with an airsoft


SEG 6:

Light Stream

Bubba stops his endorsement because Tuddle is on his phone

Tuddle says Colton texted him stories

Bubba is looking for a fan who is a Frontier rep; Bubba really needs his internet fixed

Bubba plays a clip that proves that Babyface slammed the door

Bubba wonders if shooting Babyface would be considered assault

Bubba tries calling Kevin Hayslett; gets voice mail

CALLER – Peg Leg – Has some cable company advice

Bubba calls Babyface; Bubba plays the clip showing that Babyface slammed the door

Bubba tells Babyface to jack up his car radio; Bubba proceeds to hit the train horn

Bubba says Dr. Diaco would take a shot better than Babyface

Bubba plays a video Colton took of Tuddle’s feet

Bubba thinks that Tuddle’s feet look fungled; Tuddle is getting butthurt

Tuddle tries to reverse the heat onto Bubba about how bad his feet look


SEG 7:


Bubba talks about possibly putting a crescent moon on the side of the ring

Tuddle is still upset about Bubba talking about his foot fungus

Tuddle was acting bitchy to the chat during the hot mic

Tuddle says maybe he shouldn’t have brought this content to the table

Bubba brings up that even Deion spoke about creating content with his family during yesterday’s Bubba UNsponged

Bi-Boy grabbed some content; recorded a homeless man

Bi-Boy admits that he walks around the house pantsless
Bubba and Blitz discuss the possibility of putting a glitter bomb in the dumpster

Bubba gets into a story about a 36yr old female teacher who had sex with a 15yr old girl getting jail time

Bubba talks about the Home Alone reboot; Macaulay Culkin posted a pic mocking a ‘Home Alone’ reboot


SEG 8:

Bubba talks about yesterday’s Hex Head giveaway

Bubba talks about the BRP races this weekend

Bubba and the guys talk about doing the Big Girl Nationals this year

Bubba calls Lasker to check to see if he’s coming in; Lasker is still in court

CALLER – MS Michelle – Bubba and Tuddle plan on filming while they crank Michelle down

MS Michelle talks about her issues with Twitch

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