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08-05-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:

Bubba says he may have a new affiliate that wants to replay the show in the afternoons

Tuddle asks Bubba if he’s ever done an Afternoon Drive time slot; duh…. On Sirius

Bubba mentions the Dayton and El Paso shootings

Bubba says there is a study showing that there has been 250 mass shootings in the US

Bubba talks about Mexico threatening to sue the US over the El Paso shootings; involved 9 Mexican nationals

Tuddle suggests that the US implements a draft system to pick the best of the best from each country

Bubba and the guys talk about the immigration process

Blitz brings up how people register at gyms to just use the shower because they don’t have a place to live

Bubba says he accidentally dialed 911 as he got into work

Bubba talks about going to lunch with the boys yesterday; Blitz busts Bubba’s balls over not being invited to lunch

SEG 2:

Bubba and the guys talk about Tom Brady’s contract extension

Bubba talks about the big meeting he had in Orlando

Bubba and the guys talk about the new theme park Universal is developing

Bubba talks about the terrible traffic on his way back from Orlando

Bubba and the guys talk about going to Orlando theme parks

Bubba and the guys get into the Dayton mass shooting

The Dayton shooter had a kill list and a rape list; Tuddle says he had a kill list

Bubba wants to have Tuddle go through his kill list next break

SEG 3:
Bubba talks about all the new content on YouTube

Bubba talks about the meeting he had in Orlando

Bubba says he sabotaged himself; Burke probably got the job

Bubba talks about Amanda, a female co-host auditioning tomorrow morning

CALLER – Mike from CT – Has questions about Bubba’s new roommate

Tuddle mentions that he is trying to get his wife in studio

SEG 4:

Bubba and Caveman talk about the new “The Crazy True Story Behind The Hogan Sex Tape” vidoe posted on the show’s YouTube

Bubba gets into audio of Boned & Stoned; Bi-boy’s pregnancy scare

SJL’s girlfriend tried pranking him by saying she was pregnant

Bubba talks about SJL’s lack of brushing/person hygiene

Bubba goes to SJL on slate

Pat the Union Rep tries to find the bright side

Bubba mandates that SJL needs to brush his teeth every morning

Bubba gets into the Daily Cube

Tuddle – 1st

Bubba – 2nd

SEG 5:
Palm Harbor Piping

CALLER – Joe from Montana – asks if Bubba has ever thought about using Patreon

Bubba and the guys break down the El Paso mass shooting

Bubba and the guys break down a viral video of a dude getting his ass beaten for spitting a guy in the subway

Bubba gets into a story about Victoria’s Secret hiring a transgender model

Bubba breaks down the video of the French inventor using a hoverboard to cross the English Channel

Bubba plays a video of a guy who had to make an emergency landing on a highway

Bubba gets into a story about a guy who found out his mom’s dead body was used in military ‘blast testing’

Bubba gets into a story about an intoxicated mom who left her young children in a hot car

Bubba talks about his buddy TJ repoing cars; Bubba talks about a car that TJ repoed that was absolutely disgusting

Bubba goes to SJL on slate; SJL got stranded on the highway

SEG 6:
Bubba plans on doing a Hex Head Art giveaway to 98Rock listeners

Bubba talks about all the new content on YouTube

Bubba plays a video of Lummox giving a tour of his new place

Bubba plays a video of SJL at Tampa Bay Comic Con

Bubba and the guys get into a story about a dude who knowingly spread HIV; got 10 years

Bubba and Tuddle saw Hobbs & Shaw; Tuddle saw it over the weekend

Bubba goes over the trailer for ‘The Irishman’

Bubba ponders what it would be like to know his ‘death date’

SEG 7:


CALLER – D.R. from Ocala – thinks there should be a pool on whether or not Bubba will have sex with his new co-host

Bubba talks about his potential new co-host Amanda

Tuddle seems threatened by the new potential co-host; Tuddle takes some shots at Amanda

Bubba wants Tuddle to calm the F down

Bubba thinks that there is a 60-40 chance that Amanda is the ‘right’ person for the job

Bubba says he has two other women coming in studio for auditions

SJL vs. Bi Boy arm wrestling rematch

Bi-Boy wins right handed

SJL wins left handed

SEG 8:

Bubba tries calling Amanda; leaves voicemail

Bubba replays the call

Bubba talks about the Radio Hall Of Fame

Bubba gives his radio Radio Mt. Rushmore

Bubba is the Pete Rose of radio

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