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08-01-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba promos that Tom & Dan will be in studio later today

Tuddle explains the origins of Tom & Dan’s podcast empire

Bubba asks Tuddle if Tom & Dan’s show is his ‘backup plan;’ Tuddle says No

Bubba talks about his ‘backup plans’

Bubba talks about Friday’s Bubba 199; wants Blitz to put up a poll to see what type of show the fans want

Bubba talks about going to the emergency clinic last night because of his ear issues

Bubba and Blitz talk about the ins and outs of ear wax candles

SEG 2:

Bubba promos Tom & Dan

Tom & Dan are 20mins out


Bubba and Tuddle talk about how Bubba was pissed off at Tuddle yesterday

Tuddle talks about Tom & Dan’s backgrounds

Tom has a business background and Dan is good at production

Bubba wants to pit Tom & Dan against one another to steal one of them away from their duo

Bubba says the show goats are on delay; Trek cannot provide the goats now

Bubba says he is still looking for show goats though

Tuddle gets into a story about Colton’s dog eating the family’s dinner last night

Bubba wants to go over the potential show goats and wants them to do the daily cube

SEG 3:

Tom & Dan are in studio

Tom & Dan talk about their start in radio

Tom & Dan talk about ‘touching tips’

Bubba & Dan get into some ‘Op Talk’

Bubba plays an old school news cast featuring Bubba and other old school ‘shock jocks’

Bubba has Dan wear some of his jewelry

Bubba plays more of the old school news cast

Bubba talks about sexual geometry

Bubba talks about one of his FCC fines; Scooby Doo cartoon

Tom says that bits and talks breaks from Bubba’s show led to memos warning radio people in Orlando on what not to do

Bubba talks about some radio industry and history

Bubba talks about his start into radio with Scary Kerry Gray

Bubba explains how Scary Kerry Gray was going to work for Bubba before he passed away

Bubba talks about the origins of his radio name

Bubba plays a clip from Rain Man involving Scary Kerry Gray

Bubba explains how Scary Kerry Gray passed away

SEG 4:

Bubba, Tom & Dan pontificate about Bubba being part of Two Wife Crew

Light Stream

Tom & Dan talk about their wives’ show ‘Two Wife Crew’

Tom & Dan talk about their families

Bubba and the guys talk about the ins and outs of podcasting

Bubba & Tuddle do Cheap Sweeps for Tom & Dan

Bubba and the guys get into their Daily Cube

Tom & Dan do a Daily Cube sweeps

Bubba and the guys finally get into their Daily Cubes

1st – Bubba

2nd – Tuddle

3rd – Dan

4th – Tom

Bubba wants Tom & Dan to help him in picking his show goats

SEG 5:

Bubba showed Tom & Dan the back forty of the BRN

Bubba and the guys go through some potential radio goats

Bubba and the guys discuss the possibility of getting sponsorship


Bubba and the guys peruse the Tampa Bay goat market

Bubba gets into a story about former Pittsburgh Steeler Merril Hoge suing Monsanto

Bubba and the guys talk some of the top podcast guys in the industry

Bubba and the guys talk radio industry

Bubba asks Tom & Dan about how others in radio perceive him

SEG 6:


Bubba and the guys talk Margaret Sugaslki

Bubba plays Tom & Dan’s parody for Margaret Sugalski

Bubba calls Shannon Burke; Shannon’s been listening to the show intently

Bubba and the guys talk about pig in the blanket actions

Bubba and the guys talk about a Hogan Sex Tape musical

Bubba and the guys pontificate about their penis sizes

Tom talks about the craziest stunts he’s ever had

Bubba and the guys talk about Tuddle’s stunt game

SEG 7:

Bubba and the guys talk about broadcasting high

Bubba wants to give Tom & Dan some gummies and have them do a few shows high

Bubba wants to get audio of the Tom & Dan high show

Dan agrees that he will do a show high; Tom is afraid to do a show high

SEG 8:
Bubba tries having Tom & Dan do the rejoin; falls flat

Blitz got Papa Johns

Tom talks about possibly climbing the stripper pole

Tom & Dan discuss the possibility of a niche market of 90s shock jock podcasts

Dan tells a story about Carrot Top

CALLER – Jason from Seminole – marks out; loves Bubba with Tom & Dan

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