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07-11-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba is running behind; has been working like a mad man all morning
Bubba talks to Caveman about using Royalty Free music
Bubba popped hard on the previously; replays it
Bubba says he may need to drop ‘good morning’ because other markets are interested in replaying the show during different parts of the day
Bubba and the guys pontificate on Bubba possibly moving to a different market; possibly doing a one man show
Bubba talks about using Royalty Free music
Bubba talks about the success of the show’s YouTube
Bubba and Tuddle go over his stenciled cube
Bubba says he wants to make everyone happy; Blitz shows emotion and blows Bubba some kisses
Bubba comments about how Blitz may be a stiff lover; Tuddle thinks Blitz is a sensual lover

SEG 2:
Bubba plays the Super Creep music video
For Hims
Red Line
Bubba wants to do a YouTube show dedicated to cutting liners
Tuddle suggests that the show does a contest to find the next great BRN V/O Person
Bubba points out that its 7/11 Day; Bubba wants to send the interns out to get everyone slushees multiple times
Bubba, Tuddle and Caveman want Cherry
Blitz wants Blue Raspberry
Bubba and Tuddle go into their Daily Cubes; Bubba wins
Bubba talks about his relationship with his stepdad
Bubba wants to start golfing with his stepdad every Monday after the show
Bubba plays a clip of him playing golf with his Jeff
Bubba covers some of the new videos being released on YouTube
Bubba and Tuddle talk about how people were full hot over the Tuddle/Lummox kiss

SEG 3:
Bubba plays Ned’s live performance of ‘Fat Guy’
Light Stream
Bubba tries to go to the phones; phones need to be reset
Red Line
Bubba touches on the Manson situation
Tuddle sent Bubba a video of Lummox looking like a fool and celebrating
Tuddle and Colton say that Lummox has bed bugs
Bubba wants to ask Dr. Diaco how to de-bed bug Lummox
Bubba plays the video of
Bubba goes into a story about a short guy at a bagel shop going on a tirade
Bubba teases a story about a woman who died from a metal straw going through her eye

SEG 4:
Bubba plays the music video for ‘Weird Thoughts’
Palm Harbor Piping
CALLER – Wants to know when we will be back on YouTube
CALLER – Justin from Ft. Myers – Loves the show on YouTube
Bubba gets into the story about a woman who died from a metal straw going through her eye
Bubba tries getting into the ESPY’s; gets click baited and lost the story
Bubba gets into a story about Sarasota business owners battle public urination by homeless
Bubba wants to go down to Sarasota and reach out to one of the homeless guys from the story

SEG 5:
Bubba plays Manson’s ‘I’m Jesus Christ’
Bubba talks about all the new content to the show’s YouTube
Bubba talks about Twitch; this week’s Friday Night Dance Party
Bubba plays Tuddle’s interview of Keith Thurman at his Press Day
Bubba plays his BK taco review
Bubba promos the Diacos will be in studio next

SEG 6:
Diacos are in studio
Bubba and the Diacos talk about Jeff Gigante’s Forbici
Dan pokes Bubba in the chest; Dan says that Bubba couldn’t hold him down for 10seconds while Dan is on his back
Bubba and Dan plan on doing a mini wrestling match the next time The Diacos are in studio
Bubba wants the drop of Dr. Dan saying ‘on my back’
Bubba and The Diacos talk about medical marijuana
Bubba plays the clip proving that Dr. Dan said he’d get out of Bubba from his back
CALLER – Jimmy Clevis gives his official ruling on whether or not Dan said he 32mins
Bubba offers Dr. Dan 20seconds; Dr. Dan says 10seconds will be ok (34mins)
Jay says he has a video of Dr. Dan trying to make pizzas up in NJ
CALLER – Gary from NJ – Comments on the Bubba/Dr. Dan wrestling
Bubba and the Diacos go over a story about a woman who died getting plastic surgery in Dominican Republic
Bubba and the Diacos talk about the payouts of Thurman vs. Pacquiao 47mins in
Possible High Spot 50MINS IN
CALLER – Scott FTE – Marks out to Bubba
Bubba shirt ‘I’m in the middle of fat reduction’

SEG 7:
Bubba plays a clip from ‘Suburbian Todd’
Bubba talks about how Jay & Dan Diaco ‘out cored’ Mocha Prince
Bubba goes to Mocha Prince on slate to ask him about losing the ‘core off’
Bubba wants Mocha Prince to do a shirtless pose down; Tuddle points out that it’s probably a bad idea to have interns do shirtless pose downs
Bubba mentions a story about gas prices rising due to possible storms
Bubba and the guys talk about different grades of gasoline; what if Bubba put racing fuel in the smart car
Bubba gets into some of the ESPY’s 13min in ‘dont rely on me for nothing’
Bubba replays the Previously
Bubba gets into a story about a Florida deputy arrested for planting drugs faces 100 years in prison
Bubba gets into a story about a court saying President Trump blocking Twitter critics is unconstitutional
Bubba goes into a story about police waring drivers who grabbed $175K that spilled onto I-285 to turn in money

SEG 8:
Bubba accidentally broke his horn blaster button
Red Line Oil
Bubba play you win nothing
Iggy McGillicutty Wins

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