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07-03-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba says he hit the snooze multiple times

Tuddle asks Bubba if he’s been wearing a different cologne; says Bubba smells different lately… good different

Bubba says he’s been using a different type of powder on his testicles and has been using different lotions lately

Bubba has Tuddle give a freshness ranking of the guys in the BRN

Bubba is the freshest

Bi Boy is the least fresh

Bubba goes to Bi Boy on slate; Bi Boy says he is a little hungover and freshly sexed

Bubba asks if Bi Boy would allow him to marry Bi Boy and Monte

Bi Boy talks about how his mom is trolling him on social media; she’s very homophobic

Bubba backfills the audience with Bi Boy’s background

Bi Boy says his mom talks about him nicely in public but privately she’s a bitch

Bubba offers Bi Boy and SJL their own show

Bubba goes to SJL on the slate; talks about SJL and Bi Boy show

Tuddle points out that SJL only wears Bubba hand-me-downs

Tuddle says SJL doesn’t know what photosynthesis

Bubba keeps thinking that Bi Boy’s bf is a clown; he’s a costummer

SJL and Bi Boy will start next week

Twich chat asks Tuddle about Lummox’s smell; surprisingly he doesn’t smell too fishy

Bubba and the guys talk about being the guy catching/cleaning fish

Bubba promos Top 5, Tuddle’s Mean Tweets, Casey’s call and Tuddle/Lummox kiss


SEG 2:

Bubba promos that he will be calling Casey about Tuddle possibly getting an ass pass

Bubba backfills the audience with Casey/Tuddle’s relationship

Bubba gives Tuddle advice on how to gimmick himself up

Bubba talks about the Rays winning last night; Charlie Morton had 12 Ks

Blitz chimes in, says that the Rays scored 6 runs which means a deal from Papa Johns

Blitz hates on the Papa Johns wings

Bubba and the guys go over their daily cubes; Manson wins the cube game

Blitz ‘that was your daily cube update, pew pew’

SEG 3:

Bubba plays the Super Creep music video

Bubba asks Caveman and Tuddle about the Best Ofs

Bubba plays a throwback video of Brent Hatley vs. Royce Gracie

Bubba wants to release the video on YouTube; Caveman points out that we should release the video when we don’t have live content

SEG 4:

Bubba and the guys talk about

CALLER – Dan – wants to give his BRN Royalty ring to be donated to the members of the military


CALLER – Stoner Josh – wants to know what’s going with Bubba; wants to hear some good news from Bubba

Stoner Josh says Kevin Hayslett had some good drops while telling a story about working undercover with the police; Colton should have grabbed the drops

Bubba debuts Manson’s new song ‘His Chin Jutts Out’ (Tub Thumping parody)

Bubba calls Casey to talk about Tuddle’s Ass Pass; goes straight to voice mail

Bubba calls Casey again; she picks up

Casey is cool with giving Tuddle a 5 day ass pass for this long weekend

Tuddle describes a scenario with Casey that involves a chicken

Bubba and the guys try to coach up Tuddle on how to take Casey

CALLER – Says he hates SJL; bring Trace back


SEG 5:

Bubba plays ‘His Chin Jutts Out’

Hex Head Art

CALLER – DR from Ocala – says Tuddle needs to be a man and take Casey

CALLER – Farva – wants to know about how to get food

Bubba gets into Tuddle’s ‘Mean Tweets;’ Bubba gets sidetracked with

Tuddle brings up that Russ Rollins took ass away from him; Tuddle says he screwed a fiddle player that Russ ended up taking from him

Bubba gets back into Tuddle’s ‘Mean Tweets’

Bubba gets into the Top 5 Countdown

#5 Luke Combs – Beer’s Never Broke My Heart – APPROVED

#4 Blanco Brown – The Git Up – APPROVED

#3 Morgan Wallen – Whiskey Glasses – NOT APPROVED

#2 Lee Brice – Rumor – NOT APPROVED

#1 Blake Shelton – God’s Country – NOT APPROVED

Bubba goes into story about Lee Iacocca passing; Manson didn’t know he was still alive


SEG 6:

Bubba plays ‘His Chin Jutts Out’

For Hims

Scott Ferrall’s dad passed last night; Bubba sends his condolences

Bubba gets into talking about his dad; Bubba sent Doug some ‘Doug Clem Army T-Shirts’ and Doug sent them back to Bubba

Bubba’s dad sent Bubba and Tyler some t-shirts

Bubba reads a handwritten letter from Doug Clem; Bubba’s dad is stiff

Bubba talks about Doug Clem being a jokester but didn’t like the joke being on him

Tuddle suggests getting Doug Clem a Hex Head 18mins in


SEG 7:

CALLER – Mike from California – Says Rover’s Morning Glory was talking crap about Bubba

Blitz throws the ‘Do You Like Bubba’ poll

Bubba promos the Friday Night Dance Party

Palm Harbor Piping

CALLER – Matt from Wichita – Sirius Bits

Bubba ask Lummox about Friday night dance party

Bubba ask Colton if he is coming, he will be there

Tuddle snitches on Lummox about Luna-Lily the Twitch Sub

Bubba says bring me the phone with the pictures

Bubba tells a story of Lummox messing with a MILF when her son was playing AAU baseball

Bubba gets into a story about a drag queen story time receiving threats over social media

SEG 8:
Bubba plays ‘His Chin Jutts Out’

Bubba promos Season 2 of Tuddle Talks (July 8th)

Bubba has 2 stacks of hundreds (in $1 bills) for Tuddle and Lummox

Tuddle and Lummox kiss; SJL screws up by blocking the camera with a remote mic

Bubba has Tuddle direct SJL and Lummox kissing

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