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07-02-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba popped on the Previously

Bubba talks about Alvin Harper and the dropsies

Bubba and the guys go over their daily cubes

Bubba asks Tuddle how he’s feeling after watching the Buds & Suds Tallahassee videos yesterday

Tuddle says he wants to slow down on the drinking after this past weekend

Bubba wants to see how long Tuddle can go without drinking

Tuddle says he has been reading about alcoholism

Tuddle doesn’t like the thumbnail chosen for the Buds & Suds Tallahassee Trip videos; Caveman was the one who set it up

Bubba talks about YouTube numbers

Bubba plays a clip from one of the Buds & Suds Tallahassee videos

Bubba asks Tuddle about Tuddle kissing Lummox

Tuddle wants to go over Lummox readjusting himself

Tuddle brings up that Lummox may have been on a viagra

Bubba asks Tuddle about his drunkest moment; Tuddle says it was when Bubba made him read bad stuff about everyone on air and then passed out in the green room

SEG 2:
Bubba plays LJ’s music video for Super Creep

Bubba talks about social media numbers

Blitz asks about the next time the show will be on the front page of twitch; Bubba received an email from the show’s Twitch Rep. saying that the show will get on the front page in 8 weeks

Blitz says he’s never involved in the emails; everyone piles on about wanting to be on the emails

Bubba plays more clips from Buds & Suds in Tallahassee; Lummox seems to be aroused by Tuddle

Bubba teases the a story about Angel’s Pitcher Tyler Skaggs found dead

SEG 3:

Palm Harboring Piping

Bubba and the guys talk Led Zeppelin and Greta Van Fleet

CALLER – Lummox – calls in to confirm that he can be at this week’s Friday Night Dance Party

Bubba asks Lummox about Colton being at the Friday Night Dance Party; Lummox says he spoke with Colton last night about it

Bubba plays a little Greta Van Fleet; Bubba and the guys talk Greta Van Fleet and the rock genre

Bubba asks Lummox about him possibly being aroused by Tuddle while in Tallahassee

Bubba wants to know about Lummox and Tuddle’s possible relationship

Bubba and Manson talks about how much it would take for them to kiss; Manson says $7,500 Bubba says the same

Bubba thinks that tongues are gender neutral

Bubba asks Tuddle and Lummox if they would want to kiss; Tuddle and Lummox want some type of prize

Tuddle says that he won’t kiss for anything under $100

Twitch chat wants the Tuddle/Lummox makeout to occur when Gene Lasker is in studio; Bubba vetoed that idea

Tuddle wants to know who would be the ‘man’ and the ‘woman’ in the kiss

Twitch chat clonks the idea of the Tuddle/Lummox kiss

Bubba asks about Tuddle/Lummox kissing in the past; Lummox admits that they kissed no less than 5 times during their trip to Tallahassee

Blitz puts a poll up whether or not Tuddle and Lummox should kiss

Tuddle and Lummox agree to kiss tomorrow at 9:50AM to close out the show

Bubba asks Lummox whether or not he messed around with Colton’s sister or not; Lummox gives a Calta-like answer

Bubba wants to know what happened between Lummox and Colton’s sister during the Tallahassee trip

Lummox says Tuddle has been texting him throughout the call

Tuddle says Lummox is full of crap and that he may be ruining his living situation

SEG 4:

For Hims

Jeff from Touch Vodka came by the studio to drop more delicious Touch Vodka

Bubba is missing his chicken salad from his Mike’s order; SJL admits to eating Bubba’s food

Bubba plays a clip from President Trump on Tucker

Bubba and the guys comment on Trump’s weird posture; Trump looks like he has a huge ass

Bubba compares Trump’s ass to that of a silverback gorilla’s ass

SEG 5:

Bubba plays Manson’s ‘Casey’

Palm Harbor Piping

Bubba says he has a good feeling that the show will catch a break

Bubba and the guys talk about Angel’s Pitcher Tyler Skaggs being found dead in his hotel room


SEG 6:

Bubba promos Buds & Suds and Cluster F

Bubba promos Bubba’s Friday Night Dance Party

Bubba gets into a story about Venus Williams getting beaten in the first round of Wimbledon by 15 year old Cori Gauff

Bubba gets into a story about Border Patrol Officers having ‘secret’ Facebook groups; these groups are being called lude and sexist

Bubba and the guys talk immigration; should people pay to get into the US?

Bubba talks about the next Saw Shed; Bubba hopes that we will do our next Saw Shed in October

Bubba says the lineup for the next Saw will be Tuddle, Lummox, Auggie and SJL

SEG 7:

Bubba plays ‘Tuddle & The Jutts’

Bubba gets into an updated story on the Florida woman who got arrested for turning in her husbands guns

Bubba’s computer buffers and has to restart the video news story

Bubba and the guys think that the ex-husband may be getting railroaded

Bubba gets into a story about a Tampa Catholic High School custodian being accused of sexual battery involving teenager

Bubba gets into a story about a South FL man accused of illegally performing dental work in Delray Beach

SEG 8:

Palm Harbor Piping

Bubba gets into a story about a woman in trouble for recording a man masturbating on a public train

Bubba gets into a story about roaches evolving to become immune to poisons

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