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06-28-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Gene Lasker is in studio for the first time in nearly a month

Gene thinks his equipment is bad on Mic 4; Bubba tells him to take off the windscreen

BRP is the longest running/operated dirt track in the South East (since 1952)

BRP was once paved; Bubba cannot tear up the asphalt without involving environmental experts and costing Bubba $450K

Bubba talks about the original guy who opened the track; the original owner of BRP was an African-American gentleman

Bubba and Tuddle talk about Tuddle’s panic attack yesterday

Bubba talks about the show is very locker room like; Bubba says that the guys on the show bust each other’s balls but have each other’s backs

Tuddle says he had his panic attack at the pharmacy; Tuddle says he took some xanies and pounded 10 beers

Tuddle says he was cutting a promo on the pharmacist over his prescription meds

Bubba brings up that Tuddle is probably the only one at the BRN that is physically dependent on the drugs he takes

Tuddle talks about trying to wean himself off his medication slowly

Bubba says he is back on ambien

Bubba asks everyone about their pill intake

Bubba and the guys go into their daily cubes; this is Gene’s first time doing the daily cubes

Gene doesn’t think Bubba drew his own cube; Bubba draws an even nicer cube to face Lasker

Bubba promos Roger Stone will be on the show later today

SEG 2:

Bubba plays Behind Blue Eyes coming in from break

Bubba thinks that ‘Behind Beady Eyes’ would be a great parody; thinks it practically writes itself


Bubba says he has to leave early today because he has a big meeting today

Bubba talks about his mouth issues

Gene busts Bubba’s balls over his mouth issues

Bubba asks Tuddle how he feels about filling in for Bubba when he has to leave early

Bubba says that the moon is very Tuddle like

Bubba asks Tuddle which parodies he likes/hates

Bubba plays ‘Pat Tonight’; Tuddle is pissed at SJL for playing with the Mack Tonight toy on screen

Bubba wants Tuddle to go over all his relationship stuff next break to get Gene’s perspective

SEG 3:

Bubba plays Manson’s ‘Casey’

Bubba explains Tuddle’s relationship situation to Lasker

Lasker wonders if Bubba is going to do a Tuddle dating game; Lasker apparently doesn’t listen to the show

Bubba says that Casey was insatiable; wanted more frequesnt sex from Tuddle that he couldn’t provide

Lasker suggest that Tuddle’s roommate could have tagged in

Colton says he would have been down to helping Tuddle out with Casey by taking Tuddle’s off weeks

Bubba talks about Casey and her new lover

Ned says that Casey and her new lover are probably messing around on the whirly gig

SEG 4:

Hex Head Art

Tuddle brings up story about a Russian who was attacked by a bear; dragged him into its cave to eat later

Bubba and the guys break down the story of the Russian bear attack

Bubba and the guys discuss the various ways that people have been put to death

Bubba says he wants more barbaric ways like the guillotine

Bubba calls Casey to see if Tuddle can get back with her

Bubba wants to call Casey the following Wednesday to get an update

Lasker brought in a talking Donald Trump pen; says he got it for free when he bought a couple of drinks

SEG 5:

Buds & Suds will not be on today

Tuddle says Buds & Suds will be doing a Twitch show tomorrow from Tallahassee

Tuddle plans on going near the FAMU campus to pick up young black chicks

CALLER – DR from Ocala – Talks about the electrocution of Ted Bundy

DR says Ted Bundy had a daughter

Lasker brings up that man shouldn’t have to be ‘stuffed’ before he dies

CALLER – Super Fat Bubba Lite – Asks Bubba if he plans on doing a Package Segment

Bubba schedules Super Fat Bubba Lite Package Opening Segment – NEXT TUESDAY

CALLER – Mike from CT – talks about why they pack up the body of people getting the electric chair

Bubba and the guys talk about death row inmates fighting over the packing gimmick

Bubba gets into a story about Ted Bundy; Bubba thinks Rosa Bundy looks hott

Bubba calls Roger Stone; first call goes straight to voicemail

Bubba gets a hold of Roger Stone

Bubba talks about Gene’s Donald Trump pen

Bubba talks about the candidates; Roger thinks that Michelle Obama may be the Dem candidate

Bubba and the guys talk about the possibility of Michelle running

SEG 6:
Bubba talks about Ted Bundy and his girlfriend Carol Ann Boone

Bundy used an obscure Florida Law to get married to Carol by a judge

Bubba talks about Rose Bundy; the daughter of Ted Bundy and Carol Boone

Bubba thinks that it’ll be very difficult to find Rose Bundy

Bubba asked Caveman to try to book her during the break; Bubba apologizes for his insanity

Bubba says the 22nd Amendment makes it that a President can only be President for up to 10 years

Bubba goes back into the whirly gig that would be at the park

Bubba plays a clip of kids playing on the whirly wheel

Bubba plays a clip of adults taking the whirly wheel to the extreme

Bubba plays a story about a woman who killed her 3 year old while playing ‘chicken’

Bubba goes into a story about a CEO of a children’s organization organization arrested at Clearwater hotel for sex with minor

SEG 7:

Light Stream

Bubba talks about the process of prepping someone for the electric chair

Bubba plays a video of people reenacting the process of prepping someone for the electric chair

Bubba wants a Hunger Games like situation

Lasker suggests a Purge like situation

Bubba and the guys discuss whether or not they are the type to hide or hunt during a purge

CALLER – Brad from Ft. Myers – asks about death sentence

Bubba brings up Gene’s relationship with his step-son

Gene dyed his hair to make himself look more like he’s his step son’s father

Bubba talks about Gene’s health; prednisone may have contributed to his weight gain

SEG 8:

Tuddle is at the helm since Bubba had to leave for a meeting

Tuddle plays ‘Tuddle’s Greatest Hits’

Tuddle and the guys talk about their plans for the weekend

Tuddle and the guys talk Women’s World Cup; women’s sports popularity

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