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06-27-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Both Bubba and Manson are back in studio

Bubba talks about leaving the studio and going to his dentist

Bubba compares Manson’s immune system like a majestic wheat field

Bubba compares his body to a delicate swamp-like ecosystem

Bubba and the guys talk about how they deal with pain management using pills responsibly

Bubba says he’s feeling more normal than he has in the last week or so

Bubba and Ned talk about Bubba’s brain being like a marble in a can; Ned says its a pretty marble

Bubba proclaims that he’s a highly functional ‘R’

Blitz chimes in that he wants to die and come back as BFUDD

Bubba thinks that if BFUDD looked like Mocha Prince that he’d pull the finest chicks

Bubba says the show is like the Andy Warhol of radio; most people don’t get the show

Ned ‘we’re sophisticated heathens’

Bubba asks the guys if they watched any of the Democratic debates; no one did

Roger Stone will be on the show later today

Bubba says he’d love to see a Trump vs. ALL DEMS debate

Bubba wonders if Trump watched the debates and if he tweeted; Caveman chimes in and says that Donald Trump did tweet out ‘BORING!’

Bubba has a bunch of questions for Roger Stone

Bubba and the guys go over the number of terms that each recent President has had

Bubba asks everyone if they did their daily cubes; Manson and Bubba may have the best looking cubes

Bubba talks about what your cube says about you

Ned hates the ‘cubing with clem’ segment

SEG 2:

Bubba promos our clients and encourages our fans to go see them

Bubba talks about the hot mic sessions

Bubba talks about how CMG was bought out by another company

Bubba talks about the drama that he’s been hearing about CMG

Bubba explains that Calta may be on a year to year contract

Bubba explains how Apollo will have to let go of CMG

Bubba breaks down an issue with SBK and MO on the Bone

Bubba and the guys talk about how The Bone seems like a giant carousel of rotating lineups\

Tuddle thinks that the Bone’s PD is over your head

SEG 3:

Bubba says he should offer a show to Mo

Ned does the bumpers for ‘The Mo Show’

Tuddle says Mo could promo his movie on our template

Blitz chimes in, says SBK is the lead in the movie

Bubba talks about giving Mo a show and naming it the ‘We’d Rather Have SBK Show’

CALLER – BFUDD – seems to be workshopping some new material on us

Bubba comes up with the ‘R’ Comedy Tour concept

BFUDD is now named ‘BFUDD The Special Adult’
BFUDD cuts his own liners for ‘BFUDD The Special Adult’

Bubba has BFUDD cut liners for the show 17mins – 19mins in

BFUDD cuts a liner for Buds & Suds 20mins in

BFUDD breaks down the Democratic Debates

BFUDD talks smack about Bernie Sanders over healthcare

BFUDD collects a bunch of government benefits

BFUDD once walked 11miles to get to a phone; BFUDD admits he didn’t walk the whole way and says Travis took him

BFUDD talks about being employed the government; says he made around $65K a year for doing absolutely nothing

SEG 4:

Bubba plays Manson’s ‘Casey’

Bubba points out that Tuddle is in a texting frenzy; Tuddle says he’s not texting he’s tweeting

Blitz chimes in and points out Tuddle wasn’t tweeting

Tuddle says he was DM’ing Draclonis
Palm Harbor Piping

Tuddle and Blitz have heat over food

Tuddle tried saving some food from Chic Fil A for Colton and Blitz says Colton should be here

Blitz says that if Colton wants food then he should be here to get it himself

Tuddle says that he wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for Colton’s family being generous

Blitz asks Tuddle what bills he actually pays

Blitz pointed out that Tuddle will probably have to leave Colton’s place after Colton’s sister comes home from college

CALLER – Colton calls in to clear the air and says that his family is trying to figure out what to do with Tuddle when Colton’s sister comes home

Tuddle is upset for being called Colton’s Bitch

Bubba suggests Tuddle go live with Lummox, at least Tuddle would be the ‘alpha’

Colton says the Leist household is ‘going in a different direction’

Bubba wants to have a ‘get Tuddle a home telethon’

Blitz chimes in and asks Colton if he wants a chicken biscuit set aside; Colton says yes

Tuddle says ‘he’s fine’; Bubba and Manson talk about what it means when women say ‘they’re fine’

Tuddle feels that everyone is piling on him

Tuddle points out that Bubba has said in the past that everyone is replaceable

Bubba says that everyone here is here because they want to be here

SEG 5:
Bubba plays Tuddle & The Jutts

Bubba talks about Tuddle’s mom calling him during the break

Bubba doesn’t think its healthy for Tuddle to have his mom call him during the breaks

Bubba talks about getting Tuddle a place in the Tampa area for him to live
Tuddle used to live with a girl named ‘lil snitch’; she’s a bone mark now

Tuddle stayed with a fan named Ivan; he’s hates the show now

Blitz chimes in and asks if Colton is next

Tuddle is a troll creator

Bubba asks Tuddle why Ivan doesn’t like the show anymore; seems like a combination of Bubba giving up Peaches and Ivan thinking Bubba makes Tuddle drink to excess pissed him off

SEG 6:


Tuddle is being full Eddie Haskell

Dan McSherry

Bubba marks out to Dr. Dan McSherry for treating him on the fly yesterday

Bubba was in so much pain and was begging Dr. McSherry to just pull his tooth out

Dr. McSherry thinks he can salvage Bubba’s tooth

Bubba and Blitz plan on taking Bubba’s Cadillac to formerly known as “Tire Choice Rick’

Bubba mentions that Bernie Sanders is now on Twitch

CALLER – Steve Forensic – says Bubba’s Cadillac has head bolt issues; could cost thousands

SEG 7:
Light Stream

Bubba promos the show’s YouTube channel

Bubba brings up Beto O’Rourke pandering during the Democratic debates by speaking Spanish during the break

Bubba plays a few clips of Late Night shows joking about Cory Booker giving Beto O’Rourke a side eye when Beto was speaking Spanish during the debates

Bubba and Manson talk about which Late Night show they prefer; both Bubba and Manson like Kimmel most

Bubba and the guys talk about how all the news networks pander to one side or another

Bubba gets into a story about a funeral director arrested on 2 counts of abuse of corpse following excavation of graves

Caveman chimes in and says the funeral director was recycling the caskets; Ned calls that good business

SEG 8:
Hex Head Art

Bubba goes into a story about report cards of students at local high school accidentally exposed… Bubba focuses on the hott reporter Courtney Bryant

Bubba and the guys wonder who Courtney Bryant’s goofy white guy husband is

Bubba gets into a childhood friend Todd Eckerd and his massive hog

Bubba promos Buds & Suds and Cluster F

Bubba tries to reach out to A Cat Named Mo

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