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06-07-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:

Bubba says its the OGs only today; Lasker & Tuddle aren’t here

Bubba goes through the different members who’ve sat at the mic 3 position

Bubba and Ned go over Ned’s origins

Bubba and Ned talk about one of Ned’s original bits ‘Redneck Shop’

Bubba goes to the Ned Shot; Ned Shot is not set up

Bubba met with his lawyer Jeff Nusinov yesterday; Jeff didn’t know how dark the studio was when Bubba does his show

Bubba and Manson can’t imagine doing a show completely in the light

Bubba talk Kegeling with Clem; talks about Twitch chats reaction to the segment

SEG 2:

Bubba talks about 90.5, Bubba would love to make a trip up to Peterborough

Bubba and the guys talk about growing up and going to the park; Bubba wonders if kids still go to the park

Caveman goes to the park with his kid; says parks are full of parents looking at their cell phones

Bubba talks about tripping kids at the park

Blitz chimes in says he mean mugs kids; Bubba tries to smile at kids

Bubba gets into latest R. Kelly situation

Bubba wants to do a Best Of Manson / Best Of Ned

Bubba plays Manson’s Ignition Parody

SEG 3:

Bubba promos the Friday Night Dance Party

Bubba talks about the Make It Rain Machine; Blitz has been working on it all morning

Blitz is sick and only in today to fix the Make It Rain Machine before tonight’s party

CALLER – Tampa Terry – Wants to know if its true that Bubba got stuck in Deion’s tub

Tampa Terry plans on rolling out a brand new screen name for Twitch chat

Tampa Terry promotes the NBA Finals tonight; Bubba yells at Tampa Terry for promoting NBA Finals over Bubba’s Dance Party

Bubba wants Tampa Terry to debut his new screen name Monday

Bubba gets into Bradley Cooper breaking up with his gf; will Cooper end up with Lady Gaga

Bubba comments on how Cooper/Gaga seemed to be ‘overly affectionate’ during the PR tour for their movie ‘A Star Is Born’

Donna gave Manson some chicken to give to Bubba; Bubba plans on using his air fryer to warm the chicken up

Blitz chimes in, says that he and Caveman are starving back here

SEG 4:

Bubba talks about Mic 3 guys like Tuddle and Lasker should be scared bc the OGs can put on a show all by themselves

Bubba is warming up his chicken in his air fryer

Bubba asks Caveman to make a new CD for kegeling; Caveman says they’ll make a full box set

Bubba asks Caveman about Blitz; Caveman says he made a KFC run

Bubba and Manson eat their chicken live on air

Bubba and Manson talk about ‘Donna’s Swinging Breast Chicken Show’

Bubba asks Caveman if Blitz knows if he could get the Make It Rain Machine up and running; Caveman says Blitz informed him that there is a 6% chance he can get the machine up and running

CALLER – Chris from NC – Has a suggestion for Bubba’s chicken frying

Bubba promotes Bubba’s Friday Night Dance party

Blitz runs into the studio and makes it rain on Bubba

Bubba and Manson talk about being hot and making money as strippers

SEG 5:

Bubba wants to change his name to Bubba Bezos

Bubba talks about playing Manson’s bits on the Power Pig before the started actually working together

Bubba and Manson talk about how they know when they are doing a good show

Bubba wants Tuddle off air on Monday until Bubba and Manson need him to come in

Bubba explains how The Office will determine if wrestlers go long or go home depending on how a match is going

Bubba goes into an email, fan comments on Bubba’s driving skills during his YouTube Live video

Bubba goes into an email, fan comments on getting yoked up by a principal

Bubba says there is a feral cat roaming the BRN parking lot; Bubba has been feeding the cat

Bubba explains to the listeners what a kegel actually is

Bubba plays a medical video on the health benefits of kegeling

Bubba plays a video of a jacked dude in basement explaining how men can kegel

Bubba plays more videos of kegeling; Bubba and Manson comment on a woman who may have shown more than what she may have wanted to

Bubba gets into a story about 2 women were hospitalized this week after trying to use a VACUUM hose to end their periods early

Bubba and Manson try to figure out the mechanics of periods

Bubba and Manson break into a Kegeling with Clem segment

Bubba comments on fans who clonk him during the Kegeling with Clem segments

SEG 6:

Bubba plans on debuting Bubba 2.5 format Monday; Tuddle will be out of the studio until the show is flat

Hex Head Art

Bubba mentions to Ned that he’d like to do a Packrage segment soon

CALLER – Scott from Toledo – Comments on Kegeling with Clem; tries to make a joke

Bubba goes into story about an Ohio mom of 5 with concealed carry license shoots ex-boyfriend trying to break into home

CALLER – Bubba Army Brad from Chicago – comments on the show; talks about shootings in Chicago

Bubba gets into story about the GSW minority owner being banned from the arena after pushing a Toronto’s player during Game 3 of the NBA finals

Bubba gets into a story about Nike introducing plus-size mannequins in London flagship store

CALLER – Ricky form Ocala – brings up a Brenda Schaub comedy special; asks for the Hex Head Art piece… Bubba gives it to him

CALLER – Vince from Chicago – Comments on guns in Chicago; Bubba hangs up on him when he tries to argue

CALLER – Doc The Fabricator To The Stars – marks out to Bubba

Bubba thanks Doc for all his great work

CALLER – DR – Comments on Kegeling with Clem; calls the segment dumb

Bubba gets into story about a possible Ken Jennings vs. James Holzhauer showdown on Jeopardy

SEG 7:

Bubba plays Ned’s ‘Fat Guy’ No Net


CALLER – Crying Brian – Has heat with Bubba for taking Tuddle out of the studio

Bubba comments on people being upset with his decision

CALLER – Mitch The Mark – Requests more rabbit nose during the kegeling segment

Bubba gets into Carson Wentz’s massive new contract extension

Bubba promos tonight’s Dance Party
CALLER – RT from Indiana – wants to know next time Bubba will be up there

Bubba gets into a story about a Florida woman that stabbed herself, told police she was ‘tired of living in Trump’s country’

Bubba and Manson pontificate different ways to commit suicide

SEG 8:

Bubba promos tonight’s dance party

Blitz is still working on the Make It Rain Machine

Bubba goes over some of the new videos now available on the show’s YouTube

Bubba and Manson talk about certain videos that have been locked up on the show’s YouTube video that may be deemed too controversial in today’s standards

Drunk Kim got a hold of Bubba and has some Bubba Army tank tops for some of our listeners

Bubba and the guys call out names for You Win Nothing

CALLER – Gets a tank top

Winner – Tampa Angel Girl

Winner – I Hate Fran

Winner – As Godiva

Winner – Hot Micky Girl

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