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06-05-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:

Bubba thinks he missed his kegels; asks Caveman

Caveman says that the guys did kegels yesterday in the 9 O’Clock hour

Bubba did a State of the Bubba address

Bubba talks about fans trying to cause rifts between Bubba and Manson

Bubba is tired of all the negativity with the fans in chat

Airtight Ski Pole cheered 10K bits

Bubba talks about the bell/dinger bit cheering; Tuddle shows what people get with different cheer increments

Bubba and Manson talk about getting trolled by the Twitch chat

SEG 2:

Bubba talks about 2 Charlotte Smoothie King employees who were fired for writing racist remarks on receipts

Bubba wants to know when we will go without receipts

Bubba talks about Target having drive up pick up

Bubba gets into rant about taxes; Bubba would prefer a flat tax

Bubba and the guys talk about how much Amazon pays in taxes; how much does Jeff Bezos pay in taxes

Bubba teases a few of the news stories he plans on getting into

SEG 3:

Bubba talks about TuneIn

Bubba has been getting screenshots from fans who listen to the show through TuneIn

BAR Channel 1 is ranked higher than 102.5 The Bone amongst Tampa/Sarasota listeners

Bubba gets into a story about Teacher disciplined after 11-year-old boy with autism given ‘most annoying’ award.

Bubba and the guys talk about getting punished as a kid by their parents/teachers

Bubba talks about dodgeball; Bubba tells a story about throwing dodgeballs at special needs kids and getting punished by his principal

CALLER – From Charleston – Talks about dodgeball and getting whooped as a kid

Bubba goes back into a Canadian story about dodgeball being considered

Monkey Knife Fight

SEG 4:

Monkey Knife Fight

Show is interrupted by Bubba LITE’s massive 125K bit cheer

Monkey Knife Fight; Bubba tries to navigate the Monkey Knife Fight site

Bubba plays some of Rick & Bubba via TuneIn

Bubba and the guys try to speak in a hill jack accent; Bubba wants to try to do that for the full show

Bubba calls Rick & Bubba, wants to go live on live

Bubba talks to ‘Diamond Dale’ Rick & Bubba’s female intern

‘Diamond Dale’ puts Bubba on hold; Bubba and the guys comment on Rick & Bubba while listening to their show

Bubba mix minuses Rick & Bubba’s show with the Ricky Smiley show from ATL
Rick & Bubba’s show seems to be full of religious crap; Bubba wants to be saved

Speed from Rick & Bubba picks up the phone; hangs up on us

SEG 5:
Bubba promos Tuddle’s Mean Tweets, Top 5 Rock and a new Ned No Net

Bubba has been listening to a show out of Milwaukee; they were talking about gardening

Bubba gets into a story about Phoenix officers exposed for racist, violent Facebook posts

CALLER – Manson Is God (LEO) – comments on the Phoenix officer racist posts

Manson Is God explains that he does social media background checks on potential recruits and new officers

Bubba pulls up Bob & Brian in Milwaukee

Bubba points out he’s spent an hour trying to listen to any substance

Bubba goes into a story about a Dutch 17-year-old woman who used legal euthanasia to end life

Bubba pulls up Bob & Brian again; they have nothing but a bunch of ads

CALLER – DR from Ocala – comments on Donald Trump in England; takes a crap on Monsters

in the Morning

Bubba wants to possibly call Calta; Calta’s been doing more stuff on YouTube

Bubba gives Manson a little Twitch bonus, for now on all bonuses have to go on the paycheck

SEG 6:

Ned has a new No Net; Bubba plays the music video for the original song from Billie Eilish

Bubba is thinking about doing a Top 10 Ned/Manson Stiff Songs

Bubba roughs in Ned for his No Net ‘Fat Guy’

Ned performs his No Net ‘Fat Guy’ 9MINS IN (FIRST TAKE)

Tuddle gets into his Mean Tweets

Bubba wants to get into Tuddle mentioning that he didn’t want to do stunts anymore

Tuddle is fine doing Bubba Saw but not the Human Fireworks Challenge

Tuddle is freaked out by doing the challenge; says he gets claustrophobic
Tuddle agrees to doing the stunt; comes across like he’s agreeing under protest

Bubba thinks he may have to cancel the stunt since Tuddle may be litigious

903AM Tuddle – I’ll Never Sue You For Anything (23MINS IN)

Bubba gets into story about the Parkland School Resource Officer charged with neglect, negligence related to school shooting

Bubba says he’s torn on whether he agrees with the charges or not

Bubba and the guys discuss shooting at MSD and the officer’s reaction

SEG 7:

Hex Head Art

CALLER – George from NC – comments on Parkland SRO

CALLER – Bill from SC – comments on Parkland SRO; doesn’t think the SRO is criminally liable

CALLER – Steve Forensic from Wisconsin – comments on Parkland SRO; equates it to deserting your post in the military

CALLER – ‘Propane Pete’ First Responder from AZ – Comments on Parkland SRO; points out that the SRO stopped/delayed others from helping

CALLER – Fan from SC – Comments on Parkland SRO; gives an explanation of why the SRO stopped people from entering the building

Bubba gets into a ‘Kegeling with Clem’ session

SEG 8:


Bubba wants to do a show with the Top 10 Stiff Songs

Bubba wants to do a show with the Top 10 Ned/Manson bits

Bubba talks about other Top 10 shows he’d like to do

Bubba promos the show’s YouTube

Apparently another Tampa-based morning show is trying to build up their YouTube account

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