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05-17-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Lasker in studio
Lasker gets in a fight with Tuddle during the show intro
Manson and Blitz have to get in the middle of the two
Bubba says this is the first time Tuddle and Lasker were scheduled on the same Friday
Lasker calls Tuddle a liar, mole, cheat, etc
Bubba chooses Tuddle over Lasker since Lasker was the aggressor; Lasker leaves the studio
Bubba explains the backstory between Tuddle and Lasker; calms Tuddle down after the fight
Bubba puts Lasker on a 1 week suspension
Blitz was squirreled by Lasker giving him some type of aviation hat that his wife gave
Bubba doesn’t want to have Tuddle and Lasker scheduled for the same day ever again
Tuddle recaps the tussle during the pre-show
Bubba says he didn’t even get to play the Previously
Bubba finally plays the Previously; ‘Jutted And I Know Out’
Bubba plays Begging Tuddle; Tuddle fails multiple times
Tuddle says he needs to clean his hand off; says he cut his knuckles when he punched lasker in the mouth
Tuddle shows his hand to the camera; Tuddle cannot keep his hand still
SEG 2:
Bubba recaps the audience of everything that transpired during the last break between Lasker and Tuddle
Bubba wonders if we got the entire fight on camera; Blitz said he turned the camera before he ran into the studio
Bubba plays a clip from the fight captured by Zolt71
Lasker handled himself better now; the old Lasker would have lingered in the building or would have fought Bubba on his way out
Bubba tries to call Gene Lasker; straight to voicemail
CALLER – Mike – Calls in regarding Steve Deumig; Steve died from brain cancer
CALLER – Mentions that we are not on AM 1040
Blitz sends Bubba a clip from the Lasker/Tuddle fight; Bubba and the guys break down the video
Bubba says he got an interesting text last night wants to talk about it next break
SEG 3:
Bubba was going to post a clip of the pre-show fight on YouTube; Blitz vetoes that
Bubba will post the video up tomorrow for the fans
Bubba wants to throw a poll up on Twitch to gauge the fans’ feelings on the pre show fight between Tuddle and Lasker
The Twitch poll is a landslide in favor of Twitch; steady 70% towards Tuddle
Bubba suggests that we fix the Twitch poll to be more favorable towards Lasker; Bubba wants to be able to bamboozle Lasker into coming in studio when Tuddle is here
Bubba thinks he’ll need Lummox in studio to be a bodyguard
CALLER – Captain Iceland Mike – Was on hold for 18mins; pays a lot in long distance calls
Bubba says Iceland Mike is high priority for now on
Bubba names Iceland Mike a 4 Star General for the Bubba Army in Iceland
Iceland Mike hangs up
SEG 4:
Bubba plays the Previously again
Bubba goes into an impromptu ‘I’m Jutted And I Know It’
Casey has been texting Tuddle all this morning
Tuddle sends Bubba a photoshopped picture of him; the fan made Tuddle’s chin look huge
Tuddle says Bubba wants to ride Tuddle’s chin to the top
Twitch chat is calling Tuddle the ‘Mac Tonight’ guy; Bubba plays the clip calls Tuddle ‘Pat Tonight’
CALLER – Bryan – Has a shirt suggestion for Bubba
CALLER – Marcus – Wants to play the game sweeping the nation
CALLER – Phil – Wants to talk about Amazon Smile and BTLS Foundation
SEG 5:
Bubba talks about how he’s being more proactive socially
Bubba talks YouTube; wants to get to 30K subs on YouTube
Bubba talks about possible addition of a few shows with Janess Brazil to be added on our Twitch programming
Bubba says we are at about 23K on YouTube and need 7K more
Hex Head Art
Bubba wants to get a custom Hex Head piece for Tuddle to give to Lasker
Bubba goes on a Mac Tonight/Pat Tonight tangent
Bubba wants a graphic designer to make a Notre Dame/Pat Tonight logo for Tuddle
Bubba tries calling Gene Lasker again; mailbox is full
Bubba gets into video of an announcer who caught a foul ball while calling a game
Bubba calls for a Begging Tuddle; Tuddle is gangly
Bubba pulls up a video of Artie Lange pumping gas
Bubba talks about how local media covers Bubba; plays a clip from ABC Action News coverage of AM1040 and Bubba cutting ties
Bubba talks about AM1040; Bubba says he’s wanted to pull out of AM1040 for a while
Bubba feels that we should sit out of Tampa radio for a while and that in the next year or two he can come back stronger in Tampa
SEG 6:
Bubba talks about Pat Tonight
Bubba says Buds & Suds are not doing a show today; Bubba will be LIVE from the Clem Gym
Bubba wants to start utilizing the Clem Gym again for personal and show use
Bubba gets into a text he got last night from a friend of his
Pat McAfee is on the run; Bubba’s friend said he may want to pull all McAfee’s interviews from the BAR archives
Bubba wants to find all the McAfee audio in our archives
Bubba talks Tacko Fall going to the NBA Draft
Bubba gets into a story about a Florida woman who is accused of throwing kitchen pot at boyfriend for ‘fishing too much’
Bubba gives his condolences to Steve Duemig
Bubba gets into story about Florida man accused of molesting boy he was fostering
Bubba gets into story about a firefighter facing human trafficking charges
Bubba thinks they should behead the foster dad who touched kids and the firefighter
Bubba tries to listen to the show that has replaced us on AM1040
Palm Harbor Piping
SEG 7:
 Palm Harbor Piping
Bubba plays more of AM1040’s broadcasts
Bubba tries calling AM1040’s front desk; their number seems out of order
Bubba thanks Neil and Bruce
Bubba promos that he will be on YouTube later today as the boys clean up the Clem Gym
CALLER – Brian – says he listens to a bunch of talk radio and he loves Bubba
Brian comes up with a bad tag line; gets clonked
CALLER – Cox Mole – gives us Calta’s last day on air
Cox Mole says that Obis and other trolls have lawsuits on the horizon
Bubba gets into story about a mother who threatened students inside Laguna Niguel classroom she says bullied her daughter
Bubba gets into story about a video surfacing showing a eacher dressed in Muslim-like head scarf during active shooter drill
SEG 8:
Light Stream
Bubba talks about the Bubba Army YouTube
Palm Harbor Piping
Bubba talks about all the media outlets covering the parting of ways between the show and AM 1040
Bubba plays the video of Bruce Willis throwing the first pitch out at a game; terrible
Bubba plays the video of his first at a Rays game from a few years back
Bubba wants to go to a UT Baseball practice
Tuddle says Bubba isn’t 5’10’’; Bubba and Tuddle stand side to side
Bubba tries to call Gene Lasker again; goes straight to voicemail
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