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05-15-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:

Bubba didn’t realise the shushushu would cause some much heat

Manson says he’d walk out if but gave him the shushushu

Bubba promos Larry The Cable Guy in the 9

Bubba talks about his kidney stone

Ned mentions that he would snort Bubba’s kidney stone

Bubba says he plans on seeing his dad soon

Bubba talks about his dad; tells story about helping his dad with cars

Bubba talks about how great Doug Clem is at doing body work

Bubba mentions he’s going to the Indy 500 later this month

Bubba plans on recording his exploits when he goes out to see his dad

Bubba pontificates on the amount of heat that Bubba will get from Doug Clem for filming him in his garage

Bubba says Doug Clem is the only one that he gets locked up by still

Bubba says he used to screw up on purpose so he didn’t have to work with his dad

Bubba gets into a story about picking up lead; the lead can was wet and Bubba tried to dry out the lead can by drilling holes

Tuddle says he now realises why Bubba used to act the way he did

Bubba explains that Janie Cakes used a hot wheels track on him to whoop his ass

Bubba gets into story about his dad working third shift; whooping his dad

Bubba thinks that not riding the grader is causing him not to pass kidney stones as easily

SEG 2:

Northern AC

Bubba talks about the Previously; Bubba wants to make yesterday’s call with Jamie a stand alone video podcast

Bubba talks about last night’s Twitch show with Janessa Brazil

Bubba and the guys get into a vortex; stops and gets into another vortex

Bubba says this is like radio mushrooms


SEG 3:

Bubba talk about the hot mic breaks in between our radio talk breaks

Bubba gets into shushushu talk

Bubba gets into a tangent on somas

Bubba gets back into the shushush talk; breaks down what may cause a shushushu

CALLER – Draclonis – Is upset about being banned on the Twitch channel

Draclonis has been sending massive emails to Bubba, Tom Bean, and Blitz

Draclonis brings up the issue with him and all the other Twitch people

Draclonis says people in chat were making fun of 3Hizz

Bubba tries to do a therapy session with Draclonis over all this chat drama

Blitz chimes in says he warned everyone involved with this drama to just stop

Bubba wants a clean slate with everyone involved

Bubba didnt realize how much hate everyone has with one another in the Twitch chat

Bubba thought that Tampa Terry was the real heat getter from the chat

CALLER – Jeff from California – Jeff suggests that Bubba starts playing WWE on Twitch

Jeff suggests that Bubba makes his own characters; Bubba loves the idea


SEG 4:

For Hims

Bubba starts talking about possibly playing some WWE on Twitch

Bubba wants to make his own characters

CALLER – Tampa Terry – Marks out to Bubba; loved Janess on Twitch last night

Tampa Terry says Draclonis is a bitch for calling in to complain about Twitch chat

Bubba gets into story about a claw machine that grabs live PUPPIES in China is criticised by animal rights activists

Bubba gets into story about a survey revealing the disgusting findings about Americans and their pool habits

CALLER – Says theres a WWE YouTube video of Hogan vs. Bubba

Bubba pulls up the video and breaks down the match; Bubba got jobbed out

SEG 5:

Hex Head Art

Bubba starts talking about Janessa’s Twitch debut last night

Bubba wants to find some cosplaying outfits for Janessa

Bubba goes on a little shopping spree; picks out a few cosplay outfits for Janessa

Bubba promos Larry, Buds & Suds, Cluster F and a possible Bubba 199

Bubba gets into a story about a family suing Tiger Woods for their son’s DUI death

Bubba talks about people being overly sensitive; people get fired over people being overly sensitive

Bubba plays videos from a potty-mouthed 14-year-old anti-PC comedian with nearly 1million YouTube followers who vowed to keep making her videos after coming under fire for donning a hijab and mocking Muslims

Manson roleplays as the head of YouTube

Bubba gets into a story about Alabama just passing a near-total abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest

Bubba plays clip of SJL trying to take the hottest hot sauce from Tijuana Flats

Bubba gets Tuddle to admit he and Colton have hold hands


SEG 6:

Light Stream

Bubba promos Larry The Cable Guy in about 25mins

Bubba continues the video of SJL trying to take a hot sauce challenge

Bubba thinks the high spot is not a high spot at all

Tuddle is upset with the lack of a high spot in the high spot

Tuddle challenges Bubba; Bubba wants to round house Tuddle

Tuddle says Bubba won’t be able to kick his leg up

Bubba plans on kicking Tuddle later in the show


SEG 7:

Bubba and the guys want to possibly go to Larry’s show this weekend

Bubba gets into story about

Larry the Cable Guy calls into the studio

Larry puts over Ron Bennington

Bubba says one of his all time wishlist of guests would be Mike Tyson in studio

Bubba plans on doing his roundhouse on Tuddle next


SEG 8:

Bubba says he needs to get a haircut and coloring

Bubba says he has one eyebrow on fleek the other looks R’d out

Ned thinks Bubba’s R’d out eyebrow is caused by botox issues

Bubba says he hasn’t used botox in years

Tuddle admits that he used botox before his wedding

Bubba talks about his hair again

Bubba talks Janessa Brazil; if she dresses like Slave Leia will Bubba have to be Jabba the Hutt?

Tuddle calls for a begging Tuddle

Bubba talks about Clem Gym; Tuddle and Blitz want to work out

Bubba needs to create a new office

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