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05-14-2019 Terrestrial Show

Shamah Clem is opening up with the Climax theme

Bubba is upset with chat for being upset with him

Bubba’s special guest had issues with their home thanks to the storms

Bubba’s special guest will be on tonight at 6PM; Kevin’s Law won’t be on today

Bubba was going to go on air last night but had to handle things in Tom Bean’s office last night regarding us keeping the studio

Bubba thanks Manson for Donna’s special gift to Janie Cakes; Manson asks Bubba about his step dad’s health

CALLER – Double R from WV – Says screw chat and he’s excited for today’s Climax surmon

The Devil says he will take Bubba’s studios from him; Bubba battles the devil with EDM music and good vibes

The Devil pokes Shamah Clem ‘that was a weak vanquishing’

The Devil offers Shamah Clem a cavalcade of drugs

Bubba pontificates what it would be like if the Devil was a lawyer

SEG 2:

Bubba says he decided not to do Climax

The Devil wins; pokes Shamah Clem in the chest

SJL is dressed like a priest for some reason

Bubba brings up the constant stream of hate he gets from the Twitch chat

Bubba brings up that he doesn’t think most broadcasters could handle the constant stream of hate from their fans

Bubba plans not to look at the chat anymore; he won’t even look at chat or call names during the You Win Nothing giveaways

Bubba talks about his guest that will be coming in tonight; its not LeBron James and its not Hulk Hogan

Tuddle brings up if he thinks trolls have infiltrated our Twitch chat

Bubba talks about how obsessive his trolls have been

SEG 3:

Bubba mentions that he may just cancel his guest tonight

Bubba may still have his guest in studio but maybe not have the chat up when they’re n studio

Bubba goes into the ABC Action News article on him; pertains to Bubba’s suit against Cox/Calta

Bubba wants the article posted on all of our social media

Bubba goes into the new Tampa Bay Times article on him; pertains to Bubba’s post on the Tampa Bay Times article done on him last Friday

Bubba goes on a VEEP tangent; Bubba talks about the series finale but tries not to give spoils

Bubba goes back into talking about the ABC Action News article on him

Bubba talks about they dynamic of radio wars

SEG 4:

Bubba promos Mike’s Pizza

CALLER – Gary – Says he’s on Bubba’s side; thinks Twitch chat is entitled

Gary wants Bubba to go back to the Bubba of the 90s/early 2000s

Bubba gets into story about a Florida man who shot his ‘disrespectful’ wife in the face

Bubba goes into story about 6 Hillsborough County changing their mascots because of Native American imagery

CALLER – Xanex Steve – chimes in on the mascot story

Tuddle talks about pill use

CALLER – Eric from Indiana – chimes in on the mascot story ‘Northern Lakes Conference News’

SEG 5:

Bubba bumps in with Cult of Personality by Living Colour

Bubba is looking into moving to somewhere in Lutz; Tuddle could be his roommate

Bubba plays a clip from yesterday’s Buds & Suds; caller is upset and wants Tuddle fired

CALLER – Jamie is the one who has heat with Tuddle

Jamie is upset that Tuddle promotes the shooting of kids at the border on Bubba’s various platforms

Jamie hangs up on Bubba

Bubba and the guys pontificate on what toddler legs taste like

SEG 6:

CALLER – Tampa Terry – says Jamie has Trump Derangement Syndrome

Bubba talks about how good of a bit day we are having; goes on Unsavory Character tangent


Bubba says he’s already designing next year’s Bubba royalty ring

Bubba tries to go to Blitz; Blitz says he was on with Unsavory

Bubba gives Blitz the slur gimmick he usually uses on Tuddle; Blitz turns off his mic

Bubba and the guys talk about how the slur/soma tongue causing real heat with people

Bubba tries to go to Caveman about Blitz; Caveman throws a 200

Bubba tries to salvage things by pulling a Climax; the potential Climax flushes Blitz out

SEG 7:
Bubba says he has good news; says he’s looking at renting a place in Lutz

Bubba thinks he may have to change his name to hide his identity

Bubba wants to do a 3’s company gimmick

Bubba wants to room with two hot chicks

Bubba says Caveman ruined the office by throwing in a 200

Bubba says he wants to create a new office

Bubba talks about why people hate him; one commenter said she didn’t like a piece of audio from 14 years where Bubba talked about an armless/legless person

Bubba plays audio from SJL interviewing Roger Stone last night

Bubba plays a clip from Jimmy Kimmel’s appearance on Howard’s show yesterday

Bubba wants to make sure we have shock collars available for correction purposes

Bubba calls Jamie from Ohio to apologize

Jamie says Bubba is better than aligning with criminals

Jamie has been a long time listener and doesn’t think what Tuddle has said about shooting kids at the border is funny at all

Jamie’s phone drops; Blitz is ‘live from the border’

Bubba gets Jamie back on the phone

Jamie gets full hot at Blitz; Blitz keeps playing sound effects

Bubba gets into the story about a couple getting $2 billion in a Monsanto Roundup cancer lawsuit trial

Bubba gets into a tangent about a company in England paying up to $1K a week for reviewing yachts

Bubba asks Tuddle what he would do with a $500 million payout

Tuddle says he would buy the BRN; Bubba would work for him

Bubba apologizes for the expansion gimmick; Tuddle still remembers the incident vividly

CALLER – Brandon the Quad – hard sells the anal expansion

CALLER – VIcky – is having surgery, wants some good vibes from Bubba

Tuddle wants Vicky to send him any excess pain pills from her procedure

CALLER – Derek – says he called Amazon and didnt get his Mustard Mouth Shirt

CALLER – tries to make a joke; falls flat

Bubba goes into story about a Florida man playing basketball naked in Longwood, FL

Bubba gets into story about a judge blocking prosecutors from using video of Rober Kraft at massage parlor

CALLER – Liz – Comments on Jamie’s call from earlier; says she watched the girl hanging herself and that it was educational

Bubba says he didnt play the tape and asks why she brought it up

SEG 8:

Light Stream

Bubba talks about our Twitch chat

Bubba encourages our moderators to be more vigilant

Blitz chimes in and tells people that they can just block people on their end to not see the mean stuff they say

Bubba promos his 6PM special guest, Cluster F and Buds & Suds

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