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05-10-2019 Terrestrial Show


Lasker is in studio, was worried about passing a cop to get here on time

Lasker says he pays upwards to $150 a month in tolls, thinks he should be able to drive as fast as he wants

Manson brings up people owning old cop cars, people afraid of passing them on the road

Bubba is wearing a hat from Denniston Trading Post in Red Bridge, IN

Bubba’s nose has been dry lately, wonders if its because of new soap

Bubba asks Lasker to check his nose, Lasker refuses

Ned says there is no such thing as Red Bridge, IN or Denniston Trading Post

Bubba pulls out a bunch of trucker hats he bought/was given; decides to try them all on

Bubba puts on a hat for Bill’s Body Shop in North Manchester, IN

Bubba attempts to call the number on his Bill’s Body Shop hat, number is out of order

Bubba tries on more hats; puts on a Van Drasek Quarter Horse hat, place doesn’t exist


SEG 2:

Bubba asks Blitz about TrekFL’s bell, the bell looks like an old ship captain

Lasker rings the bell as the new show cryer

Lasker brings the bell up to Bubba, Bubba tells the guy he doesn’t need all the toys

EMAIL – Guy has issues with Bubba and Colton gaming

Bubba and the guys get into the story of the Hepatitis A outbreak at Icon’s Gentleman’s Club in Pasco Co.

Bubba and the guys talk about all the Hep. A cases popping out through the Tampa Bay area

Bubba and the guys go over the symptoms involved with Hep. A

Bubba and the guys go over the various locations where Hep. A has been reported

Bubba gets into story about charges being dropped on the guy who had the ‘I Eat Ass’ sticker


SEG 3:

Bubba promos PJ Wiggins Memorial

Brandon Collision

Bubba asks the guys if there is ever a classy way of saying a guy’s wife is hott

Lasker says there is if you don’t say it too many times

Lasker does the town cryer routine to say Devin’s wife is hott

Bubba gets into story about a Chinese vlogger trying to eat a live octopus

Bubba wants to get a live octopus to do an ‘octopus face hug challenge’

Bubba talks about how he flipped out and smashed a febreze can

Bubba gets into story about a man whose yorkie that was killed by a coyote

Bubba says he’d want to get himself a teacup yorkie

Bubba says he’s been ‘tracking’ the cute WFLA reporter running point on the story

Bubba wants to know if we can kill coyotes

Bubba goes into story about Jeff Bezos unveiling a lunar lander to take astronauts to the moon by 2024


SEG 4:

Bubba promos Tiger Lilly’s Florist

Bubba asks Manson if he knows the number he keeps saying… Manson didn’t realize its Tiger Lilly’s florist

Hex Head Art

Bubba shows a graphic made by Rick from Rainbow Engraving

Rick made a Bubba Army anti ass eating design

Blitz chimes in saying ‘aren’t we pro-eating ass’… we are pro choice when it comes to ass eating

Bubba continues talking about Jeff Bezos

Bubba did some quick math and took Jeff Bezos’ net worth and divided it by the population of the U.S.

Bubba estimates that each person in the U.S. would get over $1K

Bubba says he’d give money away if he was rich

Blitz and Lasker both chime in, says Bubba wouldn’t give his money away

Bubba says the guys are just trying to be counter programming

Bubba gets into Chicago Cubs ban fan who flashed ‘White Power’ symbol on air behind black reporter

Bubba recalls a guy at Wrigley Field giving a mouth/hand gesture mimicking oral; Blitz finds Bubba the video

SEG 5:

Bubba says its a block check friday

Lasker is doing his town cryer gimmick and breaks the new show bell

Bubba was going to unblock people on our Twitch chat but, the chat trolled Bubba by saying they’re blocked but aren’t

Bubba asks Lasker if he knows what Anonymous is; he does not

Bubba promos his 6PM guest next Monday

Bubba gets into a story about a teacher’s aide accused of having sex with 17-year-old boy at Graham school

Bubba gets into story about a Pennsylvania mother whose child died from her drug-laced breast milk

Bubba gets into story about a grandmother arrested at Disney for having CBD Oil in her purse

Bubba gets into story about a rapper Joyner Lucas criticized for controversial music video inside Worcester Church

Bubba gets into story about a Florida man accusing Starbucks employee of racially profiling him for using the bathroom

Bubba brings up that he’s only been to Starbucks 4 or 5 times in his life

Bubba plays Joyner Lucas’ music video he did in that church; Bubba seems to like the song

Blitz says the song is good but the lyrics are terrible

Bubba dumps out of the song


SEG 6:

Bubba calls Roger Stone; goes to VM

Bubba gets into story about a man in LA in custody; had over 1,000 guns seized from LA home

Bubba tries to get into story about Dennis Rodman; gets squirreled by a story that popped up on his computer

Bubba and the guys riff on the people the reporter interviewed for the story

Bubba gets into CNN story about a sixth grader who was ready to ‘go down fighting’ during school shooting

Bubba and the guys riff on the CNN reporter handling this story

Blitz chimes in and says the real hero hasn’t been getting a lot of coverage
Bubba and the guys go on a tangent; mentions Roland the Vietnam Vet cal

Bubba says he regrets that phone call

Bubba finally gets into story about Dennis Rodman involved in a theft ring

A guy in the theft dropped a piece of art; Bubba talks about the time Gene Lasker ‘accidentally’ spilled a 64OZ soda on Cowhead

Bubba gets into story about surveillance video capturing a registered sex offender allegedly masturbating on UCF campus


SEG 7:


Bubba talks about his nose flaking; he checked it out in the bathroom during the break

Bubba probably got sunburned during the BRN lawn dogging

Bubba talks about radio industry publications

Bubba wants to start a new segment on Fridays where he checks out the various nut hutters on all access and other trade publications

Bubba wants to aircheck the various industry people that are being named in trade publications

Bubba gets into talking about the various genders that people identify with


SEG 8:
CALLER – John Paul – Asks where do you put you in jail if you say you identify as a certain gender

CALLER – Trek FL – Called in to talk about the bell he donated to the show

CALLER – Brian Fletcher – Calls in about the great advertising Bubba’s done for him and his company (Palm Harbor Piping)

Bubba has been trying to find airchecks from various radio guys

Bubba found very little for a guy named Sam Alex who apparently had over 100 affiliates for his night show

Bubba plays a BBC story about a DJ who got fired over a tweet regarding the Royal Baby; guy tweeted out a pic of two people with a monkey

Bubba says he’s been watching The Real; according to The Real there are a group of women offended by a pic of the Royal Family

Bubba continues the BBC story of the DJ who tweeted out the pic

Bubba didn’t initially think that the picture was racist; he didn’t see Meghan Markel as half African-American but as a mom

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