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05-06-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:

Bubba plays a fan submitted video for Manson’s White Dude

The video was created by a fan named Richard M.

Blitz asks Bubba to maximize the video

Bubba asks for scotch tape; Bi-boy brings it in

Bubba gets on a Kentucky Derby tangent

Bubba gets back into the White Dude video

Bubba says everyone he knows is either sick or in the hospital

Bubba’s step dad Jeff is in the hospital

Bubba says Janie Cakes has had bronchitis for about 5 weeks now

Tuddle was sick Friday; when he got home to Colton’s house and claims he had a mini coma

Bubba promos today’s Bubba’s Lunch Iggy

SEG 2:
Bubba plays a fan submitted video for Manson’s I hate AOC
Larry from LJ Productions nailed the video

Blitz says that the recent fan made videos are much better than our Mark Madness submissions

Bubba talks about Brandon the Quad editing video; Ned clonks Brandon

Ned goes into a Brandon the Quad clonk/sound effect vortex

SEG 3:

Mike from Dexter, ME is on hold; Bubba talks about what Mike does for work

Bubba says Ned has a Ned No Net but its too dirty for terrestrial radio

Ned’s No Net will be tomorrow after the terrestrial show

Ned’s No Net is to Old Town Road

Bubba and the guys get on a Billy Ray Cyrus tangent
Ned sings the first line of Old Dirt Road

Bubba promos today’s Lunch Iggy

CALLER – Mike from Dexter, ME – Talks about what he actually does

Mike from Dexter gives Bubba the iggy on how to handle Mariann from Brooklyn; Bubba’s supposed to hang up on her when she starts screaming

Bubba says he watched the Joe Rogan podcast with Mike Tyson

Bubba says Mike Tyson plans on creating a cannabis community

Blitz says Mike Tyson’s community is like Brent’s Nevada land grab

Mike from Dexter says Bubba should play some of the old Tyson bits; they may be too dirty for twitch

Bubba starts talking about Brandon the Quad

Bubba talks about how Brandon the Quad would work for a government subsidized organization like PARC

Brandon has been editing us a bunch of videos together from some of our Sirius XM shows

SEG 4:

Bubba promos today’s lunch iggy

CALLER – Talks about Brandon the Quad’s catheter

Bubba gets into Kentucky Derby talk

Bubba and the guys start to breakdown the Kentucky Derby

Bubba breaks down the ‘Kentucky Screw Job’

Blitz chimes in; says a lot of the jockeys and owners said the overturn call was the right call

Bubba plays the Kentucky crowds reaction to the overturn call

Bubba talks Donald Trump’s reaction to the Kentucky Derby overturn

Bubba talks Donald Trump serving fast food for athletes/teams that visit the white house

Bubba gets into story about an AZ City Councilor wanting to ban alcohol nips


Bubba gets into a story about a Dothan High teacher arrested for sex crimes

Bubba says the anchor looks like Nipsey Russell

Bubba and the guys rip on Dothan, AL

Bubba says Marc Chase is from Dothan, AL

SEG 5:

Bubba promos all the new videos on YouTube

Bubba talks about the videos made by Brandon the Quad, LJ Productions and Richard M.; Ned clonks Brandon the Quad

Blitz calls Bubba about for confusing Robin Givens and Robin Quivers

Bubba says he has Mike Tyson on the brain


Bubba promos today’s Lunch Iggy
Bubba convinced Janie Cakes that we are on AM 420 in Tampa

Bubba gets into Culver’s story; Bubba professes his hate for mustard and love for ketchup

Blitz points out that WOB is known for there giant pretzels and mustard sauce

Bubba and the guys talk about trying to eat food without looking like a heathen

CALLER – Greg – Says he will be at WOB; says he’s a vegan

Bubba says he benched 505lbs when he was in college

Blitz wants to see how much Bubba can bench; Bubba wants everyone to try

Bubba says he needs to get a key for the Clem Gym; everyone piles on him for losing his keys

Bubba gets into Adam Sandler’s tribute to Chris Farley on this weekend’s SNL

Bubba and the guys get into a speedball tangent

Bubba continues breaking down Sandler’s tribute to Farley

Bubba says Ned has a new Rob Elder

Bubba starts playing some of Mike Tyson’s interview on Joe Rogan

Bubba and the guys talk DMT

Bubba goes to Bi-Boy on slate – Says he has done DMT

Bi-Boy talks about his first experience doing DMT

CALLER – Wants to talk about DMT; Bubba doesn’t want to continue on DMT

Bubba talks about his step dad and his health issues

Bubba talks about Jeff being brought to the hospital

Bubba describes how fancy the hospital is

SEG 6:

Bubba plays LJ Productions’ AOC video


Bubba displays his big Red Cock from Hex Head

Bubba goes into story about Moscow airport plane fire: Forty-one people killed in Aeroflot crash landing

Bubba goes into story about a Utah woman who tried to put her boyfriend into ‘eternal sleep’ by giving him drain cleaner

Bubba goes into a story about a Pasco man accidentally shooting himself at Publix

Bubba promos WOB Bubba Iggy

SEG 7:

Bubba wants a video for Ned’s A Lot parody

Bubba says he did a broadcast on Twitch last night

Bubba fell asleep during his broadcast; Tuddle found a screenshot of Bubba sleeping

CALLER – Catastrophic – was one of the 189 people watching Bubba sleep

Bubba plays a clip of him sleeping form last night’s broadcast

Blitz thinks we should use this clip as Bubba’s sizzle reel to radio stations

Bubba plays a clip of him trying to play Fortnite; falls asleep

CALLER – Brandon the Quad – Apologizes for making Bubba fall asleep

Ned wants to watch 30mins of Brandon the Quad play slot machines with his flipper

Bubba says he plans on doing a twitch broadcast tonight around 6:30PM

Bubba and the guys talk about how the gimmick themselves up

Bubba and Manson both admit to pooping their pants recently

CALLER – DJ – Talks about dude wipes

Bubba talks about using towels to wipe his ass

SEG 8:

Bubba bumps in with a Ned No Net ‘Peanut Butter & A Dog’

Bubba plays begging Tuddle
CALLER – Daniel – Has a parody suggestion for Ned

CALLER – Craig – Talks about Tony Stewart’s renting out his house for events

Bubba talks about Twitch programming:

Bubba 199

Bits & Tits

Dollhouse girls

Bedtime with Bubba

Bubba and the guys get into a vortex

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