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04-24-2019 Terrestrial Show


Bubba has an on air hangover

Bubba did Bubba 199 last night

Tuddle/Colton were watching him; they tried crank calling him

Bubba was given a Coach murse for his bday by someone

Tuddle asks who gave it to him; Bubba won’t tell

Bubba wants to sign his old BofA murse and give it to a fan

Bubba needs a sharpee; SJL brings Bubba a sharpee

Bubba has him sit at Mic 4 position; tears him an a new asshole

SJL says he is working on grabbing some old airchecks for Bubba

Bubba gives SJL advice on how to produce a video for the old airchecks

Bubba shows SJL how to Google to get pictures for a video

SEG 2:

Bubba and the guys talk the drama between Tuddle and Casey

Bubba apparently flirted with Casey years ago

SEG 3:

Bubba starts getting into the video of SJL drinking hot sauce at Tijuana Flats

SEG 4:

Light Stream

Bubba he’s a good looking kid – 2mins in

Bubba brings in SJL to go over a date he had from Tinder

Bubba and the guys rip SJL for his lack of game with women

Bubba plays video of SJL drinking hot sauce

Bubba and the guys continue ribbing SJL over his lack of game

CALLER – Lummox is owed $100 for SJL’s ineptitude

Bubba talks ‘Last Clem Standing’

Bubba talks about peeing on his sister

Bubba tells story of Bubba telling Tara she’s becoming a woman bc her poop was red from eating licorice

SEG 5:

Bubba is appreciative over the new Bumper with the old school drone

Begging Tuddle

Bubba talks Leaving Neverland

You Win Nothing

Tuddle’s Mean Tweets; leads to Bubba and Tuddle having real heat

Tuddle compares Bubba to Harvey Weinstein

SEG 6:

For Hims

Bubba’s still heated over Tuddle comparing him to Harvey Weinstein

Chat has turned on Bubba

Tuddle pleas with chat to stop messing with Bubba

Bubba talks Luke Walton’s sexual assault case

Bubba breaks down the press conference of Kelli Tennant, Luke Walton’s accuser

SEG 7:

Light Stream

Bubba gets into the Top 5 Country Countdown

SEG 8:

Hex Head Art

Bubba continues the Top 5 Countdown

Bubba starts singing to Luke Combs’ Beautiful Crazy

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