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04-17-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:

Bolts SWEPT by 8th seeded Blue Jackets

Bolts gave a great apology tweet for getting swept out of Playoffs

Bubba plays Go Bolts song

SEG 2:

Bubba plays Super Creep song


Bubba talks about a nasal spray of the ‘love hormone’ that made alcoholic rats turn down booze

Begging Tuddle

Bubba wants to get Oxytocin to see if it’ll work on Tuddle

Bubba wants a new EDM song to use

Manson mentions a song that the interns had a few weeks back

SJL on slate explains that its Ronald Jenkees – Throwing Fire

Bubba talks having lunch with Roger Stone at World Of Beer

Bubba wants to do weekly/monthly WOB lunches


SEG 3:

Bubba comes in dry; Bubba thinks its weird

Manson suggests using original beats

Bubba has some Roger Stone drama; Bubba forgot to have a ride ready for Roger

Bubba’s trying to figure out who will pick Roger up

Colton will be picking up Roger Stone for Bubba

Bubba goes over the comments that people made over his picture with Roger Stone on Facebook


SEG 4:

Roger Stone on the Phone

SEG 5:


Bubba goes into story of a 65-year-old Florida woman slugging a 300-pound, half-naked attacker with baseball bat

Bubba goes into story of a Florida waitress recovering after diving off pier in effort to save child caught in rip current.

Tuddle’s Mean Tweets


SEG 6:


Bubba goes into the Unsigned Band Review

Bubba plays Bargain Bin Heroes – APPROVED

850AM Valken 15MINS IN

Bubba plays One7One – APPROVED

Bubba plays Wake The Savage

CALLER – Allen – Calls in about an April Fools joke gone wrong

Bubba goes into tangent about his lunch with Roger Stone


SEG 7:

Tuddle is upset with Caveman telling him not to show his girlfriends’ bikini pics on Twitch

Bubba brings Colton in studio to discuss driving Roger Stone to the airport

Bubba wants to start doing a World Of Beer event the 1st Monday of each month


SEG 8:


Bubba and the guys talk Nascar

Ned suggests creating an XFL of Nascar

CALLER – Cash – Guitarist from Wake The Savage

Tuddle suggests we get rejoins from Wake The Savage

Bubba wants to get Cookie Monster Covers from Wake The Savage

Bubba and the guys pontificate about songs that should become Cookie Monstered up


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