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04-16-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
We’re on the Twitch Front Page
Ned shot is stupid; SJL didn’t have the Ned doll
Ned doll was locked in Manson’s office; Bubba asks SJL to do another
Bubba talks with Tuddle about his plans this weekend with Casey
Bubba teases that Roger Stone will be on the show later today
Bubba has been talking to a videographer; Bubba’s storyboarding Ned’s ‘A Lot’ music video
Bubba plans on talking to this guy this Friday
Bubba goes to story about Ronda Rousey taking a WWE hiatus; she plans on starting a family
Bubba gets into story about mom with special needs son asked to leave movie theater after noise complaint
Bubba goes into tangent about the Ned Doll
Bubba gets into story about Justin Bieber getting sued by paparazzo
SEG 2:
Bubba breaks down Alex Ovechkin knocking out a Hurricane’s player in a fight
Bubba gets into story about AOC quitting Facebook
Bubba talks 3D printing; first ever 3D printed heart was made in Israel
SEG 3:
Roger Stone on the phone
SEG 4:
Bubba is trying decide what he should be wearing when he picks up Roger Stone from the airport
Bubba and the guys discuss what he should drive when picking up Roger from the airport
Rob Elder
Bubba gets back into what he should wear when he picks up Roger Stone
SEG 5:
Bubba wants to start doing dry bump ins/outs
Hex Head Art
Bubba talks about BRN royalty rings
CALLER – Thanks Bubba for stickers/keychain
CALLER – Suggest that Bubba use unsigned bands as bump in music
Bubba gets into story about R. Kelly having a negative balance in his bank account
Bubba gets into story about woman entering a guilty plea for her role in $400,000 GoFundMe Scam
Bubba goes into story about a woman who asked husband if she was pretty and assaulted him for not giving an answer
SEG 6:
Begging Tuddle
Tuddle is upset at Bubba for messing with him
Tuddle has heat with Bubba over Bubba always tearing Tuddle down
Tuddle breaks down how he’d kill Bubba
Bubba talks Notre Dame Cathedral fire
Bubba goes into story about a survey denoting that there are more atheists/agnostics in the US compared to people of faith
SEG 7:
CALLER – Says Bubba 1 is down; Caveman and Blitz checked Bubba 1 is just fine
Bubba goes on tangent of the possibility of the show going on Sirius when Howard retires; Bubba brings up having Artie join the show
Bubba plays video of Artie Lange doing work as a garbage man
Bubba goes into story about a naked, knife-wielding suspect plows into Palmdale Carl’s Jr. before being shot dead by McDonald’s guard
Tuddle flips out on Bubba
Bubba goes into story of knife-wielding man who stabbed a grandfather; was shot by security guard
Bubba starts to go in story about a man suing his parents over getting rid of his porn collection
Bubba and the guys go into a porn tangent; Tuddle tells story of finding nude polaroids of his parents
Bubba gets back into the story of the man suing his parents over his porn collection
SEG 8:
CALLER – FTE Damian  – Says Lex & Terry are doing something similar to Black Guy Name That Tune
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