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04-15-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Bubba takes a long time to get things together; wants to have a heat getter
Bubba plays We Are The Bolts
Lightning are down 0-3 to the Blue Jackets
Bubba talks Tiger Woods; Tiger won the Masters
Bubba thinks he’s on growth
Bettor won $1.1M betting on Tiger Woods to win the Masters
SEG 2:
Bubba play Go Bolts
Bubba plays Tech N9ne’s mumble rapping
Bubba LITE needs to give us his picks
Ned did a parody of the song ‘A Lot’
Bubba plays the tip of Ned’s parody of ‘A Lot’
SEG 3:
Bubba plays more of Ned’s parody of ‘A Lot’
Bubba love show stiff the song is
Bubba feels this is the only show where the host is the butt of most of the jokes
Bubba gets into a Kardashian family rant
Bubba talks last week’s Space X launch
Bubba tries to play video of Space X’s rocket boosters landing; gets caught in a news vortex
SEG 4:
Bubba plays Ned’s parody of ‘A Lot’ in its entirety
Bubba breaks down the video of Space X’s rocket boosters landing safely
Bubba breaks down Tiger Woods winning The Masters
Bubba says when he gets back to #1 on FM in Tampa it would be the equivalent of Tiger winning The Masters
SEG 5:
Bubba plays Caribou Lou mumble rap
Hex Head Art
Bubba breaks down coverage of The Masters
Bubba goes into parking lot tangent; where do most people attending The Masters park?
Bubba plays SJL & Bi Boy on the street
Begging Tuddle
Bubba talks Ex-Pope Benedict blaming Catholic sex scandals on liberals and sexual revolution
SEG 6:
Bubba plays Ned’s Molly Song
One Bad Dude is listening to the show today
Bubba talks Port Richey mayor craziness
Bubba wants to interview former Port Richey mayor Dale Massad
Bubba gets into story about parents putting recording device on daughter to catch teacher yelling at children
Bubba gets into story about a controversy happening in California over star-spangled banner lettering
SEG 7:
Bubba is in pain; has another kidney stone
Bubba plays video of Manson performing karaoke of The Doors while at the Cluster F meet and greet this past Saturday
SEG 8:
Bubba talks about a new teacher sex scandal
Female special ed teacher had sex with a studen
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