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04-12-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:

Bubba is putting a hiatus on bumper music

Bubba plans on using the cds we do have

Rays have won four straight

Bubba talks Cashman; his various coaching moves

Bubba talks about what Tuddle is wearing

Bubba wants to put Bubba Army t-shirts on the list

Bubba wants to go through which shirts Manson would want from our Amazon list

SEG 2:

Bubba talks Tech N9ne interview from yesterday; Bubba loved it


Bubba talks our pond and lawn

Bubba talks SJL’s inability to use lawn tools

Bubba plays clips from yesterday’s BRN lawn dogging

Bubba goes through some of the various Bubba Army t-shirts on Amazon

We have so many knockoffs; Caveman is working on getting these people in trouble

SEG 3:


Bubba wants to get a SC Gamecock Hex Head

CALLER – Asks questions about merch

Bubba goes to our newest intern Ciroc

Bubba is enamored with our new intern

SEG 4:

Miller LITE

Bubba promos the USCS Outlaw Sprints at BRP

Bubba reads through emails

Bubba talks Jen from yesterday

Bubba goes through her Facebook page with the guys

Bubba gets into booger talk; plays video for a navage system


Bubba plays the Lion King trailer

SEG 5:

Bubba talks Lightning Game tonight

Bubba continues to breakdown the Lion King trailer

Bubba goes into story about police chase of 3 naked women in Pasco

Bubba goes into story about HS student getting in trouble for trying to do an RKO on his principal

Bubba goes into story about Denver officer leaving work early to go to strip club

Bubba goes into story about HS student who up skirted his teacher

Bubba goes into story about woman pissed off at neighbors easter display

SEG 6:

CALLER – Mike from Dexter – Talks the hott new male intern Ciroc

Joey Logano is in a chicken suit trying to get some on-air time

Blitz puts a poll up to see what the fans want

SEG 7:


Bubba breaks down Miss Elizabeth / Randy Savage relationship

Bubba plays some old bits ribbing Macho Man

Bubba plays old Macho Man clip where he cuts promo on Hogan; Macho wanted to fight Hogan for charity

Bubba plays Macho Man’s rap song ‘Be A Man’


Miller Lite

CALLER – Couch Daddy –  bitches

Begging Tuddle

Bubba plays Tech N9ne Caribou Lou to close out the show

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