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04-05-2019 Terrestrial Show


Bubba is sounding rough

Gene’s face is all painted up; there’s a vagina on his forehead

Ned shot is a whole lotta craziness

Bubba found a lot of old bits on a laptop

SEG 2:

Bubba wonders if we should come in dry from breaks for now on

Bubba tries to come in from break dry; feels weird

Should Bubba change the format of the who?

Bubba’s found a gold mine of content from 98Rock

Bubba starts playing an old Ned Mother’s Day bit from 98Rock

Bubba plays an old bit when Manson called Hogan as Macho Man

Bubba plays a call from Adam ‘Rattlesnake’ Davis

Bubba talks about Willy Crane conviction from years back; George Crane (Willy’s brother) called in

SEG 3:

Bubba comes in dry and its awkward

Bubba talks BAR and how he’s getting more involved with some of the archives; plans on repurposing some of the audio

Bubba teases a new Manson song

Bubba plays a call from Willy Crane’s brother George

CALLER – Stoner Josh – mentions that Bubba’s stuff is on Spotify

Bubba wonders who is in control of that account

Bubba plays audio from WKPE regarding a media kit that was sent out

Bubba plays call from a Stuttering Phyllis

SEG 4:


Lasker wants to know where to get apps for your phone

Bubba tries to explain to Lasker how to get apps

Bubba plays a little more of the Stuttering Phyllis call

Bubba plays break of Spice Boy talking about his friend who is a substitute teacher and banged high school girls

Bubba talks Alec Baldwin’s wife putting out on social media that she is experiencing a miscarriage

Bubba mentions Heinz’s ‘Kranch’ a mix of Ketchup and Ranch

Bubba mentions that he is infatuated with biscoff cookie butter

SEG 5:

Bubba has the guys eating some of the biscoff cookie butter

Bubba talks about a helicopter crash that happened yesterday in Tampa area

Bubba gets into story about a Brazilian talk show being robbed live on air

Bubba gets into story about a Former Fresno Unified teacher testifying, admitting to sexual relationship with 13-year-old

Bubba gets into story about a Florida man accused of having sex with his dog

Bubba gets back into talking about Alec Baldwin’s wife; her possible miscarriage

Bubba plays old clip where Bubba spoke with former number one pick for the Rays; Josh Hamilton

Bubba plays old clip where Lasker was in the buying babies business

Bubba gets back into story about the Florida man accused of having sex

Bubba plays old previously regarding sex with dogs

Bubba asks Gene if he’s ever kegeled; Bubba explains kegeling to Gene

Bubba plays clip of Bubba walking out of a tv interview

Bubba gets into story about the city of Chicago suing Jussie Smollett for costs of investigation

SEG 6:

Bubba breaks down the last night’s Lightning win over the Maple Leafs

Bubba asks Lasker if he’s ever been to a Lightning game; he says he’s never been

Bubba talks about a campaign on kickstarter for ‘Florida Man: The Game’

Bubba plays clip of Lasker investigating a Mexican bakers

Bubba plays a parody Manson did for Bubba during his boxing match with Dave McKay

Bubba dumps out of that parody

Bubba talks Jeff Bezos’s divorce

SEG 7:

Bubba plays Tuddle’s Greatest hits (Caveman’s revised version)

Bubba comes back with music instead of going dry

Bubba plays call from some white trash bitch from 98Rock days

Bubba talks about Jussie Smollet possibly going back on Empire

Bubba plays call from Lee Scrape’s girlfriend from 98Rock days

Bubba plays Manson’s Joe Biden parody again

SEG 8:

Bubba plays old call of Ned cutting promos on Bubba


Bubba and the guys cut liners for Len Carr studios (Monday’s Sponsor)

Bubba plays Bubba Trivia with the Twtich fans

CALLER – Joe The Detailer (Joe The Crack Head)

CALLER – LH (African American Caller) Marks out to Bubba

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