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04-04-2019 Terrestrial Show


Bubba watched Netflix’s The Dirt

Bubba thought it was campy

Caveman is the only person other than Bubba to watch the movie

Caveman thought it was camp too; but some parts were accurate


Is Tuddle’s Greatest Hits Too Stiff?

Bubba says it puts Tuddle over

Manson wants stiffness

Bubba plays the rest of Tuddle’s Greatest Hits

Bubba wants the Lummox part taken out; Manson thought he gave us the new version before


Bubba plays yesterday’s Tuddle Talks

Bubba pauses on shot of Tuddle with his jutted out chin

Bubba talks about Tuddle’s gf Casey is insatiable

Bubba finally gets into Tuddle Talks


SEG 3:

Hex Head Art

Caveman gives Bubba links to Rays & Marlins Hex Head pieces; Bubba thinks he sounds like a golf announcer

Bubba and the guys get into a golf announcer tangent

Bubba finishes his Hex Head Art read

Bubba talks contesting; Rainbow Engraving is great for fulfilling our giveaways

Bubba plays a video of an interview he did over the weekend with a guy named Roy who was working at BRP

Tuddle says Bubba needs to make a BRP Rat Pack

Tuddle wants to play begging tuddle

Bubba gets into story about the Florida Senate votes to ban child-like sex dolls


SEG 4:

Bubba talks Britany Spears checking herself into a mental health hospital

Bubba gets back into the story of the FL Senate banning child-like sex dolls

Bubba gets into the current allegations facing ex-VP Joe Biden

Bubba plays Joe Biden’s reaction to allegations

Bubba plays video of GOP Senator reacting to Joe Biden’s allegations

SEG 5:


Bubba wants Caveman to check on the Billy Corben interview trying to load

Billy Corben video has been trying to load for 5hrs

Bubba notices that there is a blow up doll in the studio; Joey Logano brought it in

Bubba goes to Joey Logano on slate; he says he got the blow up doll from his grandma

Tuddle brings up Joey Logano owes Lummox

Tuddle taddles on Bro Dude


SEG 6:

Bro Dude in studio; talks about his drug problems

Bro Dude has a 4 year degree which is a big surprise

Bro Dude talks about his family; Bro Dude’s mom has a vag score of 6


SEG 7:


Bubba talks about Tampa Mayoral race

Bubba likes Jane Castor; declares Jane Castor the winner

Bubba gets into story about a family suing Legoland, says park embarrassed their son


SEG 8:

Bubba talks about Rays new stadium

You Win Nothing – WINNER – Tuddle’s Lonely Boner


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