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02-13-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Blitz’s Bump In Music
Bubba is still dealing with a kidney stone
Bubba is on some pain pills for his stone
Blitz says his girl broke her arm
Blitz wouldn’t explain why…
Trace is not in studio, tire is flat
Tuddle is calling him, no answer
Trace owes $28 ($20 to Manson & $8 to Bubba)

SEG 2:
Trace is one the phone
Trace says he’s near Fowler (maybe 25mins away)
Trace says he left his gf’s house at like 4:05 and got a flat tire at like halfway to the studio
Trace may have been lying about when he left
Trace says he has $16 and a can of fix-a-flat with a receipt to pay
Bubba says that’s not good enough and that he will deal with the gamet when he gets in
Bubba plays a Ryan Harkness parody involving Tuddle’s alcoholism

SEG 3:
Bubba plays Manson’s new pro-MAGA song
Trace is finally here 44mins late
Trace explains how crappy yesterday was for him
Tuddle is more over than Trace in the eyes of the fans
Bubba and Trace talk about Trace’s overall performance on the show
Bubba breaks down what Trace has made and what he spent yesterday instead of having the money he owes Bubba and Manson

SEG 4:
Bubba asks Tuddle if he is still in the friend zone
Trace releases some ‘pics’ says Tuddle passed out on his last date with Lisa
Tuddle borrowed one of the show’s watches to look pimp for Lisa
Bubba says he owes a rental fee; Blitz makes a proclamation that if we are using show props to get ass then we shouldn’t have to pay a rental fee

SEG 5:
Bubba breaks down how agencies do as far as radio endorsements
Bubba gets into what we would do if we didn’t do radio
Bubba goes into who he’d get rid of first/last to save the budget
Bubba goes into the comedy hall of fame story we discussed yesterday
Bubba talks about Trace’s gf’s daughter calling him ‘daddy’
Bubba punishes Trace for not paying off his debts
Reggie Roundtree calls in to talk about his current situation
Guys get dialed in for Bubba’s

SEG 6:
Trace keeps hitting the mic during Bubba’s endorsements
Trace blames the bass guitar he has in his hands for smacking the mic
Bubba airsofts Trace for his stupidity
Tuddle fails at the nip game

SEG 7:
Bubba plays old news clip of Bubba being a hero
Bubba plays stuff from MJ trial for some reason
Bubba brings in Christian our bisexual intern
Bubba wants Christian to go through his ‘hit list’
Christian goes through his hit list
Bubba goes through Tuddle’s hosted Best Of airchecks
Bubba rips him a new asshole
Tuddle if feeling ill from hearing his own airchecks
Bubba talks about AM 1040; asks for people to call in who are listening to our new station AM 1040

SEG 8:
Bubba just got the news that Blind James has passed
We need to make an official list of BRN Royalty who has passed

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