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02-06-2019 Terrestrial Show

Trace’s Bump In Music
Bubba chewed his finger nail so much that he’s bleeding
Tuddle is hosting the Best Of this coming Monday
Bubba is concerned we can lose it all with Tuddle running the show
Bubba tests Tuddle’s ability to host
Bubba faces Tuddle with his abilities
Bubba wants to train Tuddle today aircheck him to prepare him for Monday

SEG 2:
Tuddle attempts to bring us back into the break
Reggie Roundtree stopped by the studio during the break
Bubba talks the BRN Royalty Program
Bubba goes over the mechanics of order McDonalds
Bubba explains how he cuts his finger nails/peels his toe nails
Tuddle brings up how Bubba made him clip his toe nails
Bubba explains why Pookie isn’t with him today
CALLER – Big Hands John – Marks Out
Bubba asks Tuddle about Buds & Suds high spot
Tuddle saw traces BH

SEG 3:
Tuddle brought us back into the talk break
Guys start riffing on Colton
Colton is very 10yr old like
Bubba goes on Taco Tuesday tangent
Tuddle talks about Colton throwing tantrum over vegetables on his tacos
Bubba starts messing with Tuddle regarding his hair
Tuddle missed an opportunity to get some content
Dr. Bubba is going to give Caveman some meds to clear his shit up
Bubba gets into Tuddle’s work ethic; Tuddle is padding his hours

SEG 4:
Bubba talks about Tuddle/Trace’s work ethic
Bubba and Manson lay the law down on Tuddle/Trace
Manson gives a johnny rah rah speech
Bubba wants Trace/Tuddle to stop padding their time sheets
Tuddle explains how he’s been putting in extra work
Tuddle says he edited video from the BGN; Caveman has it
Tuddle says Bubba has been given Buds & Suds highspots for last 3 weeks without being used
Bubba gets into Buds & Suds highspots
Bubba has to dump out of the highspot

SEG 5:
Tuddle brings us back into the break; Bubba corrects him
For Hims
Bubba talks BRN Royalty Program
Bubba wants to have a meeting about potential new t town g/buds&suds t-shirts
Bubba talks about USAC; plays a video from USAC
Bubba gets into story about Pope Francis acknowledging that priests and bishops have sexually abused nuns
Bubba plays Post Malone’s ‘WOW’
Manson has a new parody ‘BOW WOW’ based off of ‘WOW’
Bubba wants Tuddle to emulate ‘BOW WOW’

SEG 6:
Forever Tantra
CALLER – Jim Gist – Wants to help promote the show on social media
Bubba gets into highlights of last night’s SOTU Address

SEG 7:
Christian comes out as bisexual on air
Guys tried reaching out to his dad Ken
Bubba call’s Christian mom
Everyone asks Christian questions about him and his bf Monte

SEG 8:
Christian’s dad calls in
‘Bi Boy’ is Christian’s new nickname
Bi Boy needs a theme song
Christian puts Manson at the top of his list

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