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02-04-2019 Terrestrial Show

SEG 1:
Caveman’s Bump In Music
Ned clonks the Super Bowl
Bubba thinks the Super Bowl is snowflaked out
Bubba is diversified off
Ned shot has a ‘fake shot gun’

SEG 2:
Bubba needs to cut new bump ins; he’s super busy
Bubba talks halftime show
Should Bubba wear a fur coat?
Bubba says halftime show sucked; two best things were the black girl from choir and Big Boi
Bubba breaks down the NFL 100 commercial
Bubba talks some of the commercials; teases that we will get into more later
Guys get into ASMR tangent after mentioning Michelob’s ASMR SuperBowl commercial
Bubba wants to do a the ‘MAGA Dudes’ show next Tuesday 10AM-11AM/11:30AM
Bubba & Manson want to be diagnosed for having tourettes
Tuddle had a band teacher who had tourettes
Bubba wants to hire a right-wing ‘tourettes guy’
Tuddle scared BFUDD out of the business
Tuddle has a BFUDD Update; BFUDD would want to come back to the show

SEG 3:
Bubba talks about how crazy our hot mic segments are
Tuddle admits to sabotaging BFUDD
Bubba believes Tuddle, 5Head, Pantera and Gilkey were trying to go after BFUDD
Tuddle talks about how he would screw with BFUDD
Tuddle talks about Bubba’s ‘hacker game’
CALLER – Cig Man From Charleston – Says he doesn’t have tourettes but spasms – Bubba wants his tourettes paperwork. CLONKED
Restless leg syndrome

SEG 4:
Bubba talks about ‘hard soft’
Bubba talks about how he’s been getting clowned over wearing pajamas
Bubba has a rotation of pajama pants
Bubba’s pajama pants intervention
Trace suggest Bubba needs to be MORE BUBBA
Trace corrected Bubba for screwing the ‘forward slash’ for FOR HIMS
Bubba gets back into ‘MAGA Dudes’ show
Bubba wants to get Tucker Carlson on the ‘MAGA Dudes’
Bubba gets back into Tuddle being known for scaring off radio people
Tuddle talks about sabotaging Drew Garabo
Tuddle talks about sabotaging Bubba multiple times
Bubba tells Tuddle he doesn’t trust him at all
Bubba wants Tuddle to read his ‘mean tweets’ towards Bubba
T-Town G’s are in a Mexican Stand Off of stuff they have on one another (27Mins In)
Trace mentions the new T-Town G’s song ‘Outlandish’ will be coming soon

SEG 5:
Bubba has a bump in idea; get lists from ‘celebrities’
Tuddle is a true gangster
Tuddle has pictures/files on everyone
Tuddle says he has some information on Cowhead
Tuddle eludes to possibly being an excuse for Cowhead when he was messing around
Bubba wants some evidence from Tuddle
Bubba talks Super Bowl; game/ads sucked except the NFL 100 commercial
Bubba breaks down the CBS Post SuperBowl broadcast
Bubba breaks down the Super Bowl halftime show

SEG 6:
Bubba goes into story of Artie Lange being arrested for drug possession
Bubba goes into story about TSA worker who committed suicide at OIA
Clonk Splat 18MINS IN

SEG 7:
Forever Tantra
Bubba starts talking about ASMR commercial in the Super Bowl
Bubba gets into story about people talking about how Mary Poppins is ‘racist’ because of soot blackface
What other ‘racist’ things are there in Disney movies?
Bubba gets into story about the largest fentanyl bust in history
CALLER – Mark from Ohio – comments on racist Disney movie

SEG 8:
Bubba has a meeting today, has to leave early
Bubba wants Tuddle to do a ‘Tuddle Spills’ THURSDAY in the 9 O’Clock hour
Bubba wants Tuddle to get a hold of BFUDD

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